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NFL Football & Sports Talk with Chris Long on Green Light Podcast | Chalk Media

– Happy Tuesday, everybody, I’m
gonna go through my weekend, I’m gonna go through last
night’s barn burner, NFL news, I’m gonna talk about baseball. I am a prolific baseball watcher. Also Barrett Jones will
join me and Shit I Saw. (upbeat music) – Pretty cool, pretty damn cool. (applause)
(cheers) – Pretty cool, I’ve got a podcast. I hope it doesn’t suck. What it do, baby? Kawhi Leonard is patenting that phrase. So I’m gonna get it out while I can. This weekend, well, first
off welcome to Green Light. That’s the name of the show. I’m not gonna sell this show being good. If you think it’s good, keep watching, if not there are plenty of other podcasts and shows to watch. This weekend I was very productive. I did not drink all
weekend, I was very healthy. A pillar of health. I did one productive thing
that improved my health further and that was I got a
burner account on Twitter. I’m admitting that. Am I the first person to admit
to having a burner account? Maybe, is it smart? Yes, because if you ever
find my burner account you won’t roast me like Romney,
Katie, Colangelo especially. I will not blame it on my wife. Meg has nothing to do with this. I just got so tired of
looking at my timeline and the other day somebody
who I had followed as a courtesy I realized
had unfollowed me. Maybe they didn’t like something I said and I never liked following that person anyway so I was so excited. It was like a weight
lifted off and I could hit that unfollow button and I
realized I don’t like most of the people I follow as far as their timeline is concerned. It doesn’t mean I don’t
like them personally. They’re bringing me down on a daily basis and I can’t wade through it to read the stuff I actually wanna read so I started a burner account. And the first person
that can actually find my burner account I will fly you here to the prestigious Green Light Studios in Charlottesville, Virginia
which is wine country. We have a lot of restaurants. I’ll take you out on the
town, have you on the show, but you gotta find my burner account. I’m also having trouble because
at night when I get high and I’m on my burner account, I forget that I’m on my burner account and I go to read my replies under tweets
I have, my actually account. And I get angry at some of their replies and I nearly respond like,
“Hey, don’t say that about me.” I’m gonna be the first
one to directly give away that I’m using my burner account. I hope it doesn’t happen. I mentioned this weekend I was a pillar of health, no drinking, two
weekends ago not so much. It’s all about balance, one and one. One weekend you drink a bunch
of beer, eat some fried food, the next weekend you live clean. That is the post-30 formula along with mixing in some waters. Two weekends ago I went to the mecca of unhealthy living and I went bowling. I hadn’t been in a long time. I was there for a birthday
party on a Friday night. Not a kid’s birthday
party believe it or not. My dear friend, Kenny turned 34. Happy birthday, Kenny. Thank you for throwing your
party at a bowling alley. We do like going bowling,
hadn’t been in a while, the lanes were packed. Bowling is frozen in time. It is still 1998 at bowling
alleys across America. It’s like baseball to
me this time of year. I’m not sure who actually
watches baseball. You open up Twitter,
you go to a sports bar, everybody loves baseball. Walk into a bowling alley
in 2019, it’s still there. Not a lot of overhead
in keeping the lights on in those bad boys I don’t think. What does it really cost to run? One thing they do have to
pay for is delicious food. I was the brave soul that opted not to eat dinner before
going to the bowling alley the other night and I needed something to preface the 236 ounces
of Miller Light I was going to consume while bowling a 113. Chicken, chicken was my choice. I was thinking to myself,
“I have to be healthy, “I’m gonna have a grilled
chicken sandwich.” Probably a mistake. At least get it flash-fried. And I bit into it and it was crunchy. I shouldn’t have been
surprised, not great. There are a lot of places
that you can get… First off when the lady looks
at you like, “Are you sure?” That’s a problem. She looked at me like
somebody hadn’t bought one in there since Kingpin was in theaters and I should’ve taken notice,
but I bit into the chicken and it was disgusting,
and it had me thinking “Where’s the best place
to actually get chicken “that’s not a restaurant,
non-traditional spots?” There are a lot. Gas stations would be one. Gas station chicken is chef’s kiss. Terrible chef’s kiss by the
way, I’m very uncoordinated. I won’t eat gas station
sushi, not my favorite. I draw the line there. I eat airport sushi,
not gas station sushi. But one place that has pretty good chicken and I know some people on the set will agree with
me is strip club chicken. I can say that, that’s okay to admit. I’ve had strip club chicken. (laugh) East St. Louis has some
good strip club chicken. Gas station, it’s an eight out of 10. Strip club chicken’s like a 10 out of 10. It is the holy grail of
non-traditional chicken sources. East St. Louis, again, it’s a staple. It’s usually served on
a nice bed of fries. You have to anchor all that guilt and that shame that you have when you are at a strip club at 1:30 in the morning and you come home smelling like cigarettes and strip club chicken. You’ve gotta carb up for
the anxiety-ridden Sunday or Monday, or Tuesday, depending on who you are that you’re gonna have. There was a restaurant
in Northern Virginia. I shouldn’t call it a restaurant, it was a gentleman’s club called Crystal City,
Crystal City Restaurant. It was an abomination to the acronym CCR and I’ll tell you why. They serve sushi right
under the performers, that’s what we’ll call them. For $260, I looked this up, and I’ve never been but I
have friends that have been. You can spend an hour in the back room and you book that hour
through your server. (laugh) After you get brought a plate of mahi-mahi with baby powder on it, there’s
just baby powder falling from the sky dusting your mahi-mahi. You get to go to the back room for an hour and it’s disgusting. I would not eat sushi at a strip club. That’s where I draw the line. Strip club chicken, A-okay,
CCR, glad it’s closed down. I don’t wanna be insensitive
to the performers that made their living there, but sushi is a no go at a strip club. Another thing this weekend
is the Titans continue to be the bane of my existence. First they take the Oilers,
coolest uniforms in football. Then I go 0-3 in my professional
career against the Titans. I’m not sure I was winless
against any other team. We can look that up
later, but that included a 47-7 drubbing back in 2010 where I watched Chris
Johnson pass by our defense like a Ferrari on the
highway and we didn’t know what the fuck was going on. 23-3 we lost to Jake Locker,
or actually it was 26-23. 26-23, we lost to Jake Locker in a tight ball game,
barn burner back in 14. Or was it 23-3, did we
get our asses kicked that bad by Jake Locker? I think it was 23-3. The game we did lose 26-23
was an overtime game in 2018. Yeah, it felt like 10 years ago. It was a year ago and we lost
in OT, we blew a 17-3 lead. Every time I played the Titans
it was something terrible and they continue to whip
my ass post-football. I got roped into Charger’s
second half plus two and a half two weeks ago and celebrated in a bar after a really bad day. I thought that was the bet
that would get me back in it. I thought Melvin Gordon
crossed the goal line. Obviously he fumbled, obviously. That Sunday two weeks ago
and my Sunday yesterday, or two days ago, was sunk
by Derrick Henry looking like Jim fucking Brown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s defense. The defense that held Saquon
Barkley in check, CMC in check. Everybody they played
can barely sniff a yard, the minute I bet, Derrick
Henry under 62 and a half. I shoulda known, those damn Titans. So, yeah, Titans I respect you, but, I don’t wanna use the
word “hate” at this point. I don’t like ya. You continue to torment me. Let’s get on to some NFL stuff. – [Announcer] Ravens,
Dolphins, I said Dolphins. – [Commentator] Camarillo’s got it, 40– – [Announcer] He might score. – [Commentator] He may go the distance. – [Announcer] He got it. He’s going– (commentators exclaiming) – [Commentator]
Unbelievable, unbelievable. – So, yeah, it turns out
the show, Green Light is not just about strip club chicken. It is also about the
NFL which is what I did for a very long time. I’ve also been on a lot of bad teams and we just saw Greg Camarillo
who came in on a white horse and saved the day about a
decade ago in the twilight of a season that had looked
