No Gameplay Left, Once You’re a Spellcaster | Sims 4 Realm of Magic Review

No Gameplay Left, Once You’re a Spellcaster | Sims 4 Realm of Magic Review

Thanks to EA Game Changers for giving me a
copy of the pack. At this stage, I’ve invested a good bit more
time into looking at Realm of Magic so feel more confident about my opinions. They are not going to be opinions shared by
everyone, of course, because how you’ll feel about Realm of Magic kind of depends on what
type of player you are. Players have practically begged EA for a return
of witches and really fleshed out occults for a while now. They want to play something different and
feel powerful. Did Realm of Magic provide that? For sure! Yes, it did. I just don’t think we thought of what the
game would be like with it. First let’s look at where you start, then
what playing a caster is like and go over most of their features. #GlimmerBrook
Glimmerbrook is the new town while the Magic Realm is just a place you visit. There’s nothing wrong with Glimmerbrook, other
than the very boring EA builds that didn’t really take advantage of the new objects. I was expecting whimsical little cottages
and a really decked out magical mansion for the wizard family that already lives there. All in all, these are problems you can correct
on your own or with the gallery so they’re not a major strike against the pack. However, it’s a problem players have noted
for a long time and with all the talent out there, they could certainly come up with some
good builds for worlds or bring someone on board who loves it the way some of you do. #The Magic Realm
The Magic Realm on the other hand, is a mixed bag. It’s at once very pretty, but has some strikes
against it for atmosphere. Unfortunately this isn’t so easy to fix on
your own. For one, the build problem carries over to
the very dryly named Magic HQ in the center of the one giant lot. To be blunt about it, it is very boring and
empty. It reminds me of a barn, someone else said
a frat house and I definitely agree. Players can cheat to modify this lot, but
it’s requiring them to fix it themselves which stinks because there are some nice objects
in the pack that could’ve made this look a bit better, but they went for large open rooms
and it kind of drags it down. There just isn’t a lot going on. I mentioned atmosphere, and the reason the
atmosphere is not great is not the visuals here, they’re fine. It’s the visits by random Sims from all the
other neighborhoods. Like, does anyone expect Malcolm Landgraab
to be a wizard? No! Someone said that the Sims visiting the Magic
Realm are becoming casters, and they really are… despite the fact Malcolm is at work
while I pulled him into my game, he has the spellcaster trait when I cheat him into my
family. I go and check and confirm other Sims I’ve
seen there are now set as Spellcasters if I try to play them. I’ve linked to a mod in the description that
can prevent this for you. This strange choice.. bug.. whatever, and
just bumping into well-known Sims like Bella Goth is jarring to about everyone I’ve seen
mention it. We’ll have more to say about the magic realm
as it relates to playing this thing, but let’s look at Spellcasters now. This is where they put in the most effort. It was definitely a foreshadowing that in
order to be a spellcaster, you just do a simple fetch quest. Once you’re in, you level up with several
activities, from dueling, to seeking magical tomes in the library to actual utilizing or
practicing magic. Casting a spell gives your Sim a little charge,
which feels good to them at first, but quickly turns stressful as the meter gets higher. You’ve got to let this decay so are encouraged
to pace magic use in a small way. Nothing here is particularly bad, in fact
in some cases it’s pretty good. Your Sim’s animations improve as they level
up and you do get a sense of growing confidence in them. Especially when they knock their first Sage
on their ass, beating a supposed master in a duel. Magic can blow up in your face, and even kill
you if you go too far into the overcharged state and have a failure. While at least one person I know of has lost
a Sim to overcharge casting their first spell, it’s going to be more common that you need
to be extremely neglectful for that to happen. You’ll need to spam tons of spells and get
really greedy for that to happen. Charge gives Sims a little penalty to failure,
but a boost to durations for certain spells. This is supposed to be the kind of thing that
keeps players from going ballistic with spells, but perks and mastery gradually drop charge
down to where it barely matters. Also, do I really care if I cast a sad spell
on a Sim and it lasts 2 hours or 4. Fire isn’t more deadly when overcharged because
evidently setting fire to people is mean, arson, or murder. Practice and learn, and your Sim will rank
up as a Spellcaster. The perk system is pretty good, with specializations
