New WWE Raw Authority Figure REVEALED! | WWE Raw, June 4, 2018 Review

New WWE Raw Authority Figure REVEALED! | WWE Raw, June 4, 2018 Review

A new WWE authority figure has been revealed! Ronda Rousey takes on the concept of acting. And Curt Hawkins does not get tacos. I’m Oli Davis, click the ‘i’ above my
head to vote for what you thought of the show – where you can choose from In Awe, Cor, AVRAWGE,
Poor and Bore – as I review the 4th June, 2018 edition of Monday Night Raw …in about
4 minutes. Raw With Elias
Elias opened Raw by promising he’ll win the Intercontinental title from Seth Rollins
at Money in the Bank, and then singing a song about smashing a guitar over his back the
previous week and insulting [INSERT YOUR HOMETOWN SPORTS TEAM HERE]. A very grumpy Rollins interrupted with a chair
to hopefully foreshadow a future Chair vs Guitar match. I can’t wait for the eventual Chair Vs Guitar-themed
pay-per-view. Quicker than you can say Holla Holla, Jinder
Mahal had jumped Seth and Roman Reigns had ran down for the save. Several floppy Kurt Angle wrists later and
we got a one-on-one match with The Undertak-I mean a tag team match, playas. Also, Coachman looks pretty different this
week. Great body transformation, Coachman! Jinder Mahal & Elias beat Seth Rollins & Roman
Reigns Seth was once again the standout for this
fun opener, but after some Sunil Singh interference, Elias pinned Rollins after a DDT on a chair. Guitar vs Chair match, I’m telling you. James Harden beat Curt Hawkins (DQ)
To avoid a 200th consecutive defeat, Curt Hawkins took on local wrestler James Harden
– presumably a joke on the Houston Rockets’ out of form basketball player James Harden. Sports. This was all a backdrop to possibly the best
thing on this week’s episode: Constable Corbin. After beating up Harden to give Hawkins the
DQ loss, and then putting Curt THROUGH A GOD DAMN TACO! He explained to the Raw General Manager that
Stephanie McMahon’s made him a constable round here to keep Angle in check. Nia Jax beat Natalya
What character will Nia Jax be this week? She’s a babyface today! Natalya tweaked her knee in their overlong
match, which Jax fairly capitalised on for the win. This caused some awkward friction between
Natalya’s bestie Ronda Rousey and a genuinely remorseful Nia afterwards. The awkwardness continued backstage, where
Jax apologised for hurting Natalya even though that’s kind of the reason they wrestle matches
in the first place. Natalya then walked off while Nia and Ronda
just stayed standing there. Some say they still stand there to this day. This feud seems to work best when it doesn’t
have layers, and is just a straight up fight. Braun Strowman beat Bobby Roode
Bobby Roode’s big plan against Braun Strowman was to put a ladder between them on the outside. I don’t really know what he was planning
to do next, but it didn’t matter, because Braun awesomely smashed the ladder in half
with his bare hands. Tag Team Battle Royal
After a promo from Bray Wyatt and Woken Matt Hardy, the entire Raw tag division – McInDolph
included – competed in a Battle Royal to become their new No. 1 contenders,
Dolph Ziggler was the first eliminated, which doesn’t overly hurt him and Drew McIntyre,
but it hardly helps them either. Just keep them out the match altogether, and
then they can cut promos about how WWE fears them. The B Team won in the end because ‘comedy’]. Sadly, I’m rather over their act already. Bobby Lashley Responds
After weeks and weeks of awful sister nonsense, now we’ve got Instagram nonsense! There was a moment of fire to close Lashley
and Sami Zayn’s latest segment, though. Taunting Bobby from the safety of the rafters,
Sami questioned whether Lashley ever even served in the army. This got a genuine ‘ooooh’ from the crowd,
and Bobby looked legitimately angered. Jinder Mahal Vs Roman Reigns
In a different style of presentation, Jinder and Roman cut promos on each other looking
straight into the camera, which turned into a backstage scuffle. Riott Squad beat Alexa Bliss/Bayley, Sasha
Banks & Ember Moon Heel Alexa Bliss teamed with faces Sasha Banks
and Ember Moon against the Riott Squad next. Bliss quickly feigned injury and walked out
on the match, though, setting up a Bayley run in for the save and win later on. Constable Corbin had other ideas, though,
brilliantly bullying Kurt to overturn the result and tell Bayley, Banks and Moon in
person – which meant that the Bayley/Banks feud will continue! Finn Balor beat Kevin Owens (DQ)
Before the main event, the Big Show introduced the US Special Olympics team at the top of
the ramp for a genuinely heartwarming segment, complete with Finn Balor giving them Too Sweets
in his entrance. Because Balor Club is for everyone. Unless you’re in Jeddah. The only thing missing was Kevin Owens pop-up
powerbombing one of the athletes on his way to the ring. Despite this looking like a dream match on
paper, Owens and Balor’s first ever match on the main roster, the action was rather
plodding, with KO grinding down Finn for the majority, and then a lacklustre DQ finish. Owens continued the beatdown after the match,
but Balor made a comeback hitting a Coup De Grace off a ladder and then unhooking the
Money in the Bank briefcase to close the show. So Finn’s losing on June 17th, then. Constable Corbin aside, there was nothing
standout about this episode at all. And for a three hour show, WWE really need
to do better. This week’s Raw is Poor. What does the ‘CM’ in CM Punk actually
stand for? Find out by clicking the video onscreen now! And give us a subscribe to keep up to date
with all the latest backstage wrestling news! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 Replies to “New WWE Raw Authority Figure REVEALED! | WWE Raw, June 4, 2018 Review”