like the Dolphins would go 0-16. So who’s gonna be this
year’s Greg Camarillo? When’s that win coming? You could see it very soon because you could see it against the Jets and that’s no disrespect to the Jets. You could also see it towards the end of the season when the
inevitable clash between the Bengals and Dolphins happens. Listen, hats off to the Dolphins, those players, they play their asses off. I know Flo. I played under him in New England. I like him. I wasn’t crazy about his
zero blitz on third and 20. I wasn’t crazy about how
they turned the ball over. I haven’t been crazy
about all the decisions they’ve made, but those players
are playing their asses off. And that takes a lot in the NFL. When you are down routinely
and you are the laughing stock of the league in the Twitter era, it has to be really hard to
be on a bad football team. And I feel like I cost him the game last night and I’ll explain why. They went up seven, nothing, I liked them getting 14 points before the game. Naturally I pounded, I
didn’t pound, I tapped the money line plus 206, the lead balloons to 14, my heart rate
goes down to about 48. Nice resting heart rate, not even nervous. I’ve got Fitzpatrick at the
helm and then they collapse and I wanna apologize to the
Miami Dolphins organization for fating them by placing a bet. I think that it is because of
me you will continue to be in the running for, oh, that
shouldn’t be an apology, actually, you’re welcome because you’ll
probably ship Josh Rosen to the Pats who will turn
into a three time MVP, a Super Bowl champion, that’s
just the way these things go. And you’ll draft Herbert next year because you’ll be 1-15 or 0-16. So you’re welcome and you’re welcome to the Pats for your future quarterback. That’s what we call the butterfly effect. Rudolph, up and down, really
rusty in the first half. He hit some nice throws on
the sideline, not great over the middle, and as the game
went on those receivers that you’ve never heard of in Pittsburgh, they’ve done a great job of
drafting receivers outside the first round since 2009, a bunch of Pro Bowlers
started making plays. Again, you didn’t learn much last night, but that’s why you love football. It felt like a big game and it wasn’t, make no mistake about it. I was in a lot of games like
that when I was in St. Louis. I was on one team that I
think might be worse than the Dolphins are this year and that was a 1-15 team under Steve
Spagnuolo his first year in 2009. The point differential
going into week eight for us was 151, the Dolphin’s 148. These are negatives obviously. Of course we picked up
our win at Detroit thanks to a fake field goal to Daniel Fells and that was our only win of the season. The Dolphin’s obviously lost last night. I will say this though, it is a lot harder to go 0-16 or 1-15 in a Midwestern climate than it is living in Fort Lauderdale like these guys are doing. I’m not saying it’s not hard, but it’s nice and warm down there. We snapped a 17 game losing streak when we won in week eight
and that was big deal. So two backup quarterbacks essentially last night in
Rudolph and Fitzpatrick. Although I don’t wanna
disrespect Fitzpatrick by calling him a backup. He is a legend. I think backup quarterbacks in 2019 are going to be when we look
back it the biggest storyline. I don’t wanna say it’s a hidden storyline. It’s right in our faces every week. It’s this big changing of the tide. Remember, when I got into the league you’ve got your
big five quarterbacks. You’ve got your Rothlisberger,
Brady, Brees, Manning. I’m forgetting a few others
but these guys are all going to the wayside due to injury or otherwise and we’re seeing an
influx of new names based on decisions front offices
have made or based on injuries. And there’s gonna be no
bigger name when you look back on 2019 than Teddy
Bridgewater, the job he’s done, the job that John Paton
has done has been nothing but short of spectacular. Bridgewater was not just a game manager in the five games she
won since Brees went out and everybody thought
that maybe the best team in the NFC would lose
their home field advantage, the most important home
field advantage in football. Bridgewater was anything but a manager. He beat good teams along the way and in his last outing against
the vaunted Bears defense he was six of eight, I think, for
148 on 10 yard plus passes. That’s without Camarillo
or Cooke so hats off to him, hats off to Peyton,
they’ve done a great job. I think he’ll go down as
this year’s Jeff Hostetler And for those of you who
don’t remember, 1991, late in that season along the
way when the Giants won the Super Bowl against the Bills. They lost Sims for a couple weeks, Hostetler
finished the season. He had only had two starts
prior and he won two games for ’em, big games to get
’em in the number two seed in the playoffs and
eventually Sims comes back and they roll to the Super Bowl. But my favorite backup quarterback is my boy, Jacoby Brissett
who I saw first-hand in New England play
admirably in some spots when Brady was suspended actually in 2016. Backup head coach with the Josh McDaniels
debacle, backup quarterback with Andrew Luck’s impromptu retirement. The big question was, “Can he win games?” I think he showed that. No greater evidence than their big win against
Houston two weeks ago. Offensively they don’t pick up a single rushing first
down, that’s all Jacoby. He’s made big throws, he can manage games, and he knows when to win ’em and I think that’s the Frank Reich effect as well and that’s Jacoby being a good student. Indy fans how about y’all? You are lucky as hell. That horseshoe, I know
where that horseshoe is. Y’all have had franchise
QB, after franchise QB, after franchise QB because I
think Jacoby is with no dip in production or lag time, you
have Manning, you have luck, and now you have Brissett,
all very different. And by the way, you have
a really good roster and the Ballard situation
has played out beautifully at least this year. The most cap room in the
NFL with that roster. And that leads me to one
of the biggest storylines in football and that
is a backup quarterback because that’s what Jimmy G. was in New England, 7-0 staring
down the barrel of a season where it looks inevitable,
it in fact is inevitable that they are gonna play the Patriots, and possibly a Super Bowl
preview, two 7-0 teams. I saw Jimmy G. Step in in 2016. He got us a big, big win on the road on Sunday Night Football to open that season with Brady suspended. He also looked like Joe
Montana against Miami before his shoulder exploded. I had a buddy in high school
that his girlfriend cheated on him and she also loved Tom
Brady so he hates Tom Brady. And when Tom was suspended
and Jimmy G. looked like Joe Montana he said that’s evidence that Tom Brady is the
assistant quarterback. Not so much, the truth is always somewhere
between Jimmy G. looks more like Jimmy G. in San Francisco, but again, that team is
7-0, New England is 7-0. It looks like a collision course and I think odds are on favorites. I think I saw football outsiders had the two greatest odds
to be in the Super Bowl. Patriots had 35% and I think San Francisco
somewhere in the teens. There’s a lot that they
have in common, right? So there’s the wide
receiver trades right before the deadline, Sanu and Sanders, going to those two teams respectively to inject some life into two
middle of the road offenses. You have injuries to two
key linemen on both teams. Joe Stanley’s coming back,
you’re getting Nguyen back in New England, you lose David Andrews, obviously he’s not coming back. They both used full backs heavily. Juszczyk is out, he’s coming back. The full back in New England, Devlin who I think is a big part
of their success as anybody. People freaked out about losing Gronk, freaked out about losing
the guy that allowed you to get in 21 and the ball
down people’s throats throughout the post-season. It allowed them to morph into
a different team last year in wins against the Chiefs,
and most notably the Chargers along the way to the Super Bowl. So missing full backs, wide
receiver trades, injuries, the DBOA for these teams are
one in two by a wide margin. Last week going into the
game I saw a stat where the difference between the two in three DBOA teams defensively, and that was San
Francisco and Carolina was the same distance as the distance between the number 23 and the number 28 team. So that gap is massive. These two teams are all on their own and they do it from the backend down. And that’s what’s really interesting. I don’t know if Bill did this on purpose, I would assume he has, but they built that team and they said we’re gonna
disregard pass rush, and I’ll get to that in a minute. I think San Francisco has developed into a backend first team. They’ve obviously drafted up front, but the de-coordinator was, in Seattle for three years
