NFL 49ers Observers See Weaknesses In Links Of The Seahawks Chain

Niners! Are you enjoying your summer? I hope so! We are just a few days away from the camp
opening, and now we’re going to find out who’s going to make the cut! That’s exciting. The fact of the matter is we are just a little bit away, away from opening
night. We get a little bit of relief as we get to
see the games in preseason, and that’s hot. Did you see though, the article in Sports Illustrated just the
other day? From 1 to 100 the NFL’s best players of all time within the Superbowl era listed by their jersey
number. And did we shine up and down that list! starting with number 8, Steve Young. Number 16, the GOAT, Joe Montana, the other GOAT Jerry Rice. And they give this write up on each and every player that just
gives you goose bumps, cause you knew, but the way they write it up it just makes it sound like they were just defined as being just awesome! Loved it! Check that article out when you get a chance. I went back a little while later though. I wanted to check and see if there was anybody from the Emerald City
being represented. No, not, not, not, not! You see Hawks fans this is why when you always ask us the same question, Why do you guys always bring up those dusty
old trophies. Because we can. You see, we are entrenched in a glorious tradition that you can’t relate, I mean because you can’t reflect on it. I am sorry that’s just the way it is. We are striving now to grab the elite of the elite which are the Pittsburg Steelers. They are sitting on top of the heap. What we want to do is catch them, get them in a Superbowl, and win it. That’s the way it works. You guys don’t enter into the conversation
right now. Sorry about that. And, your throwback jerseys that you don’t
have, this is another joke. You don’t have any throwback jerseys because.. going back to 2011 does not constitute as throwback time. In fact most of you weren’t even Seahawks
fans before that year. This is why we consider you a joke. So please don’t get mad, just get better. And also you Oakland Raider fans that jumped
on that bandwagon, I guess you’re going to have to get off
soon because the Seahawks are going down, and more about that in a minute. But I want to ask you one more question though. Remember Torrey Smith just a couple of weeks ago. Torrey was quoted as saying: The media knows nothing about us. Didn’t realize how telling that statement
was, but when you think about it, they really don’t. The media dwells on the players that retired, they dwell on players that have went to free
agency. They know nothing about the players that are
coming up to sign up with the 49ers that have been in rookie status. They say nothing more about acquisitions the
49ers just made. It’s all about what they know. This is why Smith’s statement hit me so
hard. Did you, you checked that out right? See this is why, I’m looking forward to this season. And also most of the media people don’t know what
they’re talking about anyway. Beyond Daniel Jeremiah, Greg Cosell, and my boy Chris Simms, there is nobody else. Ronbo! Hey! I’m feeling you on that matter. You know?! I was just over checking BSPN checked the pages of all the teams in the
west. Yeah all of them running features on the
respective teams, and spotlighting players. Yeah! Click on over to the Niners page and the first thing you see is Bret Farve! I know! Bret Favre! Yes! Ok Bret was good, Uh huh! but how about putting Bret on the Packers
page? Thank you! Ronbo they use the 49ers page for running NFC west Q&A’s and running matters regarding the Seahawks almost every day! I know! It’s not I’m serious! I know, I know! They use the Niners page as a multi purpose
page! We ain’t go get no love till we show these folks something bruh! I know. We may as well laugh about it for now. I know Time is coming though Ronbo! I know Don’t let it get you man, Yeah Keep your head up. We’ll be alright. We’re going to win this year, you know this. Alright, I’ll be back in a little bit Alright, I’ll wait for you. Yeah, you see this is the thing, Niner fans, in fact I want to talk to you about this right
now, let us explore the myth of the Seahawks being invincible. It’s a joke. Lets go to the cam right now. Today we go to Sonoma county where Jesse awaits to encourage the Niner
fam, as I love to do each and every week. There is no reason to believe that we are