in particular magic types possible. Well, not specializations as you can eventually
get them all. You may, however choose to make your Sim really
good at practical magic by the third rank and reduce the odds of failure and charge
buildup from casting. Sims only become truly the same when you get
past the master level and start to pick up every single perk. At that point, two wizards will be almost
exactly alike. Getting to unlock everything isn’t such a
big problem, players want to do that so I’m not complaining here. Sims can be cursed by failures to cast magic
or consuming bad potions. These curses may have differentiated Sims
to some degree, like the vampires weakness system, but they are something you’ll only
deal with for a brief time in the early stages. You can choose to keep one if you want a challenge,
but they aren’t balanced around that idea. THey’re balanced around, “Get this shit off
me as soon as possible” and the game gives you a few ways to do that. Spells are mostly not entirely new effects,
but rather effects you’ve seen before if you’re someone who buys every pack. Freezing Sims? Scientist’s ray gun. Copying things and making duplicate objects..
.again, Scientist from Get to Work. There is a spell that lets you steal things,
a lot like the kleptomaniac trait. Fire? well, it’s fire. Spellcasters are meant to be strong so I don’t
take too much issue with the power of some of these abilities – I just expected more
new ones. There are a few out there. Like, the ability to instantly spawn a fully
grown plant, or the ability to force two Sims to fight or make out. You can probably cause some drama especially
if you make your Sim sneaky with spell slinger and cast spells far away. The same problems of “effects we’ve seen before”
carry over to the Alchemy recipes, which are littered with several emotional tinkering
effects which as a player I’m really tired of. The rest are super powerful. Your first potion unlock is a full needs refill
and you only need one apple to craft it. You can get death proof potions, immortality,
forced friendship and a dozen others. Like, for the potions of needs, while it’s
possible to fail, it’s less likely as you gain a couple ranks given this is a level
1 potion. When you succeed, you’ll get four of them,
meaning you can stay up and practice magic for four days straight. While you can drink a potion and have a bad
effect, drinking the same potion again will cancel out the bad effect. You can try until you overwrite the bad with
the one you wanted, so long as you have enough of them. So where things get weird for me, is the rapid
spell unlocks and how easy it is to just learn everything. You’re only slowed down by the required ranks
for spells, but you’re encouraged to get perks early on that amplify experience gains. One gives XP just for talking to sages, with
new dialog choices like discuss potion failures that give XP. At like 10-20% relationship bar, you can ask
the sages for free potion recipes and spells for your spellbook. And there’s 3 Sages! You can do this every couple hours. Now just practice schools where you’re missing
a spell,, and you’ll have it all very quickly. Even before this moment, there’s less reason
to go the magic realm as time wears on. You can go there for ingredients, but there’s
so little to be done it quickly becomes a novelty and seeing Sims duel and watching
Geoffrey LandGraab make potions isn’t very entertaining. Maybe it’s due to the lot being so focused
this happens, because Sims randomly choose activities so they’re all hopping on a broom,
dueling and brewing. Spellcasters can pass their power to offspring
in a pretty cool system. The Magical Bloodline trait goes from weak,
to strong and then ancient. When they have a baby it looks at whichever
parent has a better bloodline trait, and passes on a new rank based on that. So if a parent was weak, the next generation
would get strong… but only if they’re manifested as a caster. Interestingly, it looks like it also can dilute! So if you have a non-wizard with ancient bloodline
which is certainly possible, and they pass it on without having ever manifested spellcaster
powers, they will give their offspring a strong bloodline, so it effectively gets weaker over
time which is cool. I’d have liked to have seen more done with
the dueling mechanics, maybe some extra potent curses that are more challenging to cure,
and a few more new types of effects we have never seen before. So, I’d say to some extent my big gripe with
Realm of Magic is where it throws the player a challenge, it gives a trivially easy solution
– easy to the point you may as well have never had a problem in the first place. Take curses.. they are extremely annoying,
but you can buy potions at the shop in town and curse cleansing is one on that list. Additionally, when you unlock a potion you
are automatically given a sample in your inventory. The problem with this is that you can then