saw these in a boom, 11-13. Joe Woods was there in the
no fly zone era in Denver, I think it was called. He was a coach under
Wade when they went to DC and there he’s helped
in San Francisco develop those pieces that were average pieces around Sherman into pluses. And now the DBs are killing
it in San Francisco. I talked about pass rush. New England deprioritizes
it, won’t pay pass rushers. Stanley Jones goes, Trey Flowers goes and what they do because
of the Gilmore signing is they can lock half the field down. Usually what happens is
Gilmore goes on number two and locks them down. You don’t have to worry about
two, throw away the key. And then on number one
you have safety help. And they zero up and they blitz a lot. It ain’t the front four making hay there. At one point they were on pace for 70 sacks, that’s all backend. It’s a little bit less
backend in San Francisco. They drafted three first
rounders really well in Buckner, Armstead, and obviously they’ve hit on a guy who
should be defensive rookie of the year, Bosa, and they brought in D4. But an interesting stat going into last week was the
pass, rush, and win rate. When you look at that that’s
how quickly pass rushes are winning, 2.5 seconds is the threshold. San Francisco had 20 sacks
going into that game. One in 20 happened in
quicker than three seconds. That’s good coverage. Four in New England’s 26 sacks going into Sunday were the same way. And when you look at the Super
Bowl implications I look back at some of the most notable scheme driven Super Bowl victories,
the ’85 Bears, obviously that 46 defense, the people weren’t ready, they always had one too
many, you couldn’t block ’em. ’91 Pats, or not ’91 Pats, the ’91 Giants and Bill was there. And Bill’s defensive game plan,
people have joked should go into the hall of fame
as one of the ’18 Pats which obviously took defense to win, 13-3 they beat the Rams. Two out of those three Super Bowls in the last 35 years
have Bill’s stamp on them and I think that this
year’s Super Bowl may very well have another Bill’s
stamp on it defensively. And to Bill’s credit
they’ve all been different. So matchup problems for New England. I think if they saw San
Francisco they’d have trouble because of the run game and the D-line giving
pressure on Brady with four. That’s a big key. You saw it with the Giants. That’s why they were
constantly harassing Brady in Super Bowls is ’cause they
can get pressure with four. You don’t have to scheme it. Another matchup that might be trouble for the Patriots is not in the AFC. It’s Drew Brees who’s 15-17 against the blitz on Sunday his first game back. He’s a tough guy to deal with if they see him down the line. Quick hitters here, we’re on the NFL. I wanna shout out Brandon
Brooks while we’re on the Eagles giving up the lowest pressure rate
of any guard in the league. 11 months off on achilles, this guy is inhuman, he’s like 360 pounds. Brooks I know how hard you
work, shout out to you. Shaq Barrett, he went on
a tear the first month and half of the season. He’s cooled a little bit. He’s just picked up his tenth sack. Congrats on him getting double digits and most importantly picking
up the bonus, $250,000. I think he’s gonna rot
away on a forgotten team, but I hope they do the right thing and put him in Pro Bowl, not that Pro Bowls mean anything anymore. Kudos to him. Andrew Whitworth is
actually old and good enough to have, actually beaten all
32 teams, I believe it is. J.J. Watt, out for the season, tore his pec I believe it was. You hate to see that. Three years out of the last four he’s suffered major injuries
and was still playing at such a high level. He’s certainly a future hall of famer and if I had to bet on anybody coming back from an injury like that it’s J.J. Wish you the best. Chargers, four games in a
row under 40 yards rushing. That is abysmal. Whisenhunt is fired. Funny tweet here… Yeah, home home field advantage in LA is not their strong suit. Melvin Gordon hasn’t injected
much into that offense. In fact I think he could be moved. The way that started out
looking like a good move for Melvin and didn’t turn out
to be so great, the holdout. There’s a rumor going around started by Adam Schefter on Chicago Radio. That Bethard who is obviously in San Francisco might be shipped for Gabriel who is in Chicago who actually played under
Shanahan in Atlanta, I believe. I liked the trade for Chicago actually because if you’re gonna have to do something about a quarterback, at least have the option
and I like to see J. I think he played really well in the Packers game I believe
it was last year, tough kid. Another thing about the
Bears, Nagy took a lot of heat this week for his decision making at the end of the game. Opted to kick a 41
yarder, took some knees, that has a 27% miss rate and the Bears have only fumbled
on run plays at a 2% rate. So you can see the disconnect there. And he had 24 hours to
dissect the decision. He said he’d do it again 1,000 times. That means he would miss, I’m no math magician, but, hey, Make, 27% misses
on 1,000 kicks, what’s that? – [Make] That would be a lot of misses. – About 270. – [Make] That’s right. – Yeah, I don’t know about that. I still think Nagy’s a good coach. I think they have to do
something with the quarterback. So enough football, I get bored with it. I am much more of a baseball
watcher as y’all know. Let’s get to baseball. I’m gonna have my high
school coach join me and tell me a little bit about the scouting report on me and my analysis. A little background here, a lot of y’all know me
as a baseball watcher. This is a four seam fastball right here. What’s a two seam fastball? This is my high school baseball coach. – With the train tracks. – This is Eric McGrane,
also known as Wookie. He was my high school baseball coach for a long time because I spent
five years in high school. (laugh) You also coached me in JV ball, right? – Correct. – And married one of my friend’s sisters who you also coached. That was messed up. – Sorta, but she was so
good looking I thought there was no chance that she would ever
marry me, not my fault. – McGrane, bro, how do you
like the, people on Twitter, I know you’re not on Twitter,
I’m a big baseball watcher and that’s my brand right now. – Gotcha. – So that’s why I brought
you in to grade some of my post-season analysis, but also to grade some of my swag. What do you think about the Harper jersey? – I think we’re not off to a great start with that, but it’s– – He’s played well in the
World Series, hasn’t he? – Yeah, it’s good to see him
finally in the World Series. – Are you telling me
he’s not in the World– – Yeah, he might be
playing for the Phillies. – Go, Phills. I wanted to get into it, a lot of people were asking
was I good at baseball because I’m really good
at analyzing baseball, but like in football they like some of the analysis to come
from great players. Was I great player? – You were pretty good. You were really good. You had a very short swing. You had a quick bat. – Short swing? – Yeah, you had a nice compact swing, but you looked like a football
player when you swung. – That’s bad? – No, it was good. The funny part was that you couldn’t hit the damn curve ball. I actually remember, practices, I threw in the cage forever. I was just spinning balls
at you non-stop to the point where I was like, “This is hopeless.” Genetically I just felt like– – That happened? – Yeah.
– Maybe I blocked that out, I don’t remember. – And I’ll never forget your dad was like, “What’s the plan?” – And I was like, “He’s not
allowed to swing curve balls.” Because if a pitcher saw you swing and miss at a curve ball, I was
afraid that you would just– – So it was like a self-scout. Like if we don’t even
try to hit curve balls– – No one will know that
you can’t hit them. (laugh) Because I was like, “It’s high school, “they’ve got two pitches and
everybody knew who you were.” You were the biggest kid out there and I figured every pitcher
wanted to throw a fastball, so your batting plan was
if it’s straight swing. And you hit 700, it totally worked. – Yeah, 700 against
fastballs which is good. – You had a great season– – ‘Cause I’ma check, hold on, no major leaguer’s ever hit 700. – Never, never, you had a great season just swinging at fastballs. – Enough about my weaknesses. Talk about my strengths. – So my favorite Chris Long moment was, so you took your junior
year off from baseball? – I did, I took a hiatus. – And you came back your senior year. – Yeah. – And you played lots of
sports your senior year, you were just having fun. – Sports guy. – And we were at Fernandina
Beach on our Spring Break trip and it was a night game,
they had these low lights, there was some fog. – Set the table, this
is my first time back to Jacksonville and the Sea Turtle Inn. – Correct.
