“NFL 2016: Part One” — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

“NFL 2016: Part One” — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

You can turn captions off and on using the CC button I said, “Kickeree-Kee”! I mean, there’s a snake over there It’s a snake over there And you know, I don’t know if it bit a guy But I don’t wanna be that close to it I gotta squirt, gotta squirt, I gotta squirt Gonna squirt, gonna squirt You should be out there playing accordion Hey, he goes to the mall! Florida! Florida is where DisneyWorld is! Florida In Florida No no, please don’t cry Why can’t you be smooth? I am smooth! They keep taking the ball! No no, look, look, look You ain’t smooth while you’re crying and all emotional, all right? You have to know that at your age Hey You gotta lick it I can’t, it’s nasty And they’d see us Girlfriend Four, or Girlfriend Two? Girl One We’re gonna put the ball at the third and whatever I don’t wanna measure Are you a Pices? Hmmmm? Rain’s gonna come out of that thing You mean that cloud? Yeah, whatever It’s a rain thing Julio, what does a carbon catalyst fuel? Oh, it fuels the reclimated intake core with a Y-exponent That’s exactly right! I know Okay, what’s broken? His leg bone? And his tail bone? And his arm bone? And… his head bone? I had a Chinese friend Now, this time I’m gonna pass to this side Hahaha, HA! Mmmmm, I’m just gonna wait here You are the waffle guy! Oh, okay, so I’m waffle guy? Yeah, waffle guy Okay, so there’s this woman that wrote this thing about how no monkeys and no boyfriends can pick up her panties Hey, it’s my friend! Right now, I’ma try to make a comment Umm, I said, umm, mmm I couldn’t do it Why you gotta go into the bathroom? Gah-gnn-gah-gnnn-gah-gnnn-gah-gnnn You gotta make up your mind to use a brush every day! It’s gonna be fun playing the orphans this summer! Tell us about what you and the guys have planned for New Year’s Eve Ah, well, at midnight, first we gonna take, uhh whatever, Bingo and other games, you know? And we gonna buy a Quick Stop pizza slice And now there’s talk about how we might have to go and umm We might have to get biscuits in Sk-sk-skatchewan Last night I met this guy online! YAY! Kayla! I used to shave my furry ankles to win games! It wasn’t that fun, you moron! Don’t ever do that! I have no doubt about it now: Krypton isn’t a planet. C-c-c-c-c-cocaine! Hey! We’ll fight y’all on Tiger Mountain! We’ll fight y’all on Tiger Mountain! Long live Wu-Tang Huh? Gonna turn Guys, I’m making a turn Making a turn Here I go Hey guys, I just did it Think about your Pop-Tart! Go to the basket! You get what I mean Nuh-uh!! I think I just found a lump! What happened in France was, he said he was sleepy, and I met a funny bird right in my hotel! All of you are gonna be there at my party! It’s gonna be an animal theme again, okay? So, we’ll have fish, we’ll have a tarantula And we’re trying to get a cougar to come if we can But the rat can’t do it Oh, and one last thing: what does the pig say? OINK! OINK! HNGWAH, HNGWAH! OINK! OINK! HNGWAH, HNGWAH! MOO! That last one is not a pig sound Ahhhh, I hate this! Now playing: “Bushes of Love”, by Bad Lip Reading

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  1. I love these videos!! HighImpactVlogs said to come over here and check your videos out. Brian was RIGHT!! Perfect for a good laugh, in this time of insanity. ???

  2. Gonna put the ball at third and whatever. I don't wanna measure
    We'll fight y'all on tiger mountain!
    Long live wu tang

  3. "Rains gonna come out of that thing."
    "You mean that cloud?"
    "Yea whatever it's a rain thing."
    ~ Tremendously talented and great comedy – reminds you of Foster Brooks' pilot sketch with Dean Martin.
    "What do you fly?
    "Oh, it's one of those big grey metal things with what-do-you-call-its sticking out of the sides…"
    "Oh, are you an airline pilot too?".
    And then,
    "There's a lot of pressure being a pilot, flying way up there, high in the air above those big white fluffy things."
    "Are you sure you're not an airline pilot?"
    ~Just the best. Thanks USA.

  4. "I used to shave my furry ankles to win game. It wasn't that fun you moron!!! Don't ever do that!!"

  5. Unexptected (,/'_'.)

  6. "Julio, what does a carbon catalyst fuel?"

    "It fuels the reclamated intake core with the y-exponent"
    "That's exactly right!"
    "I know!"

  7. Maybe I'm weird but I always put on some good ol' FOOTBALL turn up the music something like System, Metallica, Delta Parole, Sumersed or A7X and do all my work.

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