not involved in the Super Bowl hunt this year. It’s a myth, it’s a joke. Jess hello! How’s it going? And Jess my pet peeve, what is this stuff about the Hawks being untouchable, absolutely unbeatable? They even go as far to say, the only team that will be rep’d out of
the NFC west is the Seattle Seahawks. Please Jess, help me with this! Well I mean they’re, they’re on their high horse right
now, all because of.. they felt like they got Jimmy Graham that they’re just going to tear it up again. I mean but they also gave up Max Unger, in part of getting Jimmy Graham. They lost a few pieces on defense as well. I mean Byron Maxwell, that’s a pretty big
piece. I know they did sign some veteran guys as well to replace him. But they lost like Malcolm Smith, and like I said before Max Unger. I mean that’s a big hole in the center for
them. With them should’ve been eliminated from
the playoffs last year. I mean they easily, like I said they’ve
got, they could easily lost against the Panthers. The definitely should have lost against the
Packers, I mean like I said that catch that they made was
just beyond ridiculous. I mean that’s, that’s rare. I mean that doesn’t happen every time. So I don’t see them having that luck again. I mean I just don’t think it. I don’t see it, especially with St. Louis, and Arizona in this division as well. I mean they have some pieces too. But I don’t expect Seattle to even win the
division this year. And lets face it Jess the trauma, and nobody going to talk about
it, and the Hawks certainly aren’t going to
acknowledge it. The trauma of that embarrassing loss in the
Superbowl. These things linger, they, they eat away at a certain part of you, it takes a little while to recover. Took us 2 seasons, last year we suffered from the year before last, we suffered coming out of the Superbowl year, because we lost in a very foolish fashion
as well, I don’t like to talk about that, but it’s true, but it did have an effect on our next season. Alex Boone coming in the next season talking about I need more money. Vernon Davis coming in, he has a problem. These things are the same things the Hawks are going through this season. Michael Bennet’s talking about, well you know I like to stay at home anyways
so you know, so they call Michael Bennet back in and say Michael we’re going to give you your money
please stop clowning around. And then you have your boy Russel! Exactly, that’s what I was going to say
next. -I was going to factor that.
-You can say it right now, go ahead, what do you think about that? I mean well, the latest thing I.. you know I Keep reading about is that it’s no where close to a deal, that he says that as soon as he steps on the
field he doesn’t want to talk about contract until
next season. So, I mean, that could really go up or down for us. I mean he could either.. play out a great year for a good contract
year, or… for all we know that could be the best of
Wilson that we’ve seen already. I mean who knows? I mean, like I say it’s up and down. I think everyone needs to calm down on the Seahawks, and give us a little more credit. Cause we don’t look as bad as people think
we are. Of which you are about to point out right
now bro. Tell me some of the strengths of this team. Well big, big return Navorro Bowman, I’m hoping for a comeback player of the
year, most definitely. I’m definitely excited with our D line. I know that, you know we, we cut Ray McDonald
last season and you know the retirement of Justin Smith, but I like our D line, I mean I’m a, I used to hate Dockett as a Cardinal, who
didn’t? But I’m a fan of him now. I like the draft pick that we got. I’m big Armstead fan, that’s who I wanted. So I’m glad about that. And then we still got guys coming back, got Ian Williams coming back, got Glenn Dorsey, he could also be in the mix of the right end
position. Linebackers, I mean Aldon Smith, he stays out of trouble we should be good
to go, I mean from what I’ve read from him is, he’s really busting out there right now
I mean he’s trying to basically come out and play
his best season, and he’s still young, he has it in him, so I believe him. I know everybody’s kind of bummed about the.. Borland, of course Willis but you know Michael Wilhoite did well, I mean for a guy who played next to Borland
he still played well with him, can you imagine what he would play with Navarro
Bowman? At his side, and then one of my biggest, who I thought was the steal of last years
draft is Aaron Lynch. That’s the guy I want to see take over, that’s the guys I’m excited about. That why I could, I would be ok if they decided to you know trade Ahmad Brooks or decide to cut