  1. raw has lost its touch and Doubt it will do better. esp the cheesey nia angle. idk about others, but ronda just seems like a waste of a paycheck.

  2. Until he showed up I forgotten all about Corbin being on Raw. Oh yeah did AoP get fired? many wrestlers oops "superstars" on the roster

  3. If fans don't like Raw. Then why watch it and buy tickets. If there ratings and tickets sells drop then maybe they make changes.

  4. The only think i wanted to see was the authors of pain in the tag team battle royal, but it seems wwe have forgotten that they have a powerhouse tag team that they could be using for some amazing matches like aop vs dolph and drew, or even aop vs the revival, but the only thing that saved that episode of raw for me was baron corben finally doing something other than losing big matches, thank you creative for finally finding something better than burying corben

  5. I shall down vote each Raw, where the Fashion Police appear and then lose because dangit… I was still holding out for a tag title run >.<

  6. So finn is losing at mitb thats what I thought when Finn held the brief case, It should have been a ladder match.. constable corbin is ok but I think Corbin should be build more like lone wolf who lives in the dark shadows, he should have dark mystique to his character ,just being a bully doesn't suits him , I would make his character more like a son of the devil or like some super natural character similar to kevin thorn and brood… Orton needs to be a free agent like Cena because hes at that level where he needs feuds to make new stars though he still has a lot left in him to contribute ..viper having the lone wolf as his protege could do wonders for him .corbin has the moveset and can use end of days as a catchphrase..he can bea great tweener like the viper, if build slowly and properly…

  7. they are only pushing the B team for them to be deleted and become woken for eventual fueds with Sanity probably

  8. I DVRd Raw last night, but didn't watch it. I wanted to see this review first to see if I missed anything cool. Thank God for this review so I don't waste time watching Raw this week.

  9. I didn't notice it live, but in that screencap with Roode at 2:39, you could see where they glued the ladder together lol

  10. Low POOR. Outside of Balor/Owens this show was pretty trash. Corbin is so bad in everything he does. Him coming out made no sense. Him being Steph’s “eyes and ears” makes no sense.

    The Nia/Nattie/Ronda thing is bad.

    Why weren’t AOP in the battle royal? Unless B Team turns and joins the Deleters this whole thing is stupid.

    Raw has floundered ever since Mania. The shakeup didn’t help it at all.


  12. Haven't watched wrestling in 4 weeks. The disappointing Wrestlemania, offensive Greatest Royal Rumble, boring Backlash, and just awful stories with obnoxious commentary have really killed any interest for a while. Not planning to watch anything until the night of Money in the Bank, but I'm betting that will be a disappointment as well and I'll end up not tuning in to Raw the next night. I have much better things to do with 6+ hours during the week.

  13. Blimey what’s Raw gotta do to get a ‘bore’ or Bobby Lashley face from Ollie & The Real LOWens, I ask you???

  14. imo
    Good vid on a bore show.
    It would seem that only Zayn, Renee Young, and The B Team have what it takes to overcome the black hole that is WWE creative/booking.

  15. Corbin needs a bounty hunter gimmick. He just goes around taking people out — at least if someone's willing to pay up.

  16. I haven't watched Raw in 3 weeks now. Really hate every single storyline right now. I wonder what Im missing, but how else am I supposed to let WWE know that they need to step up their game? Anybody else tuned out for the moment?

  17. I was home all night sitting on my couch reading… I completely forgot about Raw until a half hour after it was over. That’s how bad it’s been lately.

  18. Didn't watch RAW last night. Watching the NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 blowout and the first two rounds of the MLB draft was far more interesting. Thanks, Oli, for doing the heavy lifting for me this week and allowing me to keep up with the nothing that RAW has become via your (in about 4 minutes) summary.

