100 Replies to “No Man’s Sky Gameplay Trailer | E3 2014 | PS4”

  1. current game is way better than this now. I love it so much.

    Edit: Beyond made everything even better. get this game, it's amazing 💜

  2. Ha, I love looking back at this trailer seeing all the dumb people who smacked Hello Games over the head for it not being the trailer and treating it like junk, and look at it now. One of the best selling games and about to come to VR… jokes on these guys lol

  3. I like it how he retreats from a possible alien-rhino attack to inmediately engage in space combat for some reason

  4. 10/10 it has dinosaurs

    no but serious i love the game.I loved it since day one.why are you idiots complaining about the best game ever.i'm not gonna be nerdy,weird or something else.I just love the game.thats it.stop complaining about this game,and also stop complaining with fallout 76.they are both great games.

  5. Probably the worst game I have ever played. This is a total rip off. These nerds who designed this should be fired !

  6. The aestehtic and visuals of these pre-release planets are still miles ahead of what we have now. A shame we never got and never will have to chance to experience this..but hey. What can you do.

  7. This for the haters

    Hello games is working with 505 games now. If you know about Terraria and how bad it started people hated the game, 505 Games didn’t give up on it, they gave the game time I’m sure 505 is teaching everything they know to hello games just give time

    PS. Since scientists are now trying to bring human life to a digital world. This would a perfect opportunity to say that this game has over 200 galaxies and 18 quintillion planets Maybe this game will save our life one day. Just a thought I had

  8. Next week Beyond comes out. This game has come so far. Every update deepens the experience. Thank you Hello Games. Thank you Sean Murray. See you in space interlopers!

  9. this looked super duper UPER cool until it came out, now they're going above and BEYOND what it was going to be

  10. Here in 2019 and man compare the new beyond trailer it looks like this version has finally released, well done Shaun only took 4 years later, this gamw should of never released it was unfinished clearly

  11. So does the game look like this trailer now? With ship to ship combat on planet, insects fluttering around, huge creatures stampeding about or preying upon other creatures in the wild?

  12. I firmly believe….this trailer WAS the TRUE game, but it just traveled 5 years into the past– to prepare us..

    For today, August 14 2019!!!

  13. This comment section is quite the time capsule. The Beyond update just came out today and I can't believe how much the game has changed since 1.0. After 3 years we finally got what was promised and so much more, HelloGames should be commended for sticking with their game despite all the hate and negativity.

  14. People really need to stop being in denial and accept the fact that with the Beyond Update, the game is massively improved and pretty much up to par with what was promised.

  15. After the last few updates and especially after beyond I’m loving this game a ton but I wish and hope that they can make the animals as realistic feeling as they seem in this trailer at some point

  16. I only came here to make sure I didn’t leave a dislike on this video years ago and to switch it to a like. This has to be the greatest redemption arc of a game developer.

  17. Just make some of the planets and creatures look & act like that. And we've got a game that is like in this trailer.

  18. Pilotable freighters , city's & towns and massive space battles with factions and on board freighter fights would be amazing aswell as an actual hub city with laws and restrictions so it dosent get destroyed

  19. The only question is: WHY ON EARTH is the GUI not even close to the one in the trailer?
    I have the game, it's fun and all but it's time for a graphics and audio update.

  20. It's almost there! terrain has improved but still not like the trailer, creatures have improved but not like the trailer, space battles are meh still, game still needs improvement but it has come a long long way since release.

  21. Just waiting for them to add the sand worms, better looking creatures, and creature behaviors we were promised. That's all I want. Weird… Space… Animals.
    That, and something to work towards.

  22. And despite all the FREE updates and dedication from HG we still have a universe that is nothing compared to this. All the biomes are practically handcrafted and far too repetitive. Grant Duncan said in his GDC2015 talk that they did not want the game to have that repetitive cycle.

  23. This product and it‘s team and leadership behind it, is a testament to both how to not underdeliver on your promises and at the same time how listening to feedback and truly embrace the customer’s voice can change everything for your product and your company. Hello Games could have been dead today but they managed the turnaround. I am grateful to have been a witness of this challenging, rocky but ultimately succsessful customer journey. Congratulations Hello Games. You have my utmost respect.

  24. To be honest, after the Beyond update the game isn't too far from this. This is coming from someone that just picked it up, and never experienced the original disappointment.

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