OBS Studio Tutorial 2018 (Make Your Streams Look Pro)

OBS Studio Tutorial 2018 (Make Your Streams Look Pro)

– In this OBS studio tutorial, I’m gonna show you how
to make your live streams look awesome and we’re starting right now. ♪ That’s just how it is ♪ ♪ Ain’t waitin’ on me ♪ – What is going on? My name is Nick. Welcome to another video. If this is your first time
here and you want to learn how to grow your channel, make videos, and all types of other
YouTube related stuff, start now by subscribing and clicking the bell, so you don’t miss anything. You’re gonna love this. I’m not gonna waste any time. Let’s go to the computer. Okay, so now that we’re at the computer, I’m going to show you how to take a boring looking scene like this and make it into something like this, where you can have chat
on it, to where you can do like video transitions
and things like that. You can also do it to
where you add tickers, to where you have like a little sidebar, to where you’re doing like a split screen and you can transfer everything
back and forth super easy and it can be cool with
the transitions as well. Of course, you wouldn’t
wanna use transitions as heavy as I just did
but I’m just showing you the example of what it is that
I’m going to be showing you. So the first thing that we need to do in order to get all this stuff rolling, is we need to go up to the scene selection or scene collection and select new and that’s gonna blank everything out. As soon as I do this, it’s
going to remove my webcam. So I’m gonna add that in as well and show you how to do that also. So, for this, I’m just
going to call this TB Demo and as you can see, it
took away my webcam. So I’m gonna go ahead and add that by adding a capture device and I’m just gonna call that webcam and that will get us taken care of there. Now, as you can see,
when it first came on, its really zoomed in and blown up and on yours, if you see it
and it comes in like this, all you have to do to fix that, is you just change the
resolution down here to custom and then you change it to the actual frame size that you’re
gonna be going out at. In my case, it’s 1920 by 1080. And then I hit okay,
and then as you can see, it brings everything to
the to the normal ratio. So once I have that in place, this is going to be my
blank starting point. So once I have that in place, I’m gonna go down to my scenes, down here in the bottom left hand side of the screen and I’m going to choose rename. And then for this one,
I’m just going to change this to main plain and then that tells me, anytime I click on this, any
time I transition to this, no matter what, it’s just
going to be a plain thing that’s happening, just me
right here on the screen. So the next thing I want to do, is I want to build on to this. So I’m going to duplicate it here. I’m gonna right-click on main plane, I’m gonna hit duplicate,
then I’m gonna do main with a ticker and then what
that gives me the ability to do, is add additional sources over here. So I have one scene here that nothing else is going to be on and then this one here is going to be all of the ticker graphics to make the actual ticker that goes along the bottom of the screen. So here, I’m going to click plus, I’m gonna go to image,
I’m gonna do ticker BG for ticker background and when I do that, it’s gonna ask me where the file is. So here I’m gonna click
on ticker BG, hit okay and then, there you can see this graphic that is now showing up at
the bottom of my screen. Now, how this is going to work, is it’s going to be this graphic and then I’m gonna have a layer of text and then after that layer of text, then I’m gonna have a
covering graphic as well. So, the next thing that I’m going to do, is I’m gonna hit plus
and then I’m gonna add that covering graphic right now. So I’m going to do ticker top and I’m gonna grab this. Now, as you can see right
here, when I pull this in, if you look at this
little area right here, you can see it’s transparent. Okay, so basically what’s happening here, is this is going to allow the text to show up, to appear behind this and then disappear into this side as well, while keeping the TubeBuddy logo in there. So I’m gonna hit okay. Now, with this, just so
you know what’s going on, is all of this stuff that
I’m showing you right now, I actually built this for TubeBuddy for the stream that I do there. So if you want to learn
even more YouTube stuff, I’m gonna put a link to
the TubeBuddy channel, so you can definitely head over to them, because me and other YouTube
experts are over there, you know, sharing information to help you grow your channels as well. So, the next thing that we want to do, is I’m going to actually
click on the little lock icon for all three of these and
the reason I’m doing that, is because I’m gonna have
to move the text around, once I get it in here. So if I have these
locked, then I can click anywhere on the screen,
move anything that I want and nothing is going to
be selected or moved. So, it’s just kind of like a fail-safe. Click on plus, and I’m gonna go to text and then here, I’m just gonna make sure that says text and then here, I’m going to put in just
anything for the sake of the demo and then once I have what it is that I’m going to be saying in the text, you can see it right up here at the top. You can see it’s kind of small but what I’m gonna do is, I’m
