NHL 20 Official Gameplay Trailer

NHL 20 Official Gameplay Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] With the introduction
of RPM Tech in NHL 19, we delivered a “Revolutionary
New Skating Engine” that overhauled control and
responsiveness in our skating. In NHL20, we’re using
the same cutting-edge technology to deliver RPM
Tech benefits to the stick, Resulting in unprecedented
improvements to shooting, Puck pickups, upper and lower body fluidity,
and goaltender animation. Thanks to RPM Tech 2.0, NHL 20 now looks,
feels and plays better up and down the ice. In NHL20, with a complete overhaul
to shooting animations and introduction of Signature
Shots, every shot is different. Signature Shots showcase the unique styles
and attributes of individual players. Whether you’re Auston Matthews
setting up a toe-drag wrist shot, PK Subban with the high
wind-up booming slapshot, or Ovechkin with the seamless one-timer, you’ll be able to feel like a
superstar and snipe like one too. In addition, RPM Tech allows
us to add contextual shots giving you realistic animations
in any circumstance. In NHL19, shot animations
lacked full coverage, meaning players took unrealistic
or ineffective shots. In NHL20, contextual shots
allow the player to take the correct shot in
the correct situation by taking into account multiple factors, including distance from the net, puck placement, and movement coming out of dekes. Imperfect passes will force the player to have
to readjust, reducing accuracy and strength where precise passes will result
in a powerful, accurate shot. Contextual shots will reward
better body positioning, timing, and twitch skill allowing for more
fulfilling and realistic gameplay. RPM Tech also adds another
level of responsiveness to gameplay through
explosive transitions. In NHL19, a player would enter a glide and
lock trajectory when receiving the puck, forcing the player to slow
down or lose responsiveness. In NHL20, explosive transitions allow
you to take the puck in stride, anticipate a turn before
receiving the puck, and retain your speed
allowing every player to make plays in motion, just
like the NHL superstars. We heard your feedback, and we’ve
raised the game for goalies. In NHL19, goalies did not have the expansive toolset to control the puck – too often resulting in soft
rebounds and scoring chances. In NHL20, goalies in position,
and in control, will have the ability to take over the game
with all-new controlled saves, redirects and a whole new suite of covers. Additionally, AI goalies are more
aware of threats on the ice, impacting their positioning
and how they handle the puck. With the addition of RPM Tech to the stick, explosive transition, and
all-new tools for goalies, NHL20 delivers the most
responsive and realistic gameplay the NHL
franchise has ever seen Making the game feel better,
play better, and look better. [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. this game peaked in 2014 i dunno why modern sports games love to get worse over the years but they do

  2. Every year they say they improved the game but it gets worse and every year they tell you how bad last years game was.

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