him. But I know he took a pay cut I believe to kind of give us more money. But you know defensively I mean we look fine, the only question is our corners, I mean, if Tramaine Brock can bounce back to his old
ways. I know there’s the 2 young guys, got Reaser, and is it Kenneth Acker I believe is his name? That’s him Yeah, I mean those are the guys I been hearing the most
about this offseason is those 2 guys are really competing out there. And, I’m not a big fan of Shareece Wright, cause you know from what I’ve seen is he was probably the worse corner in the season
last, last year on the Chargers. And I mean I know, I even saw play from the Niners and Chargers
game last season when we burnt him. Kaepernick burnt him on a deep pass, and we
scored a touchdown. And I’m kind of like that’s what were, that’s what we got? Like that’s not what we want. We both know as you mentioned, he is not the best person to put on the field. and right now, if you have Tramaine Brock opposite anybody but Shareece it’s got to
be a plus. Oh yeah, I agree completely. I mean we even got Jimmy Ward coming back,
I mean, I know he kind of when he did play last season, he definitely struggled a little bit, we saw him get beat down the middle
a few times, but I mean I think even Chris Cook was a better
option, when we picked him up last season, I had that same question cause the year before Minnesota, he was one of the
worst corners. But he came in with our defense, I mean he played better, then he gets hurt. I mean, and that’s just.. that was our luck last year, everyone kept getting hurt last season. Thats, we had the injury bug. That’s the big part of our season. But you know Jess, it’s always about the front 7, and that’s Trent’s philosophy. If you’ve got a stout front 7, the secondary could be good, it doesn’t have to be excellent, but it needs to be good. This is what’s going to cause success versus
failure, because if the front 7 is tough, then you can put Chris Cox, Cox? Cox is gone. -Chris Cook 
-Chris Cook You can put Dontae Johnson, but what if Tramaine Brock, and Keith Reaser who everybody’s talking
about is a natural one on one player. You got Brock, and you got Reaser playing off of each other, we have at that point an elite secondary. That’s a possibility. We got to wait till preseason coming up a
few weeks, but that is a strong possibility bro. Oh, I completely agree. I mean as long as Eric Reid can stay.. you know, not injure himself with concussions again. I know that guy’s on his 3rd or 4th I mean he’s had a few. But I’m yeah, I think that’s a great front 7. I mean the DB’s would be a great combo. I mean Antwan Bethea, great edition last season, I’d think.. yeah, those guys could really do some damage
on defense, and I, with.. our defensive coordinator now, why am I blanking out on his name? Eric Mangini Eric Mangini, yes there you go, I mean I was worried that once we you know lost Vic Fangio that we were going to struggle but I was, I felt a little bit better that we got Mangini back there coaching our guys, and Tomsula you know he’s he’s a defensive guy so he’ll keep I’m sure in the mix of the defense. So I’m not to worried, I’m not to worried
about defense, and offensively, obvious, to me it comes down to the offensive
line, and Kaepernick. Cause you know Kaepernick did struggle last
year, but a big part of that reason is because
of the way our O line was. I mean our O line was so beat up last season we never had the same group of guys for more
than 2 to 3 games, I mean someone would get hurt every time, every 2 or 3 games, I mean but what I like about our O line this year
is that we have so many options. we have so much depth, it’s like they came prepared for this, you know with the last 2 drafts, you know Brandon Thomas, Joe Looney, you know I know that they did pick up Erik
Pears this offseason. There’s all that talk about the rookie, you know Trent Trent Brown I believe is his name? I mean all, all possibilities, I mean there’s all the