– To you Jacksonville residents watching the show. – So this is a– – So we stayed at the Sea Turtle Inn, the last time I was there
I got kicked off the trip– (laugh) For trying to buy Swisher
Sweets with somebody else’s ID. I walk into a 7-Eleven,
it’s like a JV trip. So of course there’s nothing in the Swisher Sweets. But JV athletes like
to grab some cigarillos and just walk into an alley. So it’s me and some homeless
guys and I’m puffing these– (laugh) These filtered Swisher
Sweets with nothing in ’em. So I go to 7-Eleven and try to buy ’em at the Sea Turtle Inn,
you’ve heard this story. – Yeah, Evan– – Right as I try to buy the
Swisher Sweets, the woman, you would have thought I
was trying to rob the 7-11 the way she was like, “Police.” – It was an overreaction. – There was a cop that happened to be, this was my luck, I always got caught. There was a cop that happened
to me in the parking lot and he brought me back to my hotel, but my first trip back
I had a redemption tour. – You did, you did and it
was that Fernandina Beach, they were a good team. And the kid was throwing real hard. And this was testing out the theory of “don’t swing at curve balls.” And so it’s your first at
bat, we’re all wondering how it’s gonna go and he was throwing mid 80s and you hit that thing– – It was mid to high 80s. – Probably.
– To be honest. – It would’ve been 96, 97,
something like that, but– – Good movement. – The kid absolutely mauled it. Hit a complete laser way deep over the lights, into the woods. It was easy for a– – They call it a moon shot. – It was a laser. He hit a lot of balls real hard. – Okay, but my brother was better. – Yeah. – Okay. – Kyle was better. – He had that classic beautiful left-handed swing.
– Ken Griffey. He looked like a big ass Ken
Griffey Junior, but whiter. – Yes, yeah, he had a very good
swing and I’ll never forget, that was your home run. That was a missile that went
450 to the point where– – Could I hit the ball 500 feet? – I think we had this discussion one day in the locker room and I think you could. – Could Kyle hit it 550? – Easy, easy. (laugh) So I don’t wanna take anything away from your home run in Fernandina. – We’re past that. – That kid probably watches it on Sunday and is like, “Yeah, I
gave up that home run.” – I gave up the missile. – Yeah, I gave up the, but anyways, Kyle hit this ball in the state championship
game against Paul VI. And good home runs have landmarks. You hit a parked car
and the alarm goes off. You hit the bull and you get a free steak. So right field had this
huge water tower behind it and Kyle hit this hanging
curve ball between the second and the third
rung of the water tower. So it was like, it was no question that– – So he hit the curve balls? – Yeah, he could hit the curve balls. (laugh)
He hit it, it was no question it was leaving the yard. It was like, “Is it gonna
hit the damn water tower?” So he goes through the second
and third water towers. I know it’s a massive bomb
because I look in the stands and everybody’s got their phone out. (laugh) – What year is this? They had their fuckin’ Razors. (laugh) – Their flip phones. – An LG, yeah. – I look up and everybody’s
taking a picture and everybody’s kinda
shocked, so I’m like, “Dang.” – There’s no way you’re
catching that ball in mid air the way the pixelation was in 2007. – No way, but I think
they were just filming. It was bizarre. So that stuck out. And then it was like once it
went through the water tower it was like over a fence,
into somebody’s yard. I’d love to see the layout of that field because that could’ve
easily been 500 plus. – Oh, yeah, I remember the shot. – Okay, but my favorite
part, the thing that makes the home run even more epic is
that it lands in the backyard of some dudes that were
just grilling on a Saturday. (laugh) – Like they got– (laugh) – So they’re just grilling out there– – They’ve never seen a ball
hit their yard probably? – Probably ever.
– No chance. – Never, and all of a sudden the Big Foot video of, back
in the day when he’s like– (laugh) Then here comes Howie
Long into their backyard. (laugh) And this guy’s like– – To fetch a home run ball. – And this guy’s like, “Hey, man, I think that’s Howie Long.” And you know his buddies
were like, “Dude–” – “What the fuck is
Howie Long doing here?” – And your dad explains it like, “Hey.” – “Howie, do you want some barbecue?” (laugh) – So that’s my favorite is not
only was it a massive bomb, but it includes these
random dudes that are– – That was the most memorable
day for those folks. – I believe so. – Yes, for sure, so also I
wanna admit something before we move onto my current
job as an analyst– – Gotcha. – The day we beat Woodbury in that double header I was hungover. (laugh) – You hit a home run in that game too. – Yeah, I played well hungover. – Yeah, I didn’t know
that, that’s awesome. – Well, now you know. (laugh) We’re past that. – We are past that. – We’re just podcast guys now.
– We have kids, we’re fun. – Yeah, we’ve got kids, we’re
fine, we turned out all right. A few notes here I had as I was watching because I hadn’t watched baseball,
full disclosure I’ve been like Rip Van Winkle with this shit I took a long time off. – I like that analogy.
– It’s not that I don’t like baseball or know baseball, I’ve taken an 11 year nap. It’s the 162 games or
whatever, it’s too much for me, my ADD can’t handle
it, but playoffs are cool. I turned it on the other night in game two, I think it was,
in the top of the seven. – Right. – And they scored 10 runs and I was like, “I can get used to this baseball thing,” so now I’m in, right? – Gotcha. – So I had a few notes. I wanna see what you
thought about my analysis. The first question I had is, “Is baseball the best
sport to take a shit?” (laugh) – Yeah, yeah, especially if you have a bathroom in your dugout. At Stab we had a bathroom in the dugout. – I don’t remember if I went in there and dropped any bombs. (laugh) – But, yeah, I believe it is. You have a whole
half-inning to take a break. – High school diet, that was pre-game was 40 chicken nuggets. – Yeah. – I could go to McDonald’s and eat 40 chicken nuggets and think they were healthy
because it’s chicken. – Yeah, baseball you
basically get time off in between unless you’re hitting. But, yeah, it’s a great sport for that. – What about in the Major Leagues? Do guys in between? And you played collegiate
baseball by the way. He’s not some slouch, he’s a legend. (laugh) – And I’m getting better as time goes on because UVA Baseball’s gotten
better since I was there. – Yeah, so your stock is rising. – It is. – I would say that if you’re
a professional athlete though, your chances of going and dropping a deuce are quite high.
– 100% percent better. – How many people a game in the MLB do you think take
a deuce during games? – It just depends on what
your body clock is, right? – What do you think the city
is that people are taking the most deuces on the road? – Los Angeles. – The food, why? – The late nights. – The late nights. (laugh) – Yeah, I think you can
cut off a little bit. – Is Bumgarner an asshole? – No, so I don’t think so, so– – He seems like sensitive guy pitcher which is not a thing I’m– – I think with a name like Bumgarner you’ve gotta be a nice guy. – Okay, but what about him being sensitive about every time somebody makes a play and so much as watches the ball? That’s the thing I
don’t get about baseball is all of the unwritten rules. – Yeah, but the unwritten
rules make it great. – Okay. – Seriously, the unwritten rules, the game kinda polices themselves. I kinda like the unwritten rules. – Is there one you think that should go? ‘Cause a pitcher, he strikes somebody out he can fuckin’ pump his arm,
scream at the camera and shit. Somebody hits a dinger– – Fair, you get beaned. – You get beaned. – Fair. – Then you go to fight the
guy and everybody runs out. I do like the baseball fights. The guy for the Reds– This summer, he was impressive. – I feel like there are some moments. There was when David Justice first charged the mound and was the first
guy to throw the helmet. – He was the first one? – He was the first one that I remember that used the helmet
as a weapon, I thought. And that’s upping this game,
that’s upping the game. There was a AAA game once
I saw where typically what happens is where the
hitter rushes the pitcher and the catcher’s right there holding back and the run never happens.
– Right, which is always a, it’s a front. – So in a AAA game this
guy was like, he drops the bat turns around, drills
the catcher to knock him down– – I saw that. – Before he goes and I was like, “That’s
upping the game too,” right? – Oh, that’s a good video. – And them my other third
favorite fight was the, I forget who it was. Some pitcher or somebody
tried to karate kick somebody and completely missed and fell on it. That was another good one. – I liked Nolan Ryan
putting that guy in a– – Oh, Ventura. – A headlock. – Yeah, it was like, “Don’t
come after your dad.” – That actually, I actually
legitimately I don’t believe that a lot of baseball players can kick people’s asses
functionally out in the world. Nolan Ryan has– – Old man strength. – Whooped a couple people’s asses. – And I remember Sports
Center back in the day, they were like, “One,
two,” they counted ’em out. – That’s good.
