Nike | Dream Further

Nike | Dream Further

A billion people tuning
into the match between… Hey, you ready? Netherlands and Nigeria
before a capacity crowd. You’re not done. Lieke tries to take the ball
back – she gets the ball! Now it’s getting dangerous… And she shoots
and it’s a goal!!!!!!!! What a beautiful moment!! Today – Today We have played – We have played Kirby racing to the ball. Let’s go! Let’s go!
Let’s go! Let’s go! Oh Off the post, ball to
Ji So Yun, Korea on the attack. Alright, get together.
Get strong. Oh, excuse me! That’s the cover! Women’s football game
sets new sales record. Here comes the cross. Andressa,
with a bicycle kick! Goal! Goal! Wang Shuang
rocks the world yet again! The biggest turnout ever seen
in sports, how does it feel? Here’s Barca making a last push.
And there’s a foul. Philippe, Philippe.
Back post, Gerard. Ok? Big opportunity for
coach Alex Scott and her team. Pique, around the back! Coutinho for Pique, goal! The league’s first
female coach makes history. Keeper fires to Dunn. Ah, that’s incredible footwork! She’s on the move! Foul! Foul! Big chance for Australia!
Kerr setting up for the kick. What’s happening here? Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal! Hey, you ready? Don’t change your dream.
Change the world.

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  1. The U. S. Congress (U.S. Senate + U. S. House of Representatives = bicameral legislation system) has not amended the U. S. Constitution for gender equality yet. It would be 'best' and 'great' if they did. Either way we can call for the resignation of the entire U. S. Congress. A particular jurisprudence test for U. S. Supreme Court Justices and Associate Justices would lean in favor to pick up this case. In the event that USWNT and or a collective action lawsuit of 'We the People' of all lands happens it will explode into change that we can believe in and be the change we can be. So envision a vision further as a plan and amendment of action.

  2. O yes don’t change……expect the rest of us to bend over backwards for you. Stupid entitled wahmen ??

  3. Even without hype or fans or any recognition at all,Soccer is a great game,a world class game and young Women all across the country are ever expanding that game. So proud of all the behind the scenes work,those who didn't make the "23", you are upholders of the culture. Soccer is this grand because of those behind the scenes, competing,improving,in cauldrons of competition all across America. Thank you!

  4. I been laughing to tears all morning….I heard somewhere that Colon Copperneck took Nike money….secretly bought Nike's competitor stocks then raised hell about the new Betsy's. ..made a killing on the other stocks…at the bar someone said they heard that insiders at Nikes admin bought other stocks as well….really smooth Nike…lmao…the insiders made the surge money from both sides….wow…that racism joke is a real winner….for insider crooks.

  5. This was absolutely amazing! They did an excellent job of capturing what so many little girls need to see- themselves represented!

  6. I only clicked on the vid to leave this comment. Didnt watch a second of it.

    Just wanted to say F nike. I love the United States of America.

  7. My dream is one day to become a soccer player..I don't want to be the best of the world,or of my nation,I just want to have the chance to be in a Women's World Cup..I'm from Brazil and,unfortunately,here Women's soccer don't have much support…But I hope one day I can go to US and play in a team from there..And I hope the change come for Brazil,and all the countries around the world!


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