Nike Olympic Medal-Stand Uniform Review – PyeongChang 2018 | Jill Maurer

Nike Olympic Medal-Stand Uniform Review – PyeongChang 2018 | Jill Maurer

The countdown is beginning to the 2018 Winter Olympics, and I’m getting very excited to watch the Olympics. Recently some of the uniforms have been released, and as a designer I’m always interested to see how the uniforms have been designed. The three outfits that come out that are generally the most exciting for people to see are the Opening Ceremony outfit, the Closing Ceremony outfit, and the metal stand outfit. And Nike has just released it, so I’m excited to talk about it. So here’s the uniform. I’s it’s very astronaut-esque. So especially looking at that white jacket you can you can picture an astronaut in that jacket. The big challenge here is in designing an outfit that will flatter everyone. And you know you might think okay, well everybody has an athletic body. They’re similar. They’re not similar. You’re designing for people who are very very tiny to people who are big and bulky and muscular. Short and tall. I mean these are there’s a huge variety of body types. So one interesting fact about the flag is that that flag is not backwards. It may look backwards to your eye on the shoulder there, but our flag never retreats. So if you imagine the flag on a pole, the blue side is always on the pole and the pole is leading as you walk. And that’s the way that the flag flows. Another interesting fact about the US and the flags is when you watch the opening ceremony you will see every other nation dip their flag. We do not. Our flag does not dip or bow to anyone. The blue jacket is a liner for the white jacket. So you can wear them together, or you can wear them separately. One of the interesting things that I found about this outfit Is that they made separate boots for the men in the women. And those of you who know me know that I don’t really believe in men’s design versus women’s design. I think design is design, and you choose what to wear. I personally prefer the men’s shoes. If I were given the choice, I would want to wear the men’s shoe. And the only other man, I’ve showed this to said I want to wear the woman’s shoe. He likes that it has the built-in sock whereas I prefer it without it. So I’m hoping that the athletes have the choice of which shoe they get to wear. What I do appreciate about the Nike swoosh on this as they put it on there, but it is not overbearing. It’s there. It’s a design element. It works for me. I like the contrast here with the blue pants and the white jacket especially with the blue jacket underneath because that way you have a choice of how you want that color to look. When you’re wearing the blue jacket and the blue pants, and then you put the white jacket over it I like it best when that white jacket is open and it creates this column of blue with the white around it. So there you have it. That is what our athletes will be wearing as they accept their medals. I love those outfits. I’d love to hear from you and hear what you have to say about them. What do you think? You like them or not like them? Yea or nay? And whether you’re male or female which boot would you prefer to wear? Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. See you again soon!

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  1. Every thing was nice but the white jacket is expensive and I would rather it be blue and the under jacket is white.

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