Off The Pill – The Olympics

Off The Pill – The Olympics

So as you know, it’s a very important time all around the world. Because! (Harmonised) The olympics are here! Funny, I’m learning how to harmonise yet I still don’t know how to split-screen. But one day… Hey guys! So the summer olympics are finally back again. The olympics are time for friendship. Hey! It’s a time for competition. Ha! It’s a time for friendly competition. ..that sounds like a donkey. Hey! Ha! It’s a time for 5 major regions all around the world to come together and compete in peace, hence the 5 olympic rings. It’s kinda funny how the yellow one stands for asian, the black one stands for Africa And of course the entire background is gonna be white. It’s a time for your older not-so-funny uncle to make those lame olympic jokes. Gotta say that was pretty good son! Maybe you should join the olympics! Huhuhuh It’s a time to win medals upon medals Upon metals Upon meadows Well whether you like it or not the summer olympic takes over the world every four years. And I just have to ask you guys… Am I the only one that doesn’t like watching the olympics? I’m just being completely honest with you guys… I don’t find it to be very entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, I watch gymnastics now and then. Not because I like the sport… …but because we’re good at it for some reason And because of my opinion I have to deal with people every four years who give me crap for not watching the olympics. I mean I don’t mind if it’s like this… Hey, you wanna come over and watch the olympics with me? Nah, I don’t really like watching the olympics. What? The olympics are so exciting! Then WHY? I mean it’s just a personal preference, I don’t like all the sports that they sh- No, I mean… Why, …are you here then? Oh. See I told you I’d learnt how to split-screen! Then maybe you should join the olympics for editing! Huhuhuh *sigh* Anyway. I don’t care that people love the olympics I mean I’ve tried to force myself to watch it and be like, Hey Ryan, this is really fun… It’s not. But I can’t stand when people give me crap for an OPINION. Hey Ryan, the olympics are on. You wanna watch? Nah, I’m not really into the olympics. *triggered* Oh. Wow I guess I didn’t realise you hated the U.S. I don’t. Yeah! You DON’T support your own country. What?? If you don’t like our country then MOVE. I don’t support my country? I DON’T SUPPORT MY COUNTRY?!?! Well, I guess I actually don’t do that much I not like in the Army or anything. But I LOVE my country. I love my country more than that person that sings the national anthem at high school sporting events, And tries WAY too hard to show off their voice. (announcement) And now please rise for the national anthem. [Sings national anthem] I might not be the most patriotic person, But just because you watch the olympics it doesn’t mean you support our country anymore than I do. You’re not being supportive by watching it on TV. The only thing you’re supporting is the TV network you’re watching it on. And plus, people don’t watch the olympic because they wanna be supportive, They watch because they wanna win! For example. If your country were a child, you wouldn’t be one those supportive parents. Because if you were, it would look like this. Hey, USA. Yeah dad? Win or lose today, it doesn’t matter to me. I just want you to do your best, okay? Thanks, dad. See, that would be supportive. But we’re not like that! We’d be one of those competitive parents who try to live out their dreams through their kid. Hey, USA. Yeah, dad? We better win today, bring home that gold medal, alright buddy? I mean I’ll try, I’ll do my best. No no no, you NEED to win. Ok? We ain’t losing to that damn Chinese again! But dad, he’s Japanese. Japanese, Chinese whatever. They all look the same. See you don’t watch the olympics to support your country. You’re just that father that wants their kid to win so that you can be like “My kid is better than all the other ones!” But overall, if the olympics are supposed to stand for peace between the 5 major regions of the world That’s the complete opposite of why people watch. So I know I might get a lot of hate for this opinion because I already do in real life, But ask yourself this! If your family and friends didn’t watch would you still watch? If it wasn’t so conveniently broadcasted on so many channels would you still watch? If we didn’t have amazing athletes like Michael Phelps, or the entire US basketball team would you still watch? Because a supportive person would say yes. If not, then maybe you should stop pretending like you’re being supportive, Stop pretending like you’re helping our country, AND STOP GIVING PEOPLE LIKE ME CRAP FOR NOT WATCHING! Hey! You’re a pretty fast talker there! Maybe you should join the oly- SHUT UP!! That was Smosh. That was me.

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  1. The olympics are the best things on tv, you dont like them because they make you look fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    omg the lengends are true

  3. I have never watched the olympics live, but I have played sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games
    Close enough

  4. I feel like the world cup is a bigger event though. It takes 4 years of soccer games just to qualify for it, and people are devastated when they don't qualify. Yet America is more fond of football and baseball, so soccer isn't as huge here.

  5. I don’t hate you but yes I would still watch if it wasn’t conveniently broadcasted on like every channel and if my friends and family didn’t watch and if we didn’t have amazing athletes….but I also just watch the gymnastics and swimming ;-;

  6. I like to watch the Canadian channel even though I live in the US cause I live by he border and they have less commercials and better coverage

  7. Guess what the olympics are not much fun to watch not much to it yea want the country to win then look it up after and go watch football baseball soccer or play a fucking game doesn’t matter what you do

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