New Raw set revealed: WWE Exclusive, Sept. 30, 2019

New Raw set revealed: WWE Exclusive, Sept. 30, 2019


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  1. in my opinion is to much led i was expecting a normal ramp with no led like the one from 02,03 and no led on the ring ?‍♂️

  2. I think the set symbolizes RAW Having a sense of direction & continuety….the animations all have a begining end and middle. I hope WWE follows up with storylines that matter.

  3. Thank AEW for making WWE make all this changes. But to be honest I wouldn't support WWE just because they're doing this because they have to and not because they wanted to offer a good product

  4. I like it. Good job. But the entrance DEFINITELY should be in the middle. Or have the double entrances like a while back. But the one to the side is terrible

    Overall, pretty nice design. Smooth and sleek and modern.

  5. Love the pyro, logo, theme song & commentary but damn that stage looks stupid! Lets hope smackdowns is a lot better

  6. Someone call Tony Hawk and tell him he's got a new skateboard ramp. This is trash, wish WWE would move away from the terrible LED screens. ?

  7. Raw Episode 2000:
    LED appearance of Ricochet defends his LED championship against every LED appearance of wrestlers who just asked for a title match, while the crowd is making some "noise" via Skype.

  8. This is why WWE 2K games will never be updated enough, they literally change the set a month before the next game comes out but at least the long rectangular trons are gone

  9. Raw this stage is amazing!! But what about smackdown on Fox. What about Friday this could be a first home for WWE on Fox sports!!!

  10. The crowd needs to see me get shot I have rethought. Those dumbasses that tell kids *I'm getting shot at out there" and the kids think they need to be shot at. Wow, and then I'm like, I already did that. I hate guns. Totally nominates me

  11. I love the fact that pyros are back, and I love the idea for the titantron. But imagine if the smackdown titantron had its old iconic fist?

  12. I was fine with the stage designs from 96-99 , the 00-01 stage was it!! Chief jus said!! They coulda stopped there i would of been fine. But the 2002 Set is perfection! Best wrestling stage set of all time! They coulda jus kept that one and added a few lil trinkets here n there but anything after 02 raw is straight garbage!! Let’s jus be honest.. WWE sucks at creative!! Storylines suck, Merch is ugly af, theme musics suck, titantron videos no longer exist, the colour schemes for each entrance suck and the designs SUCK!! I would literally work for WWE for FREE jus to make the wrestling I love good again

  13. Is it just me or does anyone else want a higher stage ? Miss those moments when someone would get thrown of the stage onto a stack of tables. Like when Kane choke slammed Eric !!

  14. God this thing looks so stupid. Remember back when WWF/WWE was good and they didn't have entrance sets or pyro?

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