whole thing about Alex Boone being mixed around, And Marcus Martin is looking like a bear man. Have you seen pictures of him lately? Oh yeah, I follow him on Instagram, I see him on his workouts, and yeah, I’m a big fan of him. I was glad that we drafted him. He was, and he’s a local USC guy so, I, I like that. And that’s you know, that’s another option for Daniel Kilgore, you know he could play guard too. That’s right, there’s gonna be a big competition in camp, we’re gonna see that in a few weeks, and that’s gonna be fun to watch man. That is gonna be fun to watch! Can’t wait Before you go, got to give me the holla! Man, I know you are ready for this! I’m ready. 3.. Niners! Didn’t even give you the countdown! It was still awesome. Alright, sorry, sorry! Go ahead! 3-2-1 give me another one! Niners Niner Fam, I’m here today with my good buddy Kevin. Kevin how are you doing man? Hey, I’m blessed brother blessed, another
Niner day baby! We are here today to examine the myth that the Seattle Seahawks, are totally indestructible, that they cannot be beat, that there is no point in our participation
in the season of 2015, That’s cold Kevin please is it you and I being delusional? Are we just seeing the season through red and gold glasses? Or do we indeed have an opportunity to compete this year? Man check this out. Not only do we have an opportunity, the chance to compete, we go do this man! I was just watching the playoff game against the Saints of 2012. There’s a lot of names still on our roster
from that game, even though we lost some names too. A lot of big names we still got on that roster. I actually was going to talk about a play when Aldon Smith Sacked Drew Brees. That’s the Aldon that we need back, and I guarantee you we get him back. you know so, I don’t know why they have us pegged to
be dead last, but you know what though, I like that, I do. They can pump up the Seahawks all they want. They can pump up to the moon for all I care,
you know why because that fall to the ground is going to be that much harder, you know, and when we climb back up to the top I’m just going to sit back and smile baby. You know, I’m telling you -Specify,
-I’m going to sit back and smile. Specify on some of the weaknesses that are obvious. We saw it in the Superbowl, we saw it in the playoffs. If Bostick doesn’t miss the ball, we’re not even having any conversation about
a second Superbowl. Right, right, right. If indeed the Green Bay Packers execute properly there’s not a series. We seen Tom Brady surgically take that defense apart. -Surgically.
-And you know every team in the league that has them on
the schedule has been looking at those plays over and over, the Seahawks aren’t going to change, Kev they are not going to change between now
and next season. -No, no
-They’re that arrogant. not at all, I mean even in that Dallas game when Dallas went up there and beat them, they gave up, Dallas gave up the blueprint
to beat Seattle. You see what it is, you need a few certain things to beat Seattle, now these are some of the same things you
need to win period, but against Seattle, you need these certain things to be prevalent,
and prominent. For example ball control, ok, you need speed at the wide receiver spot
ok, a hard nosed running back, an O line that’s tough alright? You got to beat them to the punch, catch them
off guard. Now of course they still got Richard Sherman, you know, Cam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, all of them back there, but they’re missing their other corner,
you see, understand, and I know Richard Sherman is
their main corner, but they’re missing the other corner, and
so, and Richard Sherman, I don’t.. I don’t like the guy as far as they way
he acts, but I mean he’s a great athlete. But he doesn’t cover 3 corners, you know what I’m saying? He shuts down one side of the field, because that’s the scheme. And now that we’ve got speed in Torrey Smith, it’s likely to cross that defense. They can no longer play that shell defense, see that’s the problem. Last year we had nobody to go deep. Now we got deep threats. Torrey can take it off you know on the edge. Vernon can work the middle, Reggie out the backfield, Hunter out the backfield. So now we got different things we can attack
them with. They can’t just play that shell defense
on us anymore. Now they got to play ball, and we go play ball! And you know what, and not just that we see the Seattle team in a hole get exposed. The game when they was playing against Green
Bay when they were down, Russell Wilson may have seemed like he was
flustered. You fluster Seattle, and fluster them early
and often, they’re just like any other team brother. I’m telling you, and, and not only that, now with the new coach we have, and a new scheme, teams don’t know what to expect anymore. And you know I loved Harbaugh, I did, but he was too predictable, Routine too…too conservative, -so teams, 
-and routine, -it didn’t take much.