use the Copypasto spell to make a duplicate. You may never even need to brew a potion in
the first place, because of this mechanic. If you do fail, and lose the potion in the
process you can simply head to the shop in town to get rare ingredients and duplicate
those instead. Familiars are a thing, and they primarily
serve to ward off death from overload. If you have a familiar out when you die, the
familiar will use its energy to restore you, but you don’t lose it in the process. This applies to cats and dogs as well as the
provided floating stalker familiars. They go on cooldown for a full week before
this ability can be used again, but if you are mindful you shouldn’t ever have a problem
with spellcaster charge in the first place. Because… there’s a rank 1 spell, discharge,
that gets rid of all your caster charge with no penalty except an 8 hour cooldown. You can take this very early, and always use
it when your Sim is over 50% charge which is around where things get risky. It’s theoretically possible to die much sooner
but, in general it takes a lot of spell spamming to have this happen, and you have an ace in
the hole so to speak with the familiars protecting you. There’s also a potion of prompt resurrection
you can duplicate that can protect you from death for up to 2 days with a similar auto-resurrection
feature. The spell Herbio that makes Magnificent plants
also further degrades gardening and gives you a quick path to magnificent everything. It may not spawn all plant types, but you
just need some random herb plant to graft to and bam, you’ve got perfect plants which..
with the seed packets you can buy you don’t even go through the evolution process. So maybe even if you disagree with me, you
can see where I’m coming from. With basic knowledge of the systems, the way
things are set up mean that pacing your usage of magic, potions failing, curses, and even
death from overcharge don’t really matter. It gets to where you’re so OP and have so
little to worry about, it’s not really like The Sims any more. If you’re a player who likes building and
want to make those little magical cottages and wizard mansions, you definitely can with
this pack. Some of the build items also have nice regular
looking swatches so you can use them even if you don’t, and they have a great style. But if you’re someone who likes the RPG mechanics
and building up a Sim, the lack of any challenge here will just leave you feeling like you’re
cheating with needs on static.. it breaks the Sims’ core gameplay loop. You can now just live in a house that just
has a cauldron, and not ever need to do any of the needs management that makes The Sims
a life simulation because of the extent that power is handed to you. You might need a kitchen to feed your family
but there’s a spell to make food, so you can just stock leftovers for them or maybe give
them potions. Plenty of people are fine with Sims 4 having
next to no difficulty – I mean, you’ve told me so. I understand where you’re coming from as a
casual player, so to you I’d say take my opinion with a grain of salt. If you like strategy and RPG mechanics in
Sims and still enjoy taking care of your Sims and building them up, you may not like how
rapidly you gain every power of substance in the game. With this option available, most other options
become obsolete or comparatively weak. But things are not all bad. If you want an OP spellcaster class, this
has you covered and you’ll likely enjoy power tripping with your maxed-out virtuoso. There are considerations to be made about
the state it’s in at the moment , with the need to use a mod to prevent half the town
turning into witches, or bugs that crash the game making a caster in CAS just because they’re
playing this new animation. All in all I think many players will want
this pack, but you might want to use mods to improve it or wait a bit for things to
be fixed up if you’re on an xbox or playstation and don’t have access to mods. Looking at all this from another perspective,
having systems built by EA and supported in code gives modders more options so they are
going to be able to do a lot with these systems, and maybe make unique types of casters with
their own schools of magic.. and certainly let you be a vampire spellcaster hybrid. This improves those options and, of course
some people are going to inevitably turn the magic realm into one giant Hogwarts which
I’d look forward to. Ok, so. That’s my opinion, like it or hate it. That’s what I think about the pack and I don’t
like the way Sims is getting easier and easier and how everything is just handed to you because
it completely dilutes accomplishment. Bear in mind that some of the people critical
of the Sims love the sims and want to see it return to its past form. And that’s what we’re.. kind of waiting on
that. I don’t like this direction. Thanks for watching, everyone. Have a great week and enjoy the pack if you
like it. I most certainly don’t hate it, I just have
my gripes.

