becomes boss What are you wearing You know just dress and all smancy cuz I got that big cheque from that new game what game and where’s my check? You don’t get a check. It’s about that SpongeBob money. Not that Patrick money We got that SpongeBob money. Now bow time – that video was like five years ago Took him this long. I better see that cheque soon for this game We’ve been asking for a spongebob switch game for a year and it took of this long! Fail horn that’s a fail horn That’s a fail horn! All right, we got to ask herself maybe they took a year because they were trying to make a real good game They had to build this game from the ground up they won so they didn’t want to just throw out a game That was garbage. They had to actually put work into this game. So let’s find out if this game was made in the krusty krab real nice and slow tenderized Seasoned salted, you know slow-cooked to perfection or maybe it was just made in the chumbucket, you know Maybe they just no thought put into it. It was made by cool math developers, and it was made at my old high school Using Windows XP computers in the computer lab. Wow. I can’t wait to play this game No Squidward? gets sad 🙁 No Squidward! 🙁 All right, we’ve been waiting long enough let’s just play this game already That’s an instruction manual if I’ve ever seen one. All right clearly car manual They got to learn a lot to play this game cart racing, you know, so these are all the signs, okay It takes about a month to learn how to play this game. This game ain’t safe!!! I never even got my boating license wait the video got more views and how the game sold You know what? You can keep that check. I don’t want to check for this game Notice the timer :I Yeah, I added that 🙂 Skyrim on switch looks faster than this You can watch a whole episode of Dr. Phil by the time it takes long.exe Yeah, this is actually how long it takes for this game to load Crazy one Oh heck. No. All right First of all this game you got to turn the music off and the characters they selected are kind of weird I feel like they’re missing someone someone who’s blue who has four legs. And yes stitch from Lilo & Stitch Also, they have five ninja turtles in this game one doesn’t even have this mask on so half the rosters green Green like Shrek Jr, which reminds me he ran away. Alright, so I picked my character Whoa, he just pulled out a little Miley Cyrus. It’s the Angelica doll. Same thing. Slimy Fisto slime That’s some good foreshadowing because this game uses a lot of slime you land in it drive in it It gives you the slime boost you up to sign this What is this stuff made out of anyway vanilla pudding apple sauce green food coloring and oatmeal :I Shrek jr I mean Shrek likes his slime, you know, maybe we can’t blame this game for not having Squidward as a playable character meme Let’s look at another car racing game Mario Kart 8. I mean look at the playable characters on here. They got Yoda Looking found someone you have I would say right memes If you do well enough in this game you get rewarded with this little bonus stage All you’re doing is collecting presents in its very short I don’t know why they give you this much time you use these coins to buy better Tigers and Basically anything that has a better status in the shop that you need these coins to buy and it’s over The loading screen takes longer than that entire bonus stage that we just played. I’m not kidding the fact that they added it I don’t think they were using their brains You have longer moments where you’re not playing the game than actually playing they might as well have put advertisements on the loading screen So that way you’ll be less bored. I mean they did that with the case You’re excited to play the game and boom as soon as you open it an advertisement the first thing you see they even had the audacity to lay the advertisement on top of the game site you have to physically Interact with this piece of paper just to pick up the game and put it in your switch So I want a discount for having to watch an advertisement when I already bought the game. They knew what they were doing now Let’s talk about the items. Cuz there’s a lot of them. There’s these jellyfish that opponents can use on you I guess it’s supposed to block the screen You have the baby bottle to throw at enemies except it’s completely useless. It just went over his head You got this ACORN that’s on fire I guess it’s supposed to be a bomb that you throw it behind you Although it just doesn’t feel powerful enough now. This is a bomb Yeah. Tella me oda another item is the pizza chucky cheese pizza to be exact. We all know how good it is Imagine having a pizza throw it on your face like that. Yeah, that’d be my reaction to here. Make this pizza flashback All that grease you’d have to be breaking out the acne cream after that whatever you hit someone with an item your character has a special line that they say, however I don’t think I’ve ever heard Reptar speak. Oh His noise it’s Beautiful also that dumb smile he’s doing he just looks dude. You look ridiculous Stop teasin. Stop chucky cheese in can you blame him though? He’s witnessed death on the battlefield Dominating get owned Patrick Oh We found him squidwards in the game after all The game does a weird thing where if the cameras far away Squidward isn’t loaded but as soon as it comes closer He just appears out of nowhere Actually a lot of other games do the same thing shreks there You guys went playing this game that I’m not included in Well, alright, I’m off to bigger and better things In fact, I feel like I’m in a better game Wow a jerk. What game do you think Squidward got into? I don’t know, but it probably can’t beat this meme I sure do you love loading screens Ah Well Squidward seems to be having fun over there. Yeah, uh Yep, what a fun game – thank you What a fun game Patrick I Can’t breathe I must come back from where I came from the ocean Now now don’t take me away my home is down there meanwhile So boring and put him to sleep, you know what this game it might be kind of creative You know, it’s kind of fun, but it’s just not that good doesn’t hold up. There was already a kart racer force which I’m joining Squidward just a meme Hey Yoda You’re looking kind of weird you look like you’ve been chewed up by a dog and spit out judge me by my size You will Yoda fight Darkseid many years Anyone come out to look like this spongebob don’t judge Yoda for looking like that when you’re straight-up invisible You’re so ugly. I can’t even see you The force sees all but sponge man and Squidward, you’re not cannot it’s a good game But it has a lot of flaws. There’s already a better kart racer for the switch. It’s called Mario Kart 8 So if you just want to play some Nickelodeon characters just go ahead and mod that if you want to play a good kart racer then play the Nickelodeon kart racing plug and play it has better characters. You can play a Squidward has better motion controls The stages are really cool the coins allow you to buy better karts. I’m ashamed that I even played this game for an hour matthew blumire did this 🙂


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  6. Hey aquatic Neptune there also making a new spongebob switch games it is called spongebob square pants: battle for bikini bottom rehydrated go get it it comes out until 12/31/2020 or you can call it it comes out on New Year’s Eve 😉 also Nickelodeon kart racing is not a sponge bob switch game the game that I talked about it’s the real deal

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