Next Generation | Originate with Michelle Parker, Episode 3

Next Generation | Originate with Michelle Parker, Episode 3

for Westerners and people like me who travel to Japan this has always been the early season destination for the best powder in the world everything that I’ve seen portrayed from Japanese culture is primarily coming from Westerners coming to these mountain towns and posting photos of like the best snow in the world I want to know more about the Japanese ski culture and you know what is their relationship to skiing [Music] mark admah is a close close friend of mine more or less like a brother and we’ve been skiing and filming together for a number of years and I think we have a really similar outlook on life and on experiencing culture so we decided to come to me Yoko because it’s mod Lee developed but with very little people it has like that deep sense of Japanese traditions still rooted there this kind of like traveling back in time it’s super small the streets are narrow it’s peaceful it’s calm it’s quiet and there’s a ton of snow up there Japan has some of the world’s best snow but why is it that the popularity of skiing is seemingly decreasing amongst the local culture [Music] during the 70s and 80s there was nearly 800 ski resorts in Japan 18 million people were skiing and now they’re down to two three hundred resource it’s pretty apparent when you ski around and you see the abandoned ski lifts that something’s happened with the ski culture kinda creepy in here we’re not really too sure what’s going on cuz the skiing there’s all time [Music] to from the city [Music] [Music] [Music] it still has that charm but it does seem desolate now yeah they’ve done a good job taking care of this place it’s almost like they hope this place will come back to life again I hope it comes back to life I don’t know I think as Westerners we like to look at these stats and numbers and it’s easy to sit back and say the popularity of skiing has decreased in Japan but this culture of Japan is so deeply rooted in a tradition that stands the test of time that’s amazing [Music] Japanese must have more foresight than us you know knowing that they’re just a small part of the timeline it makes it even more of a sacred place definitely it’s kind of a kind of a mystery to us actually why all of a sudden skiing would slow down to the point where they’re losing that many resorts so one of our missions is to go visit the oldest ski resort in Japan here’s where we can truly get a story in a sense as to why skiing is slowing down I saw opening so your desta a quick demo catalyst I am dictionary [Music] the owner has so much pride in his resort he sits at the bottom of the lift the entire day and watches everyone passed by with a huge smile on his face [Music] Karla Homolka can’t escape the Arabic I stopped again shows salute oka so you selecting against already mascara oh she is elated at constants a participative a skier with the velocity at Osaka never die it was amazing just to see a resort being run by a husband and wife to see the passion that they have for skiing is so refreshing and there is not a place in North America that I’ve ever been to that holds the soul of skiing so closely and so clearly when you feel that when you’re skiing it does make it more of a special experience [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hahahaha such a good day is that the new owner of second oh yeah the soul of skiing is so obvious when he visits a key onsen and when you meet anyway and you know Kimi is that exact version but a younger generation he’s like carrying the torch forward and raising his kid and his family in Miyako [Music] to see the like pure joy and Liz’s face when she was skiing and you know we didn’t have words to communicate with really she spoke a different language but on skis we were speaking the same language pretty sure that was the highlight of my trip I love connecting with the younger generation and it made me realize that that culture is certainly not gone in Japan it’s not lost and it will continue thank you so much for watching you’re dodging eight give it a like or a comment down below to subscribe click here for more originated action and be sure to check out last week’s episode playing right here if you missed it

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  1. A message to allah I'm sorry that I sleep every night, and I realized im not ready to meet you yet''?✨

  2. I've always wanted to experience all that snow lol and I'm from ??. Didn't Myoko get over 1,000cm of snow last year?

  3. Red Bull please let me be apart of your team. It would be a dream come true to make videos like these for you and all the viewers!!!

  4. This is so beautiful! Had no idea about the declining ski population either. Thanks for the episode and the insight!

  5. 1) McAllister TV 2) Destroying the illusion 3) America First Media 4) We The People 24/7 Live Stream 5) Patriot News

  6. Dear Tourist, please don't overrun Myoko Kogen, litter everywhere with your beer cans and set off fireworks in the middle of the night.

  7. Skiing is expensive, we are lucky to be able to afford it or have the mind set to make ourselves work enough to be able to ski. A lot of people around the world don’t ski because it’s expensive and other more digital games and experiences are taking over.

  8. I think this series is going to be another miss for me from Red Bull. I think the pressure to create a higher volume of content is having an impact on the quality of said content, and a channel with almost 8 million subs having only 16k views after 5 days would support that statement.

  9. A perfect timin again!!! We are actually planning for first week on February 2020 to go ski to Japan with our ski instructor Nataly who is now working at Whistler, BC, Canada. Thanks for your suggestions and I can't wait to see it on my own eyes.

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