– It was like seven straight to the head.
– That’s the way it should be. – It should. – I think it’s like hockey. It’s so funny how we get up
in arms about these fights in every other sport, but we
just let it happen in hockey. We actually like it,
it’s part of the game. – Right.
– I think we should make it part of the game in baseball. Caesar Rodney, how would
he do in a baseball fight? – You mean Rodney for the Natis? – Yeah, he’s my favorite player. – With the side-cocked hat. – Yeah, I love it. He’s 43– (laugh) He has the side-cocked hat at 43.
– He’s older than us. – I love it. He’s actually in my notes here. “What is the deal with Caesar Rodney?” – So he’s an old guy that’s
been around the league forever. It seems like he’s
playing for lots of teams. Personally when I watch the
Nats he gives me a lot of stress and I feel like it’s
either a really good inning or a very, very bad ending and the other night he had
a very, very bad inning. I think he walked two, gave up a single, and a grand slam, something like that. That’s an outing. – [Chris] That’s the
bad inning right there. The last time I cried in the middle of a sports game was
little league, I think, in the middle of it. I cried after a game,
but I totally bitched up on the mound on my 12 year old year. They were doing the county fair behind
McIntyre little league. – Oh, yeah. – Craig Builders lit me up for that type of Caesar Rodney inning. – Oh, yeah. – And you know, the crying on the mound thing in little
league is a real thing. – It is a real thing. – You know, if you’re
gonna coach little league at some point, how do you deal with kids that cry on the mound? – You’ve just gotta go give ’em a hug. – Give ’em a hug? – The one thing about
baseball that is hard is it is a team sport, but
when you’re pitching– – Right. – Or when you’re hitting– – Right.
– It’s just you or if you’re playing third base and the ball is hit to
you and you kick it. – At corner. – Yeah–
– Is what they call it– – In the biz, yeah. It’s a very isolating sport. When you strike out it’s not like the safety didn’t come help you in the– – Exactly. – You struck out. – Yeah, it was just you. – Yeah, and you gotta own that. If you’re pitching and you give up a massive home run, it’s
like, “Yeah, I did that.” So it’s very isolating and so I think that that puts a lot of pressure on people. – So baseball is hard for me looking at it because in football, like you said, we share a lot of the blame. In baseball, all eyes are on you. You’ve gotta have some big
balls to play baseball. What’s the easiest position
though, in the bigs? If you had a dream job, lowest pressure? – DH. – DH? – I think so. Some people would say that
mentally you’ve gotta be able to shake off the bad at
bat in between innings, but DH, you’re only hustling
if you hit the ball. I think that’s probably the easiest job. – Okay, some more things
I had in my notes here. – Is Altuve afraid of the ball? He has a elbow guard and a shin
guard, what happened to him? – So while you were asleep
I feel like the padding for hitters has become a thing. All these hitters have these– – You never used to do that. – No, I get it. The guys that get hit
in the face that have the extra jaw piece, right? I think Stein back in the
80s was one of the first– – Or Rude, and he had the. – Right, I feel like if
you got your jaw broken in half and busted.
– You have an excuse. – Yeah, that extra piece is fine. But you’ve got the shin guards,
you’ve got the elbow guards, so as a pitcher I think it
would bother me that they have all of that armor because they’re basically making
themselves more comfortable on the inside part of the plate. And as a pitcher you
probably don’t like that. You want ’em to be uncomfortable with the inside part of the plate. – I think it’s kind of a bitch move. – I kind of agree. – Okay, Altuve also caught a
grounder on his knees down 11-2 in the eighth, I think
it was, during game two of the World Series. Joba creamed himself and said, “It’s 11-2 “and Altuve’s still playing hard.” How fucking hard is that? – It’s not.
– To hit your knees and catch a ground ball. – It’s not hard, it’s not. – Okay. – But I think the bigger issue is as an announcer, like
you said 162 games– – You gotta keep it fresh. – And it’s 11-2, what are you gonna, it was a few nights ago, it was the game– – Nice play by Altuve. Way not to screw that up. There’s ways, there’s different, the way they call baseball games, by the way, it’s basically a podcast. – Yeah. – They basically fill 30 seconds gaps in between everything with just banter. – Yes, but baseball doesn’t
have a time, a clock, right? In football you can run it out. In baseball, what do you do if it’s 11-2? You’ve gotta come up with something. – Yeah, and on the field, you’re kinda like, “Why are we out here?” Nine runs in an inning,
it’s not happening, I wanna go the fuck home. At least when you play
football and you’re down 40, you could be physically embarrassed, you could be mortally wounded,
so you have to survive. I know that for a fact
because we were down 40 a lot in St. Louis which we talked
about earlier in the show, but yeah, in baseball,
what’s the motivation? It’s like, dude, I don’t
have to survive out here. I’m gonna take my ass home. – Well, I think nobody
wants to make an error and there are people that
enjoy a blowout, right? Like hitters that are having a stat day. – Yeah. – They’re having a great day. – It’s like past rushers
late in the game– (laugh)
With a lead. – Pretty much.
– They smell blood. – Another thing is I
saw a guy hit a home run and run really fast around
the bases for the nationals. – Yeah. – And they freaked out. I though they were gonna, sports
science, like John Brenkus. Like, “How the fuck? “He’s a lead athlete. “Look at him sprint around the bases.” What is the most athletic
thing somebody does on a baseball field? Because I never see, I see outfielders getting top speed, that’s impressive. What’s something people don’t think about that’s a really athletic play? – So I think some of
the most athletic plays are when you have the short stop and the second baseman trying to field the ball to their off-hand side. You’ve got a second baseman
running towards center field, left field, and you’ve got a short stop running towards third
and they’ve gotta stop and throw across their body hard enough to throw a professional athlete out. I think the Jeter plays
back when he was jumping, and spinning, and throwing, I think those are some of the most athletic plays. To throw with nothing
behind it, all arm strength and your body strength is
going the other way, I think that’s pretty awesome.
– How do older guys in baseball not tear their
hamstring, like explode it? Because no disrespect
to a catcher in the MLB, but he’s probably not an elite athlete when it comes to sprinting. He’s not there ’cause he’s a sprinter. So you get a base hit, maybe catcher’s not the best one, some guy who’s
been sitting there cold on the bench whether
you’ve been playing or not. And then you try to run out a grounder, how do you not explode your hamstring? – I have no idea, honestly. There was a guy I played with in Virginia who that was his thing. He just kept popping his hamstring over and over again, I don’t know. – It’s not ’cause he was fast. – There were other people that
were fast that didn’t blow their hamstrings out, but I’m
totally with you on that one. I don’t know how they do it. And in fact if you look
at baseball injuries, most of the baseball injuries happen when people aren’t running
in a straight line. Baseball’s a very straight line sport. Most of the injuries happen when people– – It’s the fastest distance
between two points. – Right, let’s analyze.
– I’m serious. – It is, I know, I agree. (laugh) I agree. – Suzuki, what’s this guy’s deal, man, because I listened to the announcers the other night I had written in my notes “backhanded compliment?” They basically shit on
him for 35 seconds after he did something good. And then the complement at the end was he’s a
stone in Verlander’s shoe. – Yeah, I don’t get that. I don’t think he’s a
pebble on Verlander’s ass. – Oh, so you– – I don’t think Suzuki– – He’s sub stone. – Yeah, he’s sub stone. – Jesus. – He hit a home run
and they gave him a lot of credit for it, but– – They didn’t give him any credit. They proceeded to talk
about everything he’s bad at for a whole minute and
then they called him a stone in Verlander’s shoe which is the worst compliment
you could give somebody. – I didn’t know that was a compliment. – What did Suzuki do
to y’all baseball fans? – I just think baseball fans want people they can count on and I don’t see it. – What’s up with people
filling out the score cards? – Yeah, you mean at the games? – Yeah, did every one of
’em do it with their dad when they were a kid? Is it a dad thing? – I don’t know, so I know
a lot of people that like to bring a score book to
the game and they do it, and it makes them happy. I don’t understand that. I played baseball, I get it,
but keeping score is the thing, like at my kids game they’re like, “Will someone keep score?” And I’m like– – Yeah, it sucks.
