Neymar Skills basic Sombrero – Football videos & Soccer tricks for match, Futsal and street

Hello ! I am Guido from Football Tricks Online and today we will learn the following trick ! I like this trick because is a move that Neymar uses a lot ! Lifting the ball and passing it over you So we are going to do the following Step on the ball with your Dominant foot Drag it back… When the ball is coming place your instep facing the ball As the ball arrives lift your leg up and it will make the ball jump Something like this, lift leg and make it jump like that Once you control that, then you just got to hit the ball to pass it over you Lets do it again so you can see it well Once you control all these movements the rest is all about practice to achieve perfection and make the ball go over you I hope you liked this trick, if you enjoyed please hit the Like button, Subscribe to our channel and see you next time ! 🙂

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