100 Replies to “No Gameplay Left, Once You’re a Spellcaster | Sims 4 Realm of Magic Review”

  1. With every pack we get it makes me less excited for university. I’ve been wanting that ep since I started playing sims 4 now I’m not even looking forward to ir

  2. Why are townies using their freewill to become spell casters? They don’t go seeking out vampires and mermaids to turn them. They barely carry on their own lives ?

  3. at this point i’m so drained and tired of complaining and begging and hoping ea fixes the game.. they’re disappointing us fans and letting us down thanks ea
    i’ve been anticipating and waiting on university for YEARS but seeing how horrible the packs have been lately i’m actually worried that they’re gonna (yet again) lead us on with a trailer and then release the pack and leave us disappointed and let down as per usual

  4. No one should be giving EA money for these mediocre packs/expansions. Everyone should do their part to send EA a message and pirate the packs/expansions so that they lose revenue. A company only responds to revenue fluctuations, not customer satisfaction.

  5. You could already make a supersim with pretty much no needs AND superspeed (which is vastly superior to the teleport imo) if you simply maxed out a vampire and picked the correct traits. This is really not new.

  6. This is annoying. Playing on console we get no gallery and no mods. All of these packs are proving more and more that the sims team doesn't give a flying fuck about console players.

  7. Am I the only one who would love to see Sims 2 remastered. The look of sims 4 but with the game play of Sims 2 with a dash of Sims 3.

  8. this is the way it was with vampires. after I became a master vampire, it got boring not being able to level up anymore, and being the best. tbh, I don't really play it anymore, but I probably should lol bc it was fun

  9. I still play the Sims 3, I stop playing the sims 4 a long time hoping that with new expansions will become better but nope. The only thing I like from TS4 is the building it was a great revamp

  10. It upsets me that a game with so much quality in terms of customization has so little in terms of gameplay.

  11. I have felt this about most sim 4 expansions. I feel like they are too goal oriented and once you play for like a day, you feel like you finished the pack. This was so true for get to work. If you dont send your sim to these specific jobs, game play is otherwise the same. I don't want to feel like I've finished or completed the game or their packs. It feels so restricted

  12. So is there any difference between getting a new weird creature as your familiar than a cat or a dog? I assume that since cats and dogs are your pets and require maintenance, that perhaps there might be additional benefits if you chose to make them your familiar?

  13. I created a new save file specifically to play the game pack… I got distracted after two hours because it's too easy.
    I'm so sad. I was so excited for it because I love supernatural sims. It doesn't even help my storyline because the powers are so random. And we don't have a fucking garden witch???? Come on, EA!

  14. I never cared about magic in the game… never cared about aliens… vampires… mermaids…ghosts… other planets… supervillains… strangerville… cowplants or simplants… I just want a boring life simulator.

  15. We're not gonna talk about the fact that random sims become vendors? In my save it's all random people from Sulani. Yaaay…?

  16. I don't feel like Sims has ever had any difficulty? I think what it needs in its fifth installment is a lot more difficulty, i.e. you can go bankrupt and starve etc. But I also think it seriously needs co-op. Right now, Sims is very lonely to play and there's not really any goals. You just play around in a sandbox. But if you could play with friends, then you would have a purpose (because multiplayer makes everything more fun). Imagine live-playing with 3 friends where you're all neighbours. Or where you're flatmates. If you put effort into building something nice now, you get to show it off to your friends. If you get married, your friends will get to see you raise your kids next door! I seriously think The Sims is ready for co-op! It would be a complete rejuvenation of the game!

  17. I really only bought RoM for the non-binary default character (Morgyn Ember). That made me very happy to see, and it's nice to feel represented for once. I mean, some of the build objects are pretty and I like the familiars. But everything else is just kinda meh. Disappointing because I've been waiting for magic since the base game launch.

  18. Glad that I didn’t bother buying it. I haven’t touched the Sims 4 in a while because the gameplay has been gradually getting worse and worse.

  19. The problem is people wanted magic but because the occult sims like fairy , wolfman ,witch,zombie and others things but they dont put these sims on pack.

  20. I miss old sims neighborehoods (sims 1-3ish), these new neighborhoods and how they work are aggravating! I still like the sims, but I used to LOVE this franchise!

  21. What I am disliking more and more about the magic expansions is that the focus is on simple engine tricks and essentially cheating. I am sure everyone has a list of cool activities and spells that you can imagine a Sim doing using magic, but almost none of those are present. It feels like the magic expansions reached its peak in The Sims 1 (where you could bring Gnomes to life).

  22. Honestly cheating is the least interesting form of magic they could have created. Where is creating artificial beings as butlers? Where is turning people into animals or elves? How about turning those frogs you collected into "Princes" (or Princesses) with traits specific to that frog? Or creating magical mops that if you overwork go haywire? Or you can Tinker your wand to color your magic? This is just a few… But simply casting "All needs regeneratium" or "You wet your pantsium" is boring after the first go.

  23. I always got Sims, but ended up just building and creating new households. This is the first time I actually spend quite a few hours playing the Sims.

    TL;DR: I like the pack a lot

  24. just like "get to work" with the scientist career pretty much
    just like having dogs with the "feels the love +250"

    I mean, if you look at it, each dlc come with game breaking god mod stuff
    This isn't new

  25. While I use a lot of the pre built houses, I feel like EA's goal is to give you a house you can fix up and make your own rather than an already perfect house.