– Fine, I’ll do it. – You wanna check your phone. – Right.
– You can admit it. – Yeah, and I’m like– – I don’t think your kids
are listening to this. – They might, Lucy might. So I don’t get it. It feels likes it’s taken
away a lot of the other stuff with your head down, keeping
track of pitches, and all that. I don’t understand it,
but it makes people happy. – Why is Frank Thomas
doing boner commercials? – I guess ’cause he’s got low T. It’s hard– – Is there any difference between a testosterone commercial and a boner commercial?
– I’m trying to give him some credit. It’s hard to watch. He was such a stud back in the day. – He’s still a stud. That’s the whole point of the– – But it’s like he needs supplements to be the same stud he was. – It looks like an intro
to a Brazzers scene. – It’s hard to watch. I was a big Frank Thomas guy for a little bit.
– Hey, ladies. (laugh) Just sitting at the coffee shop, just a hall of famer in a coffee shop. Are you guys having trouble
with your husbands right now? (laugh) – Yeah, it’s hard to watch, hard to watch. – It is hard to watch, but
baseball is not hard to watch. I’m gonna keep watching it. – I think you’re onto something. – I am onto something and
I want you to come back and talk baseball with me– – Any time.
– On a regular basis. Eric McGrane, former athlete, current dad. Current friend of the program. Thank you, Eric.
– Thank you. – [Man] Well, okay, this
year I was at the Iron Bowl. – [Chris] Okay. – [Man] And I saw where they put a Sam Newton jersey on
Bear Bryant’s statue. – [Chris] Okay, and again
that’s 20 years later. – [Man] Okay, well, let
me tell you what I did. The weekend after the Iron
Bowl I went to Auburn, Alabama because I lived 30 miles
away and I poisoned the two tulip trees. (laugh) – [Chris] Okay, well, that’s fair. – [Man] I put Spike 80DF in ’em. – [Chris] Did they die? – [Man] What? – [Chris] Did they die? – [Man] They’re not dead yet, but they– – [Chris] They will. – [Man] They definitely will die. – [Chris] Is that against
the law to poison a tree? – [Man] You think I care? – [Chris] No. – [Man] Okay, I really
don’t, roll the damn tide. – Do you think I care? I really don’t. I do care about the guest we had today my dear friend,
Memphis, Tennessee Native, six foot five, 310 pounds,
three time national champion in Alabama, that is criminal,
Outland trophy winner in 2011 and played with me in St. Louis. But most importantly a dad, a future dad. Barrett Jones, congratulations and welcome to the Green Light show. – Well, thanks, Chris, glad to be on and you’re a big reason
I’m out of the NFL, so my poor child won’t
be able to probably eat because you beat me so
many times in practice. – That is screwed up that
you would do that to me, bro. Well, you know what he
could do is he or she, your child could get some
of that booster money that’s gonna trickle down, maybe from some of the Bama players that are getting paid about
$30,000, $40,000 a year. – I had to take a pay cut when I went into the NFL just because of all the booster money I was
getting that Harvey Updyke was funneling through the university. – The whole damn time. – So the NFL was
basically like food stamps for me after my college experience. – That’s true and the
NFL was a big come up for me because we did not
get any handouts at Virginia. And obviously we’re all joking here for people who are comedically lacking. I wanna get right into the… Well, first off, are you gonna name the kid Ally Bama like Harvey Updyke? – Either Ally Bama or Krimson with a K. That’s my two options. (laugh) I think we’re leaning Ally Bama, but we’re also, if it’s a
boy, we’re thinking, my name is Barrett, but we’re
just thinking Bear after of course, the Bears. – Yeah, or something like just saving– – There’s a lot of name options available. Big Al, that’s another one. That’s the name of our mascot. – Oh, yeah, there are a lot of options. One name that I think you should throw in the pot and I was gonna ask you about right off the bat was Tua. Tua is as electric a player. I don’t know about you, he
reminds of Russel Wilson which is obviously high praise from anybody who we’d compare him. The injury, we think it’s gonna
effect him, we’re not sure. What do you see from them down the line? And what do you see for
Tua and his draft stock? – Well, I watched a lot of
college football this year. I’ve thankfully gotten the
chance on ESPN to call a lot of great games and I think Tua, in that passing offense to me is by far the most dominant
unit in college football. Tua is incredible in the way he gets the ball out of his hands so quickly. And the accuracy with which
he does it is unparalleled, but I think, let’s not forget
that receiving core too. You’ve got Jerry Junie,
Henry Ruds, Devante Smith, Jaylen Waddle, they have four dudes who are just straight up play makers. They can really beat you at man to man. Tua’s ankle, look at the ankle sprain. You probably had one for– – You remember the famous
low damn high I had. Yeah, I know all about it. – They’re a bear, but I
don’t know if you know this, but this whole new tight rope procedure. That’s the big thing right
now is this new surgery. And I will say one thing because Alabama they have everything great. They have incredible
doctors, and James Andrews and his whole team are down there with Lyle Kane and Norman Walger. They invent a lot of the
surgeries that people do and they’ve had a lot of
success in this tight rope deal. I will say this about Tua. I love Tua, I think he’s
an incredible player. He doesn’t play quite as well historically when he’s a little beat up. That’s just the MO on him. He gets hit a little bit. He sprained his ankle early in the FCC championship game, didn’t play as well in that game. So when he doesn’t feel
100%, sometimes he has a tough time battling through that. So that’s certainly
something to keep an eye on because I think LSU without
Tua there’s no doubt that they’re a much
better team than Alabama. So they’re gonna need
full strength in order to win that game. – Well, it’s like the
Patrick Mahomes thing. People asked why he was
struggling to throw the deep ball at times this season and
some things were dropping off and you’re like, “Well,
it’s an ankle injury, “but a lot of a thrower’s mechanics come “from the bottom up.” And that ankle, you hear
quarterbacks talk about it all the time, it depends on if it’s
the plant leg or otherwise, when you see a guy like
Mack Jones come in, and I would’ve been surprised that they had put up 40 plus points. I know they have great
players, I know they have a great system, but
did you see this coming from this kid individually who played lights out on Saturday? – Well, he played really well, but let’s just pump the
brakes a hair, right? Arkansas is historically
bad as far as SEC goes. And I hate to be negative about Arkansas and Chad Morris, and I
hope they get things headed in the right direction– – [Chris] Do you really? – But they are a… Well, no, not really, but
they were a very bad team. So I think Mack came in
and executed the offense, and played well and did a nice job, and look, I’m not anti-Mack down the road. I’m just gonna tell ya
that I’ve seen enough of Mack to know that he may
eventually be a good player, but I think too highly of LSU this year. I think LSU right now is the most complete team in the country. – Yeah. – So I think without Tua, if
Mac is playing the majority of the game, LSU will win the football game probably
by two touchdowns. – Well, that’s a bet I’d probably take. I’d probably take Bama if
they’re getting 14 points. It would be too– – I understand.
– It would be too enticing. You look at Joe Brady and
LSU, the job he’s done, what’s the over under,
I’ll set the over under at 40 years until he’s a head coach. Do you take the under or the over? – I’m taking the under for sure. The trend right now is just to hire anyone who, Sean McVay
really started all of this. Sean McVay, it was his whole deal that, “Hey, let’s go out “and hire some young quarterback coach,” and it really worked out well. So now you see guys all over
the NFL and it’s creeping into the college game that you
wanna hire a quarterback mind. I’m a big believer that there’s
really only a few people in football that really
understand how to coach the quarterback position. – [Chris] Yes, amen, amen.
