Noel Gallagher reflects on Don’t Look Back In Anger | Reel Stories – BBC

Noel Gallagher reflects on Don’t Look Back In Anger | Reel Stories – BBC

I love being a songwriter. I love writing songs. And the older that I get… ..the more I want to do. Let’s take a look at this clip. At 11 this morning, a minute’s
silence was observed across the UK to remember the 22 people killed in the Manchester concert hall
terror attack. SOLO SINGER: # Will slowly fade away # So we’ll start a revolution
from my bed # Cos you said the brains I had
went to my head # Step outside
the summertime’s in bloom # Stand up beside the fireplace # Take that look from off your face # Cos you ain’t ever going to burn
my heart out CROWD JOIN IN: # So Sally can wait # She knows it’s too late # As we’re walking on by # Her soul slides away # But don’t look back in anger
I heard you say. # I was watching that live.
You’re joking? I was watching that…
I happened to be watching at home. And, erm… ..I was, well, speechless,
you know what I mean? I was, kind of… Yeah, it’s such a tragic event. It really… It really brought it home to
me that, in times like that, community leaders and politicians
and fucking this, that, and the religious leaders, were all
trying to bring people together, and coming out up with
the same old bullshit. You know, “We will stand for
blah-blah-blah.” And it took a song
to bring people together. # So Sally can wait # She knows it’s too late # As we’re walking on by # Her soul slides away # But don’t look back in anger… # I can’t even think of the words
to express what it… It’s just the power of music… the thing that brings
people together. And without being
an extraordinary song, it’s an extraordinary thing. # Don’t look back in anger # I heard you say… # But the great songs
that I’ve written… ..they all just fall out of the sky. All the ones that will be
forever remembered… ..they’re just there. You know, and… ..nobody knows who Sally is. I don’t know who Sally is, you know. And it’s a song of no regrets, you
know what I mean? It’s a woman toasting her life
thinking, “You know what? “I fucked it up somewhere along
the line but, you know… “..I’ve got no regrets.”

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  1. Your kids get their limbs blown off and you respond by singing.???????? manchester is full of weak losers lmao.

  2. Doesn't matter what people think of you, there is no getting away from the profound message in this song, kudos to you.

  3. I was in St Annes Square that day. I used to work about 1 minute from there. Weird atmosphere. Maybe a thousand people in the square, TV journalists from around the world with cameramen, and it was dead silent until that happened. Never seen anything like it.

  4. ?
    live forever
    Poor antifa they don't attack or dox anyone just like feminism is about equality ha

  5. The song didn't bring people together. They were already together in the video then the girl just started singing. Maybe people should look back in anger when ISIS blow up kids at a pop concert

  6. It's not his fault sb started singing his song, it doesnt mean the song is about forgetting and forgiving what happened. And 'bring ppl tgether' means that instead of shutting the fuck up, they all hugged each other thru singing the same song at the same time for the same cause. Its a lil' comfort in such a painful moment. the best version, tho, is in Buenos Aires concert when he went speechless and kinda cried haha.

  7. Brings a tear to my my eye, and makes me damn proud of my heritage, and of humans in general, love from Australia

  8. The saddest part is he never performed it with liam at the Manchester gig

    I know they dont speak and all that but for one afternoon . How magical would it have been to see them performing that song . Just for that occasion .
    Get goosebumps thinking about

  9. "Who's Sally" is the biggest question in my life.
    But, I don't care 'bout. It might be me, it might be you.

    It's all of us. We're brother and sister.

    I think when people song at ceremony, people would have sung "Imagine" by Beatles.
    But, It was "Don't look back in angar".
    Era is changing now like people sing don't look back in angar, not Imagine.

  10. kinda shitty of noel he never mentions that liam wrote the line 'so sally can wait'

    maybe it's a tiny contribution to the song overall but still

  11. Definitely not maybe the biggest fake in the history of music award go’s to Noel I talk shit Gallagher

  12. Poor Dermot looks bored with Noel’s ever growing ego as he looks at the concert he didn’t bother his ass ya show up ta

  13. It's the power of music that brings people together! What an amazing quote! Except he still hasn't reunited Oasis! If he had got together with Liam to perform that song at 1❤ Manchester (I think it was called, sorry) then that would have sent such a powerful message! And we'd hopefully have Oasis back together

  14. Noel seems a big head self praise is off putting songs are average. Liam seems not so big headed. Actually prefer Liam's music tbh.

  15. British people are good but really stupid, nothing has changed. A few weeks after this London was done over, and many many more have been stopped since letting 2 slip so close together, well 3 really that year.

  16. I'd be a big head too. you have to. But he tries to stay relevant and cant. He can write the odd good tune still.

  17. Don't get why don't look back in anger was sung in the first place because when I look back on what happend that night I get very fucking angry!!!

  18. If the terrorists of this horiffic attack happened to be white, there would be nothing but hate, anger and blame that would be weponised against anyone who opposse Islamic extremists and illegal/replacment levels of immigration..
    This song would definitely not be sung if these terrorists were white…..

  19. Noel should went to Manchester gig sad he didt Liam was the bigger man that day noel should of played sorry but he's Manchester born breed should put difference aside and played gig people always remember them things

  20. I come from belfast NI highest suicide rate in Europe ive bn touched by suicide and i find that song up lifting and helpful music makes the people dance give it a chance love ur life DONT LOOK BACK IN ANGER YNWA

  21. After Noel gave that emotional insight, I was really hoping the BBC would ambush him by playing the clip of Liam singing DLBIA and then panning to see Noel's reaction. Opportunity lost.

  22. I would have sung "the more you ignore me the closer I get", but I'd have got banged up.
    Didnt bother turning up to the gig though 🙁

  23. oasis were a wedding tribute band at best.
    if these idiots wish to head butt eachother to death not many would care

  24. Noel Gallagher: "It's just the POWER OF MUSIC is the thing that brings people together. Nobody knows who Sally is. I don't know who Sally is. It's a song of NO REGRETS. It's a woman toast in her life thinking, 'You know, I [email protected]#ed it up, but I have no regrets.' "

  25. Time to reflect Noel Gallagher why you ''borrowed'' Johnny Marrs' Les Paul and never returned it or offered to buy it off him. Bad Karma.

  26. its such a "sing along song" that i started singing with the lady the minute i heard it, its infectious really

  27. Liam asked him when he was recording it if he was singing so sally can wait? To which Noel replied no. Liam said well you should. And the rest is history

  28. This can only happen up north. People have hearts of gold. The power music has there is genuinely moving ?

  29. Seeing these people singing /mourning makes my angry at the scum who killed those kids and the establishment that ignores why they done it.

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