going to go into select font and in this case, I’m
actually going to find the fonts that I was using. This is a really cool thing about OBS, is it lets you select a different fonts, so you can make sure that
things are matching up with your branding and all of that. So I’m going to select a different font. I’m gonna hit okay and then I’m gonna click
okay on this as well. Once I have that in place, then I can grab the text
and I can bring it down. Now as you can see, it’s
really small right now, so on a mobile device, this would be pretty
much impossible to read. So I’m gonna grab one of these corners and I’m just going to start moving it and as you can see, that’s
gonna scale that text up, make it a little bit bigger and
a little bit easier to read. From there, I’m going to
just bring it down the screen and then because I have this selected, I can just tap on the arrow buttons to kind of fine-tune
it as far as getting it into the right place that I want it to be and then as you can see over
here in the sources section, this is at the very top
and it’s covering up the TubeBuddy logo and it’s just not very flattering right now. So in order to fix
that, what I have to do, is I have to take the
text and I have to bump it down a notch and then now, I’ve got that nice-looking
fade going in and out. So, my text comes in, fades back out, the log’s still there and everything still looks nice, neat, and clean. So what I’m gonna do now, is
I need to make that text move. So I’m gonna right click. Then I’m gonna go to filters. Here, I’m going to click on the plus sign and then I’m gonna click
on scroll and then here, I want to show you this real quick, let me move this over to here. So, when I move this horizontal speed, you can see the text
is gonna start to move. Now, I can make it really
fast to where people are reading really fast and and all that or I can slow it down, make it something a little bit more reasonable. In this case, I’m gonna go
with like a 31, that’s fine. So it’s still coming along,
it’s still moving along but it’s not so much that
it’s ridiculously distracting. So once I have that
speed, I’m gonna hit close and then as you can see, the ticker’s gonna be
flowing along there nicely during any time that I want that to show. So, now we have two scenes. We have the main plain and
then we have the main ticker. Okay? So, the next thing that we want to do, is we’re going to duplicate
that main plain again and I’m gonna call this one chat or sorry, cam with chat, okay? Now with this one, we’re gonna
do that same exact thing. We’re gonna go to the plus. I’m gonna add an image here
and this is going to be, I’m just gonna call this one background because there’s not a lot that’s gonna be happening in this scene. So I’m gonna find that and
then I’m gonna bring it in. Now, as you can see right here, the area that I have right here, it’s already taken away. So I saved this image
here out of Photoshop as a transparent PNG, okay? So basically, I removed
the background layer, so that I could save it, so I’d
be able to see through this. Now, another option that I would have had, was to make the same
graphic but actually put a square on the screen in this area and then grab my picture
or my video image there and scale it down and try to fine tune it to make sure that everything
is in the right place, in the right size, but
what I’m gonna do instead, is I’m gonna lock this background
so I’m not clicking on it, I’m gonna click on the
webcam and then now, you can see when I move this, because I have that area transparent, it doesn’t have to be perfect. I can just move it in,
kind of scoot it into place and then fine tune it a little bit with my arrow keys and then there we go. I don’t have to spend a
ton of time sitting there trying to make everything match up and in addition to that,
I also get a little bit of a drop shadow over
here to kind of give it a little bit of an
additional look, so to speak. Now, the next thing that we want to do is something that I get asked about a ton and that is showing the chat on the screen because we have to put it in
this little area over here, so that viewers can see the live chat for this particular
scene, when we show this. So what I’m gonna do here, is I’m going to bring my
live streaming page over. I’m gonna show you how to do this. When you go to your live
streaming page on YouTube, you click here and then
you click on pop-out chat. When you do that, they’re
gonna give you a URL up here at the top, you want to copy that and then you can close it and
then after you close that, you can actually just move
that right out of the way or close the window or
whatever and it’s okay because you have that URL,
that’s all that you need. So what I’m gonna do here,
is I’m gonna go down to plus, in my scenes or in my sources, actually, I’m gonna go down to plus, I’m going to choose browser source. Here, I’m gonna make this
chat as the identifier and then you can see here,
there’s already a URL here, going to OBS project but
I’m gonna override that with my YouTube chat, okay,
that URL that I just got. Now, because I’ve already built this for the thing I’m doing with TubeBuddy, so I’ve already built this, I already know that the width of this
