North Korean Athletes Arrive In PyeongChang Ahead Of Olympic Games | NBC Nightly News

North Korean Athletes Arrive In PyeongChang Ahead Of Olympic Games | NBC Nightly News

73 Replies to “North Korean Athletes Arrive In PyeongChang Ahead Of Olympic Games | NBC Nightly News”

  1. You remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Now American propaganda is killing the sport! I support the Russian athletes!

  2. The news broadcaster failed to mention that in order for 12 north korean woman to join the south korean women hockey team, that 12 south koreans have to give up their places. That's why South Koreans are angry. I don't have the reference, but I watched Arirang news, and something like 70% of South Koreans polled were disapproving of this joint North-South woman's hockey team.

  3. What is unified if North Korea wants to have their Missle parade at the Olympics?? What does South Korea think of this?? AND when answering, keep in mind those missiles in the parade were pointed at you just a very short time ago!!

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  5. Lite up rocket man's staff. Set them all on fire after brutally torturing otto warmbier and rearranging his brains and teeth. North Korea shouldn't be there they should be dead like their victims

  6. I would put all of them in prison water boarding them until they talk about what they know in north Korea after what they did to otto warmbier

  7. Sadly, we must not forget that these young athletes are also propaganda tools for the evil dictator Kim Jung-un of North Korea.Kim and the South's leftist President Moon, Jae-in is colluding to turn the Winter Olympics into a PR stage for North Korea to legitimize its nuclear and missile arsenals to the South Koreans as well as the rest of the world. All patriotic Koreans strongly support  President Trump's "Booldy Nosr" strike as the only option left to remove North Korea's nulcear threats. Time is running out!

  8. All korean hate president moon' s policy. Moon' s nick name is moon disaster, moon fire, moon mouth, moon jung un, father of ring.

  9. Moon better not rock the boat too much here. He's only just taken office and is already stirring up a hornet's nest. This was purely a political stunt and one which has no business in the Olympic Games.

    Furthermore A joint North/SKorean cultural event was recently called off just a week ago.

    In addition to some SK athletes not wanting to give up their positions to North Korean players as mentioned.

    Can't really blame them though can you? Add that to the Clash between South Koreans and riot police.

    The games haven't even started yet & already turmoil lol. Let's just hope North Korea doesn't try blowing up another airliner like they did the last time. As far as NK's athletes go I'm sure they're under lock and key. :/

  10. And now what they need to do is sneak out and escape from the building and become free like the others all over the world! Of course factors could be if they have family back home or not.

  11. they usually backtrack on our agreement. They haven't done any cooperation at all. I hate that country.
    To be honest, If UN doesn't care the relationship between S.K and N.K, I highly advocate to demolish N.K

  12. The North Korean participation in the
    upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea is a conspiracy concocted by the
    leftist President Moon of South Korea and North Korean dictator Kim (Jung-un)
    to show North Korea as a peaceful nuclear nation to the South Koreans and the
    world. All patriotic South Koreans condemn the traitorous plot of Moon and strongly
    support President Trump's Bloody Nose strategy as the only option left to stop
    Dictator Kim from killing more North Koreans and expanding his nuclear and
    missile arsenals.

  13. Wondering how they look like?? Pfftt human obviously.. obviously the south are good looking.. ? and you know why.. try and watch you ancestor or grandparents pic. That’s the original. ? how they speak… korean language but the old and diff pronunciation.. you guys are the same… my god ??‍♀️?

  14. we only celebrate them cause we pity them. There performance isnt bad but we should over exaggerate there appearance.and its not uniting together cause if they did the north korean athletes will most likely "disappear"

  15. ….and the North Korean Security Agents will be extremely active during the Winter Olympics trying to prevent those athletes who might try to defect from the wonderful communist paradise ………….

  16. I think the women of north Korea look beautiful and they are representing there country very nicely good luck to them in the games 🙂

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