Off Camera Secrets | Wii Sports Resort – Boundary Break

Off Camera Secrets | Wii Sports Resort – Boundary Break

What up miichacho’s! Welcome to episode 50 of
an ongoing series where we basically take the camera
anywhere we want and we try to find secrets
and new discoveries to some of our
favorite games And yes, don’t worry.
I already know that the Shesez Mii is very creepy.
Ya don’t have to tell me but with that said,
let’s get going. So, I already know what a ton
of you are already thinking. “Shesez, how about you give
your boy a tour of the island?” Well, uh…
Well, get this. Okay. So, the best way to look at the
island is actually from the title screen because this is the most you’re ever
gonna see of the island in one shot. Unfortunately with Wii Sports Resort
it uses a feature called culling. Now, we’ve gone over this
on my show before but there’s lots of new viewers
that come in all the time so this is a great opportunity
to explain it once again Culling is a development technique
that comes in lots of variants. The one used primarily in Wii
Sports Resort is frustum culling. Now, I don’t want to get
too textbooky on you So, I’ll put it as
simply as this. When objects are viewed off
camera with frustum culling it looks like
they disappear. Well believe it or not, all
those objects are still there just that they’re made invisible
because the game needs two types of resources
in order to run. A central processing unit,
and a graphics processing unit. and developers have to do a
balancing act to make sure that they don’t overwhelm
one or the other So what culling does is relieve
some of the burden off of the GPU and hands that work over
to the CPU instead because culling
don’t come cheap It’s something that
the CPU has to do. Now all this is fascinating, but
it’s terrible for boundary breaking. and so if I was to manipulate the
camera in any of the other modes where the camera is at least
stationary, you’ll find that most of the island is, uh…
Well, missing. But what’s really cool is that the
water that works as the shoreline actually wraps around the entire
island, and you can see the outline of the island, and check
out what’s supposed to be there. Alright, let’s just relax
our brains a little bit with a happy little
hermit crab. There’s nothing overtly
technical about you. Now, what’s really odd here
is that this creeping crustacean is hardly seen by
you, the player. It’s such a negligible backdrop
to what you’re supposed to be focusing on, which is playing
frisbee with your dog, I guess. So let’s take the camera inside
and see if this little guy has his own body, which it
turns out, he does not. But what’s really interesting
here is that his eyeballs look normal on the back
end of his eyes, whereas on the front he has those big
giant “Hey, I’m a crab” eyes. Hey, remember that little
intro that was at the beginning of the episode?
Let’s get into that for a little bit. In the skydiving event,
you’re actually inside the plane, waiting
to take your dive. But the camera here is really
restricted, and for a good reason. If we were to zoom the
camera out, you can see that the plane’s cabin is actually
trapped inside a white box. Now, this white box was put
in place so that light could look like it’s peeking through
windows and the door when your character’s
about to jump out. Also the pilot over here
has his own face though it’s difficult
to get a look at him. More importantly,
he’s missing a body. I mean if the game’s developers
never wanted to take you into the front seat. Why would
you need a body, right? Oh boy, and this
was just precious. So, when you boot up the
game for the very first time and you do this little
skydiving segment you can actually see that
the parachuted Mii’s are in the background
of the title screen. Now this is the lowest of the
‘Low Poly Peach’ moments I’ve ever seen
on this show. The Mii’s turn into super
low polygon character models. And I’m sure you’re
ready to dispute whether or not those
are actually 3D. I know, it’s really hard to
believe but these are actually 3D models,
they are not textures. It’s evidenced by the fact that
if you rotate around these characters, you can see the
shape of them start to change. Unbelievable. Now, in past episodes when
I’ve shown you a split screen it usually come to find out
that the magic camera actually manipulates both
screens at the same time. and in other past episodes,
when I’ve shown you a mirror or a magic painting, you can
manipulate the environment inside the reflection, however
you can’t go inside of it because it’s essentially pasted
on top of a texture layer So it’s surprising to see in
Wii Sports, it kind of does both. If we move the camera around,
it manipulates both screens But it also moves around a flat
large screen in a weird 3D space. now what makes this space
particularly strange is that there’s a turquoise rectangle
on the right side of the screen. One of the things I always
tend to overlook is something as simple as a character select
menu, but just because something is so basic doesn’t mean that it
doesn’t have great things to hide. Like for example, the way
this menu works is that all the textures is on a hud
layer, so it sticks to the screen. However, the Mii’s don’t play by
those rules, they’re 3D models. So if we were to manipulate the
camera, we can free those Mii’s and they’re given the right to
fly wherever they feel like. Okay, we’re right
back to bowling. Now the bowling alley