is gonna be way too big. So I’m gonna take the
width of this down to 520, then I’m gonna take the
height to, let’s say, let’s do 890, okay? From there I’m gonna hit okay and then you’ll see the chat
is now popping up on the screen and I just grab that
and I bring it over here and get it into place, okay? I could leave it like this and
it would be perfectly okay. I mean, if it just looks like this and you have the white on there, it’s fine but if you look at this
from a design standpoint, I have all of these dark elements. I’m wanting people to
focus on the TubeBuddy logo down there, which by the way, if you don’t have TubeBuddy installed yet, I’ve got a link to that in the description but I want to draw people’s attention to the TubeBuddy logo and I
want them looking at my screen. I want them looking at the chat as well but I don’t want them to be overwhelmed and distracted by what’s
going on in the chat. So what I have to do for that, is I have to put in a CSS code, which I have in a notepad here and I’ll actually put
this as a resource link down in the description below but I have some CSS code
that I’m going to drop into this chat option right here. So I’m gonna right click on chat, I’m gonna hit properties
and I’m going to delete this in the CSS area right here
and then I’m going to paste in all of this code right here and again, I’m gonna have a resource link to this down in the description, so you’ll be able to get this same exact code down in that description, if you want this and then I’m gonna hit
okay and then you’ll see that it made my text bigger and it also took away that background. So now it’s not as distracting. It’s still distracting, especially when it’s all moving around but it’s not as distracting. So what we’ve done there, is now we have this chat area, so that people that are watching can see their chat come up on the screen. Right? So I’m just gonna click on something there and then that fills that box out and you can see right
there, as you can see, you know, can you see this
that I put down there, it completely fills that box out and makes everything look nice and clear. Now to be picky, I would
want to scoot this down here just a tad because that’s
a little bit too tight up there at the top for me. So I would bring it down
to something like that, maybe bring up the bottom a little bit but you can fine tune yours when you’re making your
graphics for your live stream. So, now we have three chats. Now we have three scenes, I mean. In here we have the main plain, we have the main ticker
and then we also have this, which is our cam with chat. So we’re starting to create a
nice production here, right? Like this is looking really professional, it’s looking great. Everything is nice and organized. You know, real easy to
follow what’s going on and a really awesome thing about this, is down here in the sources part, you don’t have just a humongous pile of stuff down there, right? You can just switch it as you need it instead of having a bunch of things that you have to sort through in order to make these same things happen and you don’t have to drag
things around all the time and resize the frame and all of that. So, this makes it so much easier. So the next I’m going to do, is I’m going to copy the main plain again and this one is going to be split screen. Now, this comes in really
cool if you are a gamer or if you are a business owner and you want to have your screen and then you also want to
have something happening on the side over here to where you can have your social media information or you can have like a product
that you’re talking about, you can have bullet points of what it is you’re talking about, while keeping yourself on the screen. This part is really cool. So what I’m gonna do here is I created that split screen scene and as you can see in the sources here, the only thing, again, that we’re starting with, is just the webcam by itself. So what I’m gonna do here, is I’m gonna go and I’m gonna grab the image that I made and then with this you can see
I’m kind of covered up there or whatever but the graphic over here is where you would put, there we go, is where you would put
any additional information that you have but what
you would do in this case with the webcam, is I’m gonna lock that and then with the webcam,
I can just take this, drag it over, just like this. And then there we go,
I’m nice and centered. So let’s say that I’m talking
here in the main plain and then I want to say something about whatever it is I’m talking about, then I would click on this
and you can set this up. You can set up a bunch of these so you can just rotate through them as you’re talking about
things or when you want to, you can go to the cam
chat and things like that. So now that we have this in place, I want to level this whole thing up to really make it pro. I’m sure you see in the news where they’re talking about something and then they transition
into something else and then they have like a
logo or some type of graphic that comes up on the
screen to actually make that transition happen and make it kind of smooth and pro looking. Well that’s what we’re gonna do. So what we’re gonna do that, is I’m going to click