– I think everyone assumes, they just assume, like, “Oh, this guy, he’s a good play collar. “Surely he knows how
to coach quarterbacks.” But most people don’t. A lot of coordinators come from a receiver background or a tight end. Some of ’em come from
quarterback backgrounds, but there’s really only a few guys that understand how to detail and coach up the quarterback position. And when you find a guy
like that they’re rare and that’s why usually they ascend to head coaching jobs pretty quickly. And I think in order to
really be great these days, especially in college football
with the emphasis on how the rules are, and the fact that you can go three yards
down the field in RPO. You have to have a dominant quarterback. You have to have a
really good quarterback. I think the days of a ball control game
manager quarterback national championship are really over. I really do. And that’s hard for me to say because I’m a Bama guy and we’ve won some national
championships that way. But I think in order to– – Yeah, you were screaming at
your quarterback over there. You were like, “Stop managing the game.” I remember that whole clip. – I was, I was like,
“Quit managing the game “and go out there and make some plays.” No, that’s a whole different story. I (muffled speaking) believe. – So you’re not mad at
LSU leapfrogging y’all in the standings. – Not at all. – We’ve talked about that. You think they’re a better
team other than Tua– – We talked about the ones like that, it doesn’t matter, ultimately, but they have three top ten wins. And I know those teams aren’t currently in the top 10 necessarily, but with three top 10 wins
they absolutely deserve to be. But again, it doesn’t matter. It’s all gonna be settled on the field and it should be fun to watch. – Especially for two teams
that are on a collision course. And you look at that playoff picture. Who do you see sliding in those four slots at the end of the year? – Well, that’s a great question. I think right now the Big 12 are in some serious trouble just based on what happened this past weekend. And I actually think the LSU-Alabama game has some really interesting implications. Let’s just say hypothetically
that LSU loses. Because of those three top 10
wins I think they would be in a great spot to slide back
in that number four position. Right now, Clemson, I know
there’s a lot of noise about Clemson and they almost
lost to North Carolina. Look, I’m just gonna
tell ya, people forget, this thing is too corporately paced and there’s too much money involved. If someone goes undefeated
in a Power 5 conference, you can just book it, they
are gonna be in the playoffs. – Especially the team
with a track record like them in the playoffs. – Correct, and especially
a defending champion. There’s no keeping them. So Clemson I think they’re
pretty much automatic. Then let’s just say whoever
wins the Alabama-LSU game that they’re able to get past the Georgia and the SC
championship, I like them. And then I like Ohio State, man. I think Ohio State is a really complete
football team as well. Really, I called them earlier this year and they’ve gotten so
much better on defense. Justin Fields is playing well. He’s still got a little ways to go, but that running game is dynamic,
the O-line’s playing well, they’ve got a ton of
talent in that secondary. Ohio State to me, I think this is a really fun
year of college football. Not that the last few
years haven’t been fun, but pretty much within reason we’ve tried to talk ourselves out of it. The last few years we basically knew it was probably gonna
be Alabama and Clemson. I don’t feel that way this year. Now it could end up being those two teams, but I really feel like Ohio State, LSU, maybe even throw in Oklahoma. I think (muffled speaking) is pretty good. Penn State, that’ll be
an interesting game. There’s some really good football teams this year so I can’t wait to
see how it all shakes out. – We can all thank our lucky
stars that Notre Dame got beat because no one wants to
see them in the playoffs. Do you think it needs
to go to eight though? – It’s a great question. I’ll say right now, and I actually got a chance a few weeks ago. I went to do this thing
called the Mock Committee, they let ESPN guys do. And you go up there and
you’re in the actual room, and you go through, and you pick it up. It’s a tough process. – I’m sure. – There’s a lot more that goes
into it than people realize, but currently I love the
buzz around four and five. I think back to Ohio State
or Oklahoma a few years ago, there’s just so much buzz over who that fourth team’s gonna be. I don’t think there’ll be quite
the same buzz between eight and nine, so I think
it’s good for the sport when that’s really,
there’s pretty much usually that’s all anyone’s talking about. Even look back at the first year where you had Ohio State,
Baylor, and TCU all in one loss. It creates a great buzz. So I like it at four, I don’t like adding another game either. Do I think it will ultimately go to eight? I do because again, at the end of the day, like Jay Mueller says,
there’s too much money, too much money.
– Yeah, too much money. Well, not enough money, that’s what Jay says, “Not enough money, obviously,”
sarcastically, yeah. – They can add another game
and make money off of it. And especially every
Power 5 conferences get their champion in. I think that makes too much sense. They’ll probably do it. But I actually like the format. I think it’s a lot of
fun the way it is just to battle over four or five. It makes it a little
more interesting to me. I would be against automatic bids. If they did go to eight,
that to me would be up some kind of five loss–
– I agree. – Etc., garbage team like
Virginia get in there. – We’d like to keep the
Pac-12 completely out of it. – We’d like to keep the
Pac-12 completely out of it. I wouldn’t like that, but I think it ultimately will change
because again there’s just, Chris, I’m a business guy and
the whole thing to me is nuts. What other business can, the Alabama football team for example. I’m gonna round off the numbers here, but what other business can
you spend about $50 million, that’s about what they spend on the program which is a
bunch to make $100 million. They’re clearing $50 million– – I think selling cocaine would be it. – That’s probably it. It’s a great deal, right? But eventually all that money, they’re gonna find a
way to get another game. And I’m a capitalist and I get it. That’s just the reality of the situation. – Yeah, well, they could have
my money if they go to eight. I love the parity, I love the volume. That’s why I love college
football over pro football. So we’ll see what happens there. Before I let you go, everybody here on set is like, “Hey, we’ve been
talking about saving.” There’s gotta be, Mick, did you have a question about saving because I couldn’t think of one? – [Make] Barret, it’s a simple question. Is or is not Nick Saban fueled by Little Debbie Oatmeal cream pies. – Did you hear the question? Maken said– – I could hear him–
Maken said is or is not Nick Saban fueled by Little Debbie cream pies? – Oh, that is very true. He is very much fueled by
those every single morning. Has one on the drive
in, Nick Saban, here’s what you’ve gotta
understand about him, right? We could do a whole ‘nother
show on Nick Saban– – Well, I’d like to talk about Nick Saban. – He is the most consistent
human being on our– – Yeah. – Seriously, that’s part of
what makes Alabama so great. He is so consistent. He does pretty much the
same thing everyday. He’s very routine, pattern oriented, and yes, part of that pattern and routine is that he has a
Little Debbie pie every day. This is a funny quick anecdote
just about how consistent. He doesn’t like all the
celebrating and everything. And I remember after 2011 when they won the national championship,
had not even had the parade yet, he calls a team meeting and he says, “All right,
guys, congratulations “on a great season. “You guys played well, “but I don’t wanna hear
one more person mention “the 2011 season. “We’re on the 2012.” We’re ripping the rear view
mirror off, we’re really pumped, we’re gonna repeat back to back champs because the last time this happened in ’09, we
had a terrible year in ’10. We’re not gonna let that happen again. So I know we have the
parade in a few days, but after that I don’t want anyone else to mention this season again. And he’s so consistent. He just wants to get in there and grind. – That’s like Belichick, yeah. – He’s very much like Belichick. He’s one of their good buddies. I think people think he’s
miserable and he’s unhappy. I think that’s a false narrative. He’s never happier than practice. He loves practice every
day, he’s skipping around. – And I’ll be assuming
they practice a lot. – Yeah, they do practice a lot. I’m still trying to figure out where our off day that was compliance. (laugh) ‘Cause we practiced on Monday
unlike everybody else– – That’s why they paid y’all
the big bucks, Barrett. – That’s why we got paid so
much by these boosters, man, big time.
– Well, we appreciate having you, man. And congratulations
again on becoming a dad. I think you’re gonna make a wonderful dad. We hope to have you back soon on the show. – Well, it’ll be fun and I know
it’ll be a nervous few days for you because you’re
such a big baseball fan, so good luck to you on that.
