OCTANE IS OP! (Apex Legends Octane Gameplay)

OCTANE IS OP! (Apex Legends Octane Gameplay)

Let’s go How it’s done hola amigos and welcome back to some apex legends featuring octane, he’s currently the newest character in apex legends He’s super fun to play and this videos gonna have some funny moments along with some really awesome wins with octane again I am going to be working on an apex legends top 10 plays soon So if you guys would like to send in any last-minute clips Make sure to send them to Merc play at gmail.com and in your epic moment Some insane squad wipes are just something that’s downright hilarious and hopefully you can make it into the top 10 plays aside from that I just wanted to tell you guys that I did hear about Cole to be mobile I might make a video about it sometime soon. What’s that to wait and see for the time being? Oh, she looks so goofy In the lobby he just likes her leg off and then he wrenches it just that one person I know scoped him. I bounced pen no scoped to what the craver to win. There was another one. Did you kill him? Oh my God, look how close he is I Thought Wraith got close when we first started playing no course, you put a jump pad on top of a jump pad It flies off Oh that was completely unintentional Birds Oh god bald ray. Oh, oh Oh God achtung out here. He’s gonna be locusts. He boosted he’s out. Let me finish anyway, watch this. Oh I blew him up And me here another another octane really Roy you got Mozambique, so let me finish you to enjoy that grenade And how I blow em up after I Mozambique them we can jump up to it I think I’m gonna put a thing down, right Oh my god, I’m just I’m getting triggered. This is the first day of playing him Get those purple shields quick Intro shooting them see thank you the lifeline. That’s the lifeline where instead of ten people Right here they’re down to Dangled or no blood hem. Got him. I’m gonna do a jump out so we can get on the roof. Okay Okay, well we’re on top now so I wasn’t complete garbage at this time that’s a compliment right Got one Got the other one. They’re all dead. Nice. Yeah, stop dropping my guns game what? I don’t want to lose my money I’m really liking the Scout right now doing a lot of damage engineer. Watch me run. I’ve seen it’s terrifying Hey, I hate it, why ain’t it every bone in my body When I have nightmares, haha, you’re gonna see me runnin I’m A stiff give me that. Oh Yeah, let’s go that one there’s a master if I wants Whoa Yes, Oh What uh, uh Andrew died what huh, you’ll never believe this. It’s saying you’re disconnected. So I want to change my settings Did you just accidentally leave the match and I’ve left the game? That I wanted to leave the game Oh No, all right We should probably try to camp for this win, then. It’s gonna be tough I know that’s gonna make it tougher because they’re gonna be loaded up but oh There’s someone right here with just him decoy. No, that’s a bloodhound. That’s an actual person that Was one person. Okay, so it’s a full of their squad. Let’s try to get closer and should we have Mastiffs? They’re just kind of checking things out over here run the jump pad. I have a bunch of hard stars Wrong now they’re an issue Nice Mark’s hours on throughout their own You’re gonna need it so hard I’m gonna steal battery throw it in the building over there and the devotion Kind of head I think you’re pushing with the mass tips in the building. Oh my god. Gotcha Push a noise Right here got him awesome Scroll in here You get my shield back oh my god, we’re gonna win this For they show the broken to those on top or roof Oh, ah, there we go, yes first octane win, let’s go Oh Andrew still here comes up everybody got my bowling guy. Wait, what happened down there? This is just gonna bounce away Didn’t violate of it Bigger crater it made it an even bigger plane like normal y’all hide. I Was kind of hoping I could just bounce into space What happened gotten down a killer who the second he drops? Hey, buddy Hey, I’m going out here other dudes over here I’m gonna finish him off He’s done he actually had stuff weird this is last one, I don’t know where are you why I think people Let’s show off. Are they going in in that cave area? They ran. Yeah. Yeah, come on. Okay, they’re still around here One’s got gold dogger nets Oh my god, right, I think they’re trying to flank around once I’ll just write here In the lifeline, they refilled it a little bit I think two of them have gold shields Ker One’s above yeah Brizzy. I’m just finishing off the rape wait. So where’s the last one? The last one has self president? Maybe not. Yeah, it’s not squad wife. Is it hope they’re up here? Nice oh I can respond Korean right here. Alright cool convenience getting real quick. Yeah, there is shooting happening. I knew it Now yeah, they’re lightly shooting each other Now they’re lightly shooting each other. It’s happening Let me just lightly shoot you Eric. You know I’m talking about they’re literally fighting right outside here pew I Do that. Sometimes they’re shrinking look at that. Look at that. I Told you man, we got to go. Oh my goodness We’re gonna Gork them like they’ve never been gone before ones right here One’s gonna 32.0 gambling again Dad got him. Where do we want to try to get really good on top of the buildings like When it’s coming right everyone’s just in the corner and xm8 was the truth. I’m not Let me finish. I’m pad Danny. I’m gonna finish something Okay, I had you for shields Visit my news Go knock down I got your head still try to grab that there zip lining to us. It could jump out out of here. Oh, They’re in the building in the building right there right there Then I hate to sell these chickens what Camping bitches Circle Circle, oh my god. What is happening? I can’t get out of here bro My god, okay. Let’s here Understand off heard shots Is he down there Nope, right here. He’s kick go to the bridge. Wow, you trolling to the bridge. That’s another one. Let’s go Yes, give him the bags. Oh, yeah Dunk that teabag. Oh, yeah Lady flaps Yeah, you have four heads on your stomach Eric I have others Mac. You not notice that and so busy ripping all my leg. I didn’t pick my other Right here right here Oh me knock. Oh, that’s all this one. How the other one right here Finisher also can take the poppy Lobby on baby. I’m always dead Talk tank. I gotta follow me on me Oh God I think I’ll put me on the bangle dorks almost dead. I’m gonna finish this person just cuz I can – – I’m governor Bangalore economy Mom, nice one table down here. He’s almost dead Tommy. Tommy. I mean – – Thanks a nice drop down some other skaters I’ll jump down Don’t worry. I won’t jump that right here. Hi guys Where’s the last person who will fast you? Know so they go to the supply is pretty fast Come knock Come out my fight on me nothing Nothing. Yes, prettier 500 All right He has like no hell guys He’s questioned it Come knocked the Mirage ran away Come knocked Up on me bunny lost persons out in the ring, right? Yep, that’s a win give them let’s go. Oh, yeah, I think you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this apex legends video featuring octane If you guys did and you want to see some more apex legend stuff, make sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later

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  1. LIKE this video if I should do a video on COD Mobile next! ᕙ(˵ ಠ ਊ ಠ ˵)ᕗ

    I've been trying to grind out more videos even though I got sick again, hope you guys have been enjoying them so far!

  2. When I see apex legends vids I think look at those noobs not u the enemy (goes to turn on. Console enters apex gets in game) then loots finds enemy the enemy destroyers him damm this game is hard😅

  3. Octane is a speed demon. I got out of the storm with him and in the next circle with him. Octane is my guy.

  4. Okay so…

    You've heard of the wall-hacks

    The Aim hacks…

    N O W W H A T A B O U T T H E O C T A N E H A C K S??

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