  26. Sims 4 was damned lazy…the whole thing. Sims 3 was far superior in every way. Better neighborhoods. Better vacation options. WAY better customization of items…too many "better" things to easily list here. Here's hoping Sims 5, if it happens, is more like 3.

  27. I began to play the Sims with the Sims 2 (I think my very first was Story: Islander or something) and I had just so much fun on it! I would make new scenaris and would write in the gallery what happened to my sims, like a journal. So many interractions were cool and I was so happy to get a pack every once and a while.
    I played a bit of the Sims 4 a few years back but dropped it and tried the Sims 3 instead. It didn't have the feel of the Sims 2 and even if I liked it I felt really overwhelmed by the number of content it had. It also took a lot on my hard drive but I still liked it and spent a lot of time on it.
    And then, a few days ago, I came back to the Sims 4. And… I just cannot bring myself to go really far. Sometimes I tell myself I will try something and then, once the sim is created, I just quit without saving, my interest already lost.
    I just miss when I could make some real story telling, drama… Oh and when my sims responded really quickly when I gave commands. Now I have to wait for them to actually begin the action and also never go into sped up mode otherwise they'll just stand and do nothing…
    I remember, in the Sims 2, I struggled to manage a party or a first date. It was difficult at first ! Relationships took time. (granted, not a lot but a bit more than in the Sims 4).
    I don't understand why we cannot write biographies anymore on our sims and the "story" mode is really not enough to me.
    So yeah. Doesn't stop me from writing my sim's story on a word document as I go but the game became really boring to me. I just spend most of my days maxing out my skills and becoming friends with people in the blink of an eye. In about 5 weeks, I became a superstar without even having a carreer.

    I'm gonna stop this rant.
    TL;DR: I like the Sims 4 but it lacks a lot of the qualities that made the Sims interesting, thus, I do not play as often and just can't get back into it easily.

  28. it's not that sims 4 was too easy from the start, I got the base game for free and was able to make a million simoleons in one generation without even trying
    also the bonuses you can unlock are way too strong, I mean getting rid of one need completely is one thing but being able to get rid of almost all needs including sleep is just ridiculous
    the half time jobs easily earn as much money as a level 3 fulltime job would earn in sims 3

  29. How can the gameplay get easier…? The only difficulty this game has is simulation lag.

    Also why does nobody else complain about how all the Sims are Black Asian’s with narrow shoulders maximum stomach stretched outwards and wacky hair colours.

  30. The overpowering is what bugged me also. In contrast the vampire extension was good because it forces you to take on weaknesses. Why aren't weaknesses in this one? Why isn't there a cool-down for all those overpowering spells and potions? At this point someone could make a mod just for these aspects, and it would make the pack more enjoyable and more of a challenge. Or other sims who are muggles could react in certain ways to seeing magic. Soooooooo many opportunities.

  31. I remember in Sims Making Magic, you could make a love crystal to make people just fall in love with you, was the easiest way to make friends back then. TBH Making Magic also made The Sims original game super easy too. I had a feeling this would happen when they brought out this new version of that. So yeah, after watching your video… I'm not surprised one bit.

  32. I find The Sims 2 Witches better than these.. I'm trying to like this game but it's just not happening, shame really….

  33. Great, more ways of my sim autonomously cheating even if I strongly discourage it, and more ways to have it have no effect at all

  34. You bish :'u no difficulty? I burned a house and killed 4 sims ;u; and it happens normally without wizards :'v (jk… Well… Not kidding ;-; rip my sims and my house)

  35. Sims 1 Makin Magic is 16 years old but somehow still has more content, items and stuff to do than realm of magic smh

    Makin Magic’s neighborhood ALONE had more lots and attractions to go to!!

  36. This pack makes me think of the Sims Medieval a lot. The gameplay was a lot more interesting in TSM and I think those mechanics are exactly what I would have wanted for wizards. When sims have sword fights there are meters for health and stamina, and you could choose different moves which affected those stats differently and had their own animations. Something similar could have been done with duelling, swapping out the stats for charge and health maybe, and the different moves as different spells your sim has learned. Potion brewing could have been like the doctor/blacksmith jobs in TSM, where your sim goes to their work station and you have to monitor different things. It could be speed, temperature, adding ingredients in a certain order. Even the magic in TSM was more interesting than this pack dedicated entirely to magic. Your wizard sim would study at their desk and learn spells which were combinations of runes, and then you would set a few spells to your staff (using the rune combos) and those would be the spells you had access to until you set new ones. It just boggles my mind that all of the things that would have made this pack instantly more interesting (without being overly complicated) have been done before in the sims franchise. And considering how popular TSM was(n't), those mechanics would still be a fresh experience for most players.