– Yeah, and I gotta get through the World Series. Hey, roll the damn Hoos, baby. I’ll talk to you later. (laugh) – All right, roll tight, Chris. (laugh) (upbeat rock music)
(crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) (laugh) – What the fuck was that? I’m pretty sure that was probably the most unsafe zip line operating in America was the zip line at
that stadium in Jacksonville. I think that’s kinda fucked up, Jags. I hope somebody pees in
that big, fancy pool. Oh, wait, it happens every single week. So, Darnold, Mic’d Up, Ghost Gate, mono, all that stuff runs together. That was the story last week. I don’t think it’s a big story. I think he did a great job with it. I think he shrugged it off. I like somebody who’s confident enough to say they were having a bad game. And this guy’s so
innocent, this Sam Darnold. I love him, he’s so pure. I actually, usually, as a
mono survivor I know this. In college I was stricken with mono during my freshman season. People usually accuse you of making out with people at the bar. I don’t think that’s what
happened with Darnold. I think it could’ve been a drink. I actually believe the guy. I actually believe him. I was only mic’d up twice in my career. I believe in not being mic’d
up but there can be a lot of fun had when others are mic’d up. And I always made sure I had fun. – Oh, how are you? Yeah, you’re right.
– No, I’m mic’d up. – Oh, okay. (crowd cheering in the background) Did you get that rash cleared up, the one that you were asking me about, the topical ointment, the
one right next to your– (laugh) – Yeah, that’s the oldest trick in the book, see somebody mic’d up, go ask them about their herpes
rash that they don’t have. It’s a joke for any of
you people out there who don’t get humor. (laugh) Just talking rashes. Nothing wrong with it. Again, nobody in the NFL has a rash, it’s just something I ask
anybody who’s mic’d up. I’ve asked countless
teammates about their rashes. And Jank had fun with it too. So the Sooner Schooner. A lot has developed since
the video went viral. They’re shutting down this
Oregon Trail-like wagon. Oh, CT, boom. Tau protein, I can joke about
it because I’m at risk for it. The Roughnecks, man, they took a spill. That’s what they call the
male cheerleaders there. I don’t know why they call them that. I think there’s a little
stolen valor there because those are the guys on oil rigs. Not the first time they
had a spill though, and again shut down for the
season, 1993 against Colorado. That’s when the Roughnecks
were really Roughnecks. That’s AstroTurf, bursitis
at the very least. You’ve got people getting
the structural integrity of their knees checked out. Yeah, I think that guy blew
everything in his knee out. They were a lot tougher back then. Of course UVA, full disclosure
had a mascot disaster. This is Cav Man, this is back
when we weren’t a power house, when we were on ESPNU,
nearly impaling himself with his saber, hopefully it was fake. Cav Man is a personal friend, name drop. He used to run his horses on his farm. He is a good dude. I’m not trying to dox him, but we don’t do that ESPNU shit anymore in Virginia, not under Broncos watch. And then this guy showed up again. (laugh) I love this dude. There he is, it’s the Bill
Burr, Johnny Sins, lovechild right there in a wholesome-esque, middle of America Chevy commercial that keeps showing up every Sunday night and I caught it with my cell phone. You know who didn’t catch it? The folks at Chevy. I’m glad that they are living clean and they don’t know the work of Mr. Sins. If you do get this
segment you are a pervert. If you don’t get it, do not Google who Johnny Sins is, stop right there. That also reminded of
a fact that I wondered about before thinking about Bill Burr and his New England accent. They don’t hire adult
performers, film actors, and actresses with New England
accents, they don’t. (laugh) Harder. (laugh) Harder. (laugh) I can’t do it. Before you sit in a casting
couch they ask you if you’re from something that ends in borough or something like a hingham,
or a Lowell, Massachusetts. If you hear any of those birthplaces, they just send you back out and you don’t even get to
sit on the casting couch. They ask you if you’re a
Patriots fan, you can’t sit on the casting couch, it just
doesn’t work in that industry. You can’t have a New
England accent, not sexy. So we have a lot of
stuff going on in Chalk. We have a DJ premiere interview
that dropped last Saturday. If you haven’t seen it on my
very own interview show called the Fishbowl, just check it out. – The first time we finally
met in person I came to your game when you played with Philly, and you texted me from inside because I had shopped with Nicole. – Yeah, Nicole Woody. – Yeah, Nicole Woody and you
say, “Hey, be by the end zone “because we’re gonna
come out and warm up.” So I see you come out and
y’all is hype that day. Y’all played the Broncos which shout out to my boy, John Cleary, who I brought with me because he’s Broncos and he didn’t wanna show
the jersey, but he– – Not in Philly, that’s not
a place you wanna wear it. – He had the jersey on, but
he had a green hoodie over it so that you wouldn’t see it. He’s die hard, he wanted
to meet John Elway so bad, but all of a sudden you see Elway walking and he’s like the president. They’re walking with him
like if he’s the service. – I remember that because
he was on the sideline. He’s got 15 suits with him. – Yeah, and he’s just like,
“Damn, man, I wanna see “if I can go say, ‘Hi,’ to him.” I said, well, do it now because the game hasn’t
started, maybe you can and he went over there
and he said he got scared. So he comes back–
– Did he really? – And right when he comes back, Bismark, he goes, “Oh, what are you doing–” – Dude, he’s always there. – And me and Biz go way back. – I always wanted to say, “Hi,” to him, but I was like–
– Now that’s my guy. – Fuck, I don’t wanna come up to him– – Nah, he’s super cool. And he’s like, “What are you doing here?” I said, “I’m with Chris Long.” “How do you know Chris?” I was like, “Oh, man–” – So he knew who I was. – Yeah.
– Fuck yeah, that’s cool. – He’s definitely down with sports. So then we see you and I’m like, “Maybe you’ll say, ‘What’s up?'” No, you’re in the moment and the game’s getting ready to start. And right when you see me you come over to me and I’m thinking we’re
just gonna do a little– – Yeah. – You ram into me like if I had the ball. – Yeah. (laugh) And I’m just like, I’ve
always had strong legs so if I didn’t lock up I
woulda been on the ground because–
– I’m on a lot of coffee. – I woulda been on the ground ’cause you hit me like, with pads. – My teammates say that I can
get a little over the top. – I told all my friends, I
said, “Yo, when I met Chris, “I’m thinking he’s just gonna give me a little, you know, a– – No, bro, we’re brothers.
– Hug. – I want you to feel the game day energy. – I felt it. – You want the full experience. – Now I know what an NFL hit feels like. – So Primo got the NFL experience. That’s me on seven cups of
coffee before a game at the Link. It is dangerous, don’t get in my way. That was another life,
this is the new life. Check back with us Friday. Green Light will be back on. Heading into your weekend we
will talk about a whole lot of different stuff including an upcoming Fish Bowl interview,
the dub tails nicely off that preview with a special guest that I will surprise you with Friday. Have a great week. (beep) So what did I fuck up today, Make? You’ve been correcting me for
how long now, about 25 years? – [Make] 25, 30 years. You posited that the
2013 Rams-Titans score was 26-3 or 26-23, it was 28-21 CTE, Lore Nidus, nine tackles and a sack, Hot Rod McCleod, Virginia,
seven tackles and a pick. Kendall Langford, two
sacks, William Hayes, a sack in that game. Chris Long, one tackle. – Had a lot of hits though. Roll that tape back. Maybe I need to justify myself. – Pro football reference has QB hits one. – Oh, yeah. – A singular QB.
– I think they missed that. I’m gonna bring the tape in Friday. What else did I fuck up? – And I wanted to give the
first and only shout out of this pod to Fernando
Rodney because you referred to him as Caesar Rodney, an officer of the Delaware Militia during the French and Indian War
and the American Revolution. – Yeah, well, all I asked was, “What was up with Caesar Rodney?” (laugh) Whatever, motherfucker. (laugh)

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