-and routine Right exactly, they knew what we were gonna
do base upon damaged instance, and personnel. There was no surprise. But now with everything being new, we can start all over. It’s gonna take teams a while to catch up
with us, watch. I tell you something else too. People give Russell Wilson all this credit
for being able to scramble. People don’t understand. Russell Wilson is not scrambling because he
wants to, Russell Wilson has to get out of the way because that offensive line which now Kev is weaker than it was last year. -They got rid of Unger,
-Right, right. they overpaid for Jimmy Graham who’s only in the second year of a $40 million
contract, and now Russ if he doesn’t move now, he’s in deep trouble. And you think about the line that we have
now to rush. And see last year they used to say old “Dange-Russ” well I got something new for you, You’re gonna be in “danger Russ” you know. I’m telling you man the Niners line is nothing to play with. You got the resurgence of Aldon Smith. I do believe Tank Carradine is going, going
to have a big year. Dial is ready to do some work. Dockett is still a threat you know, so they think oh they lost, they lost Justin
Smith, ok yeah, miss you Cowboy, next man up let’s go. And then think about this. You got Aldon and Lynch on the outside, then you got Bowman and what? Wilhoite in the middle? Yeah I don’t think that is decided yet, but go be just fine, and the secondary, you got Reid and Bethea back there the vets. you know, and I really do believe all we talked about, I think Reaser is gonna make a splash, I do. You know so Reaser and Brock, I mean but Wright, he’s too, he’s too aggressive, he draws too many flags, you know so, I don’t know what’s gonna
happen with him, but trust me we’re going to be competitive. I’m worried about him too. -Tell you something else,
-Real quiet though Tell you something else too. People are always talking about Trent’s
picks. Strategically the fastest step off of snap in camp belongs
to Eli Harold. Now you know what that means don’t you? -Man
-Eli Harold is going to be in on a few passing downs, -in Russell’s face
-That’s what I’m saying before he takes 3 steps. Man can you imagine Eli Harold, Aldon Smith, and Lynch on the field at the same time? Man, stop it, stop it! I look so forward to it. And here’s the thing they got rid of what’s his, James Carpenter went to the Jets, Yes, yes he did, he’s gone too. I don’t know who they replaced him with, but we know that Carpenter was one of the worst
in the world, I mean Aldon Smith owns him, has papers on
him. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for that offensive line But you know what man? The league itself is a stigma you know. Ow the Seahawks now they own the NFC west. I get that and everything but, the league is also about storylines, and what better of a storyline, the Niners were dogged, were ridiculed, spit on, only to host the home Superbowl! And beat the Seahawks in the NFC championship
game! What? Come on baby. That is a storyline. I’m telling you. I know it’s going to be an uphill battle, but we, hey let’s go! We built Ford tough baby! And the thing is we’re going to see some of
these stars because the camp rage is gonna be crazy, because we got 2 positions, cornerback and wide receiver that are still
up for grabs, and that, I just wish I could watch that all
day long. I just don’t know, how they going to do
this? You know, I’m glad you said that. I saw one of your videos the other day, you had somebody on there.. the young guy, I forget his name, but he was talking about Bruce Ellington.. and Quinton Patton. I didn’t really agree, but hey, I’m allowed to agree to disagree. Mark my words America, NFL onlookers Quinton Patton will solidify himself as a threat this season. Alright The moment he made that catch against Arizona down the right sideline to put us in field goal position for the winning field goal, I said oh yeah! He go be big for us you know. Dude was ready too, and he’s hungry. And that’s the thing, cause he’s been waiting Right, not taking up from Bruce Ellington
you know but, I just like Patton better He is popular, people like Quinton, they really like him. Hey, hey, hey, and I’m all for him. I like him too! I mean he’s fiery you know why, he’s fiery. That’s why He has that it too. You know what I’m saying so, hey lets go. And I’m telling you man this offense is gonna be a whole lot more
potent than people think too. You know what it’s gonna surprise us. We go be like whoa! I’m going to count you down, and you give me the holla. 3-2-1 Niners! Lets go baby! Thanks Jess, and Kevin! I tell you what man, I’ve met more guys this offseason, we’ll continue to do it forever, I mean Niner fam I’m still looking forward to meeting everybody that I can meet that was just.. I enjoyed that so much. But let us rest assured we are not out of it, the joke about why even bother to play the
games, get out of here with that. So therefore I still say we will compete. And when you get a chance come on over to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and let us talk some more. You can always search Ronbo Sports you’ll find me there hanging out, and then we will talk. Meanwhile let me remind you too, please subscribe so when I get back and I’m looking for you, you’ll know I’m knocking, and we can talk. Count me out Niners!

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