(Counting) One more! One More! Eight (Laughing) Hi Kids! So we are here today with Gaddiel You? What’s your name? – Buknoy (Laughing) What is your real name? (Jhon Paul Larry) Ate Jelica – I’am Vince – Kuya Vince (Kuya -Big Brother) Kuya Vince! What is that? Octupus Finger How are we gonna play that? Okay, let’s read the instructions! Let me borrow that Kuya! (I”m really scared it might explode on me) Okay, Catch! Sorry, Sorry, This toy is sponsored by Tita Lanie! Yehey! How are we gonna play this? So there’s an instructions here! First, you have to roll the dice, there’s a number 3,5,8 10, 12 What’s this, – and Pass. I really don’t have any idea about that game how about you? me too! Kids, do you know how to play this? Octopus Finger Game! Okay, let’s start! But let’s unbox it first. Wow, it’s cool (Amazed) Oh, there’s a balloon the balloons are so small… what’s the materials? – there are balloons and this, and this and some other materials and the dice… let’s set up it up first… – oh so we have to put air in the balloon and we have to put the balloon here.. once it’s full of air, it’s gonna pop it’s so small (balloon) (laughing) don’t put to much air in the balloon huh is it gonna fit here! yeah it’s gonna fit give it to me.. eww, there’s a spit…(laughing) you’re not supposed to put air in the balloon oh so we’re wrong oh yeah right… oh ok, now i know… we need to put the balloon here, and then… now i know how… so you don’t need to put air on the balloon, i am wrong sorry so we need to put the balloon here… don’t break it… let’s put this aside… so the balloon’s gonna blow by pumping… you need to put it upside… so when the balloon pop, he’s the loser put it here, here… give me that, give me that… you should put it (balloon) upside Let’s start!!! So let’s start! – Rock Paper Scissor! Wait.. wait! Change bet! Change bet! Change beeeettttt! oh, you go first… roll the dice, dice, dice, dice… Pass! My turn… – yes, your turn… Five! (Counting) Oh, what happened? Go girl.. (counting) Okay, next… It’s Gaddiel’s turn… Gaddiel, Gaddiel… Ten! (Counting! You’re not pumping it! okay, okay, next… Three! (Counting) – pump it hard (laughing) Eight! Rock, paper, scissor again! Three! (Counting) Pass! Oh, Gaddiel… – Five! I’m scared… it might pop… you have to play it.. pump it.. pump it… don’t cheat (laughing) pump it! I’m really scared… – No, you have to play the game… (Counting) Buknoy, your turn! Five (laughing) pump it hard… (Counting) oh, pass.. – Pass! Three! Gaddiel might pop it… Play it good… (laughing) – don’t cheat! But i’m scared…. It’s okay… Eight! (laughing) – i don’t like… Oh no, you have to play the game… It’s okay, it’s not scary… – i’m gonna hold it for you… (Counting) Five more! One more, one more! How many? Ten? Set down… set down… Come here, sit here… it’s your turn Gaddiel… Twelve! go…pump it…. I’m scared…. It’s okay. no you have to play it… Buknoy: I’m gonna play it for you… We’re gonna hold it, it’s gonna pop on us… (Counting) Buknoy…. Twelve (Laughing) Pump it hard… yes… safe (laughing) Pass, Pass! It’s your turn Bunso (Little Boy) Twelve! -it’s because you only drop the dice, you have to roll the dice okay, go Cheater, don’t cheat pump it (laughing) not like that? like this… (Counting) Eight more, Eight more… GJ is cheating, he doesnt pump it hard (laughing) did you pump it? lol How many? Pass! Pass! Ten! I want some lipstick too.. – give me that Okay go, okay go Child Fighter! my turn… just get it like this… Put it in Ate’s nose. (Ate=Big Sister) Good boy, he just put it in Ate’s lips… okay next… next… Level 2! okay! Change Bet! Again…. Change Bet Change bet!


  1. ang saya saya naman kahit busy may time parin pra s ganyn tama po yan dhil dyan nakilaro naren poh aq at nag iwan naren ng lalong magpapaligaya sa inyu dyan inunahan napu kita kaibign slmt sayu sana mabalikn mu agd aku mag aantay ako s play ground ku para sa laro mung ibibigay skaen >GOd bless

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