  37. And I guess again, you have to choose between the bloodlines and can't have a vampire-spellcaster or alien-spellcaster.

  38. tbf magic packs always make the game easier. Back in Sims 1 Makin’ Magic made all the challenge out of the Superstar pack disappear, since to get fame you just can find a celebrity, marry them after forcing them to love you with magic, then use their fame to push your career up, then kill them

  39. I love this gamepack, can't relate. Magic SHOULD make life easier. In the sims 3 you had to be a level 9 (N I N E) witch in order to repair broken itmes and the casting time was literally game HOURS. It was ridiculously badly done.

  40. Carl we ran out of gameplay a long time ago. All we ever had to do was get the traits to stop our needs. We just keep finding more efficient ways to do the same thing that we already have done. Our sims don’t even have to work anymore more. Just grow the money tree, it’s more income than any career. I still haven’t found the difference between off the grid living and not paying bills. The barriers in the game are pretty much nonexistent at this point.

  41. I've made a video about Sims 4's systems and how I"d like to see them improve. :
    It includes a talk on difficulty, traits and aspirations – 3 things that this pack did poorly.

  42. I was gonna buy this game pack when it came out on console but I’m not so sure anymore after seeing that all these townies randomly become spell casters that’s so annoying ??

  43. I don’t like how easy the gameplay is except with death. I don’t like when my sims die so for me it’s nice that it’s kind of hard to kill them accidentally (most of the time.) But I would really like more challenge in the jobs, handling emotions, non-fatal consequences. There are normally cheats if you don’t want the challenge, I like to have both options available for gameplay.

  44. The problem I have with magic is that all spells are incredibly inconsequential. I achieved the Virtuoso rank just by grinding away and never ever casting an actual spell outside of practice.

  45. Glimmerbrook a 'town'. lol. My biggest problem is again only 5 lots? 2 for our own sims. And way to easy to find the portal and become a mage. Why couldn't they have made it so you had to find the portal, like how you find the secret grove. =T And way to many magic users now exist, instead of it being a more rare thing like with mermaids and vampires. =T Really, my biggest issue is everyone is now a wizard. It would be better if we had a trait that gives them the gift of magic, so some are just non-magical and some can be magic.

    I kinda wanted to recreate my Dark Lord from another game, and couldn't even. Despite being evil, there really wasn't anything different to the feel of the game or the use of magic. In the end, I'm once again seriously about to hang up the sims4 hat. -_-

  46. Anyone who still gives this company your money for this crap game isn’t getting my sympathy. The company has made it very clear that they don’t give a shit about the quality of this game. It’s not even funny for me anymore, it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

  47. And yet here I am a simmer that one month after the release of Realm of Magic, I still haven't completed it. And let's not even talk about Island living cause I haven't gone pass the kava party in the beach life aspiration. Yeah am slow. But I still love your Vid! Keep it up?

  48. Sims isnt a game LOL its a sim.. its a simulation..

    Its not meant to be challenging its really just a fun dress up thing with game elements tacked on to appeal to a few more peeps..

    If you play the sims to win at all ever, you break the game

  49. I’m just so desperate for story progression. I have now played enough that all of glimmerbrook have died and no one has replaced them and all of the legacy families have been replaced by randomly generated sims that just appear. It just ruins the atmosphere completely and everyone’s dressed horrible. I just miss how in sims 3 your legacy family would grow alongside a premise family and their future generations. It was so immersive and nice and I just feel like sims 4 is so empty now and we’ve all paid for prettier packaging on what is at the end of the day a less quality product.

  50. Bella, I feel, makes sense being a caster. Isn't there a line in the SimsWikia that states that magic fan deep in your family, that's one of the reasons why she and Mort got along?

  51. Becoming a Celebrity and Grandmaster Vampire is much more of a challenge than a Spellcaster…That feels wrong to me as magic should present a reasonable challenge to master. Granted, I'll love having a handsome Spellcaster Sim running around showing off his power. However, I will feel cheated because there's not a lot of effort needed to reach the pinnacle of power!

  52. As Hermione once said, you cannot just produce food out of thin air. Food is the first of the five Principal Exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration. In this TED talk I will…-

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