in Wii sports Resort is identical to the
one in Wii sports. So you would think there would
be not much to show you. One of the benefits of making
the Wii Sports episode first is that I can read all the
comments from people asking me certain questions
like “what’s there to look at when you throw the
bowling ball behind you?” Now I can answer those questions
in an entirely different episode. The answer to that really is that
it’s the exact same backdrop as when you first
enter the mini game. So essentially all
there is to see is a top layer that the
player’s meant to see and then it’s an incredibly glossy,
reflective room in the game so the entire area is
mirrored right underneath it. There’s also a really nice looking
ceiling that you don’t get a great look at due to the camera
restrictions of the game itself So, this was a viewer request,
and it’s something that we don’t usually look at
on Boundary Break so please, don’t hate me
for adding this segment. but someone want to know
what it looks like to do the plane minigame
in first person. Now, I figure I can show you what
that looks like, and how well it functions without specifically
programming it to do so. And for the most part,
it works okay. Obviously the plane itself is going
to mask your vision somewhat. But all in all you can see
where you’re going, and you can actually pilot the plane.
There is one drawback though. It’s very difficult to
make a sudden descent which is something you don’t
typically have to do here. Well, one segment in particular
which is piloting the plane inside the volcano can be
especially difficult. So, if you were to repeat my
process, I’d recommend going into third person,
at least for that one part. Other than that,
go nuts. It’s fun. Hold on a second,
what am I doing here? Am I reviewing Wii Sports
Resort for a feature that doesn’t exist
in the game? Moving on. There is definitely a strike of
irony here that golf of all things has the most of all the
interesting facts for this episode. and the first thing that
I wanted to show you guys is a zoom out of one
of the golf courses. mostly because golf is
one of the only areas in Wii Sports Resort that
doesn’t use the Island, and instead has very
intentional set pieces like a lot of traditional
linear games. And way off in the distance,
you can see Wuhu Island. But zooming up to it doesn’t
really do it much service as with most games with
backgrounds that use textures It’s incredibly low resolution.
This is because you would never ever get close enough
to see it for what it really is. And that is 100%
attributed to the fact that it’s too far away, and the
Wii uses 480p resolution. And finally there’s one last
thing I’m able to look at in golf that people kept bugging me
about ad nauseam in Wii Sports which was checking out some
castle that’s in one of the courses. I missed it and thankfully,
it’s in Wii Sports Resort so we can actually go
back and take a look at it. Here’s that castle that
everybody was talking about and is there anything
really to say about it? Well, there is one thing.
The texture on the castle itself is actually doubled up and
to the back, so technically there’s an entrance of the
castle in the back as well. Coupled with the uninteresting,
but genuine fact that it’s kinda difficult to see what
this castle looks like because once again,
it’s so far off in the distance. Really quick, someone wanted
to know on Twitter what happens to your sword fighters
after they drop into the water. Now, this is more of an
uninteresting curiosity satiater but the truth is
they just disappear. The second that their
character model goes underwater Bloop! They’re gone. Now while Wii Sports Resort
isn’t filled with very many absurd things, this has to be
one of my most favorite ridiculous things that
I’ve seen in the series. So when you’re canoeing
around, you can actually see cars going into the
castle on Wuhu Island So, I had to know exactly
where these cars go and it turns out that they
just drive into the gate which begged the question for me,
where do they go from there? And then it turns out that
the cars just continue driving into the void for way
longer than I ever expected So, in the end, we got people
driving through castle doors and continuing their
journey into the void. Even more trippy
than psychic pancakes. Guys, thank you
so much for watching and to anyone who’s been
keeping up with my show Oh my goodness! We’ve
got some really good news. So, that Yooka Laylee episode
that I was telling you about may actually have some
very important guests and those guests are the
developers of the game. So, that means that all
the weird oddities that we can find in Yooka Laylee
may have some questions that can actually be answered
by the people who made it. Now, I can’t get my hopes up, and
I can’t delay this episode forever but things are moving forward
Playtonic, and things are looking good. But my promise to you
is that no matter what we’re going to get
Yooka Laylee this month Anyways, if you like this video, I made
a ton of videos of Boundary Break. If you like Wii sports, and you
haven’t seen that episode I recommend that you check
the link on the screen right now or in the video
description down below. And if you want to keep up
with me, and get some really cool Boundary Break
stuff in between the weekly episodes, you can
follow me on the Twitters. Hope you had fun
guys, take care.

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