Nicki Minaj & Cardi B’s References On Migos’ “Motor Sport” | Genius News

Nicki Minaj & Cardi B’s References On Migos’ “Motor Sport” | Genius News

Letty Martinez: Migos have released their first official single “Motor Sport.” from their upcoming sophomore album ‘Culture II’ The trio previewed the track on stage at Powerhouse, a concert put on by New York’s Power 105.1 radio station, featuring two of the hottest
women in the game, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Cardi’s flow is often compared to which rapper she sounds like on a track, think Kodak Black comparisons on “Bodak Yellow” and Plies comparisons for “Foreva” But during her “Motor Sport” verse it’s
now Cardi drawing comparisons of her own, to late tejano singer Selena Quintanilla. Letty: Those bars also hold interpolations of the 1971 Chi-Lites track “Have You Seen Her” And Daddy Yankee’s 2005 hit “Gasolina” Yes, ALL that in 4 bars. Nicki Minaj, cursed to be compared to practically
every female rapper on the scene, comes in on the track with her own parallels. And these references pack some pretty powerful
punches, literally. Here Nicki links her status to the likes of boxing superstar Mike Tyson, who reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion until 1990. She also states that she’s as real as martial
arts actor Jackie Chan, who’s known to skip a body double and perform his own scenes. Letty: And when it comes to the Barb’s personal life, Nicki’s out for that ‘I Love Lucy’
kinda romance. Nicki Minaj rounds out her verse with a sweet
‘Back To The Future’ reference And pegs herself as much a winner as the NFL’s legendary Vince Lombardi who led the Green
Bay Packers to 3 straight, and 5 total, NFL championships in the 1960s as head coach. Now that’s a track worth a Lambeau leap

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  1. Coming from someone who is a little older and who has heard it all before, Nikki's lyrics & demeanor is a lot like Lil Kim. I think Cardi B sound & lyrics are more original. But I'm a fan of them all. But I was a fan of Lil Kim 1st. IJS

  2. @complex u didn’t even hit all of the punches by Nicki 🙄.boosie-fade.all my friends are tf their video was short af

  3. Yah sure Nicki wrote that herself and didn''t use drake's writing team hahahahahahahahha fuck off niggas who the fuck you kidding.

  4. This why alot people can't be trusted . Say one thing do another . Always want to see people beefing no matter how hard they try not too ! Both ladies did very well …..PERIOD !!!! Please stop trying to start them back beefing again people . Their not friends but their taking baby steps . They made a first step that is all that matters . Let them be happy…..please !!!!

  5. Okay im glad someone else noticed. I love bardi but her flow in bodak is EXACTLY identical to no flocking by kodak black. I thought it was on purpose but if she denying then 😴😴😴

  6. when they perform this live Nicki and cardi will be on the stage together…migos setting it all up…brilliant idea on they part.

  7. Ya’ll fucked for not even mentioning Texas legend Selena Quintanilla when Bardi says she the “Trap Selena”

  8. So we all just gon act like Nicki ain’t extended her verse/ changed it to one up Cardi B smfh she shouldn’t have to do that females these days

  9. nicki always got her bars what i didn't like is cardi talking about the late r.i.p selena she is nothing like selena first of all selena was all her body no plastic and she was mexican-american were does cardi fit in that trao selena and like always taking a peice from daddy yankee that is puerto rican his shyt when can we hear cardi's shyt like we hear nicki's shyt see at least nicki was talking about stars from t.v cardi gotta take shyt from other singers…lammmm

  10. Reference lyrics, like reference humor, is devoid of real creativity and clever word play. Wow, good job, you know that thing from a decade ago and you put it into your track cause it rhymes easy and helps craft your big image, wow much impress

  11. There a reference you missed in Nicki’s verse. She says “all of your friends’ll be dead, you could get hit with that Uzi” which is a reference to Lil Uzi Vert’s song XO Tour Llif3

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