  19. This was the worst episode of Raw I've seen since who knows when I felt nothing of importance or real substance happened I really felt watching this show was a waste of time I'd rather watch the Buff Bagwell vs Booker T 2x over than ever see this episode 👎👎👎👎

  20. I know Kevin Steen was an indie darling, but one of these days people will realize he's actually not that good at putting a match together. How many disappointing matches with great wrestlers does it take? He even managed to have a bad feud with AJ Styles.

  21. How come when i watch raw alot of the stuff i see on here doesnt show up? I didnt see the 6 woman tag match or when the deleters of worlds came out. Or the baron corbin bit

  22. Hey someone answer this if somebody from raw wins the MILB contract how can they cash it in whenever they want when Lesnar's not there WWE writers are just plain stupid idiots

  23. wwe finally realized Corbin is never going to get over as a wrestler so they thought they would try making him a douche bag instead. Success!

  24. Raw really is total and complete garbage lately. Vince McMahon is fucking senile if he doesn't see how badly the show is being booked… and I don't doubt most of it is being booked by him personally.

  25. Corbin being a constable is about as dumb as when Stone Cold Steve Austin was the sheriff of Raw!

  26. Wow. Baron Corbin should just be let go. And the B Team will be the best story of the first half of the year. They have so much talent and finally get to do their own thing for a while. I give this edition of WrestleTalk a BORE.


  28. If Owens powerbombed a plant pretending go be a special Olympics athlete, he'd get nuclear heel heat. Unfortunately, WWE doesn't want to do anything in bad taste anymore.

  29. Observation as a guy who didn't watch RAW, but the photo of Bailey they have shows how she just doesn't seem to give a shit anymore and genuinely looks like she's really upset about how she's being used.

  30. The only thing I enjoyed on RAW was the Special Olympics segment. That brought a smile to my face. They was really enjoying themselves especially when Finn came out. The rest of RAW was trash. Do the writer even write anymore?

  31. "sorry for hurting you" this is what wrestling has come too… guess i'll just be bored instead of watch garbage for 3 hours

  32. I am a huge fan and have followed you guys a long time Ive never commented till now ….. PLEASE DON'T DISS THE B TEAM ALREADY!?!?! Both of those guys deserve any type of push they get and I love the fact they are getting one right now!!

  33. I'm the most Optimistic, Positive person I know, but what is going on with Raw. What is with all of the weird booking decisions like making Bobby Lashley a cringy Family Man instead of a no nonsense, Badass MMA Guy or not turning Bobby Roode Heel?
    I'll continue to remain Optimistic, but I don't know for how long.

  34. Who do we contact about what goes on hulu broadcast of raw?? The baron Corbin thing was best thing on show?? It was cut from hulu version

  35. Jinder vs Roman, and Baron Corbin's new role, are the only things I have some interest in. Everything else is just either mediocre, boring, or lacks reason to care

  36. I DVR raw, smackdown and ROH: Raw I fast forward about 2 hours and 20 minutes worth, smackdown I fast forward 1 hour and some change, ROH, I only fast forward commercials!!!

    And I’m waiting for my bullet club umbrella and t-shirt in the mail! When was the last time I bought WWE merch? ?

    Last time I bought merch was my nWo shirts!!

  37. Corbin,Andrade,and Big Cass should be the new authority like how we had Seth,Kane,and Big Show or am I just delusional?? Corbin could be like Kane Cass obviously be like Show and Andrade be like Seth!! This way those 3 can be doing something instead of being to no use and these 3 are best when playing as Heels and imagine in September the Big Screen coming on while Seth is giving a Promo with Stephanie on the screen not Triple H leave him out of this completely!! Let this be about Steph and Seth!! So Andrade in the center Corbin on left and Cass on the right walking down the stage they attack Rollins then Roman comes to help but the New Authority is too much for Seth and Roman the next night Steph makes a match for Roman and Seth vs Corbin and Andrade Cass interferes and the New Authority gets away again then Roman and Seth call the New Authority out later and they come out circle the ring then Dean Ambrose's theme song hits!! Dean Ambrose,Seth Rollins,and Roman Reigns are back together!! They stand over righteous until Dean grabs a chair and attacks Roman and Seth brutally!! BAMM Deans back as a Heel,
    Stephanie's plan goes under,
    Everyone's happy but not yet!!
    The next night Roman and Seth are asking Dean to come out and explain himself Steph makes a match Dean called Roman and Seth is banned from Arena so while the match is going on The New Authority beat up Seth then they come out to Romans match and they attack Roman!! When Roman is beat down Dean grabs a chain and locks Roman to the ring post and brutally beats him with a chair Dean goes CZW crazy!! Roman is reported injured!!
    Everyone is happy bc Dean is actually crazy!! & Bc Roman is out of action
    2 months later Roman comes back completely pissed off he has a new attire new theme song new persona!!
    He Replaces Spear with his NXT finisher and uses Spear as a signature move & on his time away he spent time working on Promos!!
    Everyone is happy bc Roman has changed!!

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