on studio mode over here and that’s gonna split the screen. So if you’re not familiar
with OBS right now, if you’re not familiar with OBS yet, basically how this works is
over on this side of the screen, the one that has a ticker on it right now, this side of the screen is
basically a staging area and then the other side of the screen, where we have the split screen, that is actually what would be live that your viewers would
be seeing right now. So if you’re recording something in OBS or if you’re actually streaming in OBS, the one over on the right
where the split screen is right now, that is
your actual live area, that’s what’s actually
being streamed or recorded and over on your left,
that is your staging area where you actually build everything and you get it ready to go over. So what we’re gonna do here, is we’re gonna add that transition so that we can really make this look cool. So here, I’m going to go
over the scene transitions. I’m gonna hit plus and then
I’m gonna select stinger. Now, here, I’m going
to do icon transition. I’m gonna hit okay and it’s
gonna give me the option to go find it and I’m going to go find it. It’s called the TB icon transition. TB stands for TubeBuddy. And then for these other options, I’m gonna leave these on the default but if you are wanting
to hear the transition, if you have audio in
yours like I do with mine and you’re wanting to
actually hear that transition, what you would do is you
would just click on this and then you would go down to
monitor only with mute output. Okay? And then as you’re playing it, if you’re doing your stream,
you have headphones in and you want to be a part of the show, in terms of listening to what’s going on, then that gives you the ability to do it. So I’m gonna hit okay. Now, this is where this gets cool. I’m gonna go up here to
the quick transition, I’m gonna hit the plus sign and I’m gonna hit icon transition and then now that icon
transition’s in there. So, how this works, let’s
say that I want to transition from this split screen over here to the ticker version that’s over here, then I can click on this icon transition and then it does that for me, while still keeping everything
looking cool for the viewers. So basically, instead
of making it a hard cut like this, every time that I
do the transition or a fade, then I can hit that icon transition and actually take it
to a different segment. So that’s really cool, where you can say, okay, well, I want to use the to transition
me in between segments. You can set up different graphics that you change for each thing in between each different segment that you’re trying to produce. Now, what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna take this up another notch and we’re gonna add another
option here to slide and I’m gonna call this one down. You can do up, down, left, or right and then here, I’m just
gonna make this down and you can also add these up here as well to the quick transitions. Any quick transitions that you want, you could add them up here
but this is especially handy for graphics but now
if I want to transition in between something, I
can just hit down like that and then it will take me into anything it is that I’m wanting it to take me into but if you really want to do
this in like a really cool way, what you can do is, I’m gonna
go into my settings here, I’m gonna show you something. Under the general tab, if I scroll down, you’re gonna see this option right here for studio mode, transition
to scene when double clicked. Okay? I have that selected. I’m gonna show you why. The reason that’s selected, is because, let’s say that I do a down transition. Okay? If I double click these now, it’s going to automatically
just send it over and it’s gonna send it over
with that down transition. Same thing would happen if
you wanted to do a fade. Right, you see how it
just fades it all around? And the same thing happens if I want to do the icon transition. So let’s say that I’m sitting here and I’m talking about
something for a while and then I want to take
it back to the plain, then I can click on that
and then it’ll take me back to the plain and then I’m ready to go, in terms of making
everything look awesome. So, the same thing applies if I want to go to the split screen, then I click on that and then it makes that really cool transition to really pro everything up quite a bit. Now in addition to that, if you really want to make
this stuff even cooler and make it easier for yourself, there’s something called
the Elgato Stream Deck, I’ll put a link to it
down in the description and it’s basically a live switcher. It’s really low cost and we actually use it in our studio that I do my Nimmin Live
show on every Saturday and I actually have one
right here at home as well. And basically how that works, is you can program the buttons and you can assign anything
it is that you want to happen, you can assign it to these buttons and you can just press the buttons without having to actually click anything inside of OBS itself. If you want to learn more
about growing your channel, making videos and all types of
other YouTube related stuff, start now by hitting
the round subscribe icon so you don’t miss anything. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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