*NEW* MOBILE Fortnite: Battle Royale GAMEPLAY! (Victory Royale)

*NEW* MOBILE Fortnite: Battle Royale GAMEPLAY! (Victory Royale)

Is this gonna be my first ever victory Royale on mobile? this is so awkward! Come On! Welcome everyone my name’s ali-a and it is here fortnite Battle Royale has launched on mobile, iOS I have it right here, and we’re about to go for our first Mobile victory Royale as you can see I have the fortnite app installed right there And this is the mobile version of fortnite ready to go on my iPhone 10 Currently the only way to get access is through an email invite sent out directly by Epic Games I’ve got a few spare and I can let some of you guys in as well So if you want to jump into the mobile version the beta i’ll be sending out some codes so if you guys to give a video a thumbs up leave a comment down below and make sure you follow me on Twitter for more giveaways as well i just want to jump into the action and show you guys what it’s like to play on the mobile version of Fortnite experience it for myself for the very first time as well whilst trying to go for a win on top of that there’s also An update day we’ve got new C4’s added you’ve got extra loot in the form of lama loot and i’ve put out A video on the c4 already and it’ll be a llama loot video out tomorrow now instead of today so as always make sure you subscribe turn on notifications to never miss a fortnite video ever and Go and check out all my other fortnite videos in the playlist down below once you’ve watched this one so without further a fortnight on mobile. Let’s jump into a game and see what this is all about And we have landed So I’m getting to grips with the controls You can basically tap on the right-hand side to fire a shot or swing your pickaxe you can tap on the screen here Oh, that’s a decent first chest with some minis and I can tap on the screen to activate the minis here and Put them on just as if I was playing on console obviously the biggest thing is gonna be building so Let’s give this a go loads you guys been asked me about building You know what not too bad not too bad, so I’m not too keen on all the bursts. It’s giving me a shotgun So far basically I’ve got a different strategy for playing on mobile which I will explain in a little bit this is theoretical Moving things around is involved clicking the bag icon in the bottom I can hear someone, but even with these headphones on that are like really good surround sound headphones I can’t really tell that’s coming from this game is a really cool feature where on your screen It will tell you where footsteps gunfire and also chest sounds are coming from So it’s really good for just giving you indications Because obviously most people probably paying like iPhone headphones or something that’s not me the best sound in the world to hear this stuff but so far I played a few games and It’s tough and a lot of people are very defensive because they’re scared or don’t really know how to play on mobile I? think the people would be really good at this are people who played a lot of a lot of fortnight anyway and people that has just played a lot of mobile shooters I Already feel quite fluid with using the pickaxe to be honest with you I Feel like I’ve improved littering like the two games that I’ve played already so if I want to switch it out so I can switch My shotgun tap on the SMG. You know I love SMGS boom if I can move it around to prepare Singhji there and pretty much exactly as if I break up a PlayStation 4 a lot of this stuff will automatically pick up so I won’t have to go ahead and click on The ammo or anything that’ll traps or anything like that one thing. I do find a litte bit dodgy is the aiming like Basically continues on a little bit beyond you actually aiming if that makes any sense a little bit weird I’m getting used to it But were getting there guys I’ve tried to land in a place where I can loot up get some good things scavenge a little bit and stay out the actual Fairplay to anyone that lands in tilted towers considering to two towers is is messy on console pc let alone on on on Mobile you guys are absolutely nuts fair play by cover way of a lot of kills now Some big differences for the mobile version obviously everything looks a little bit worse But I mean barely much worse considering that this is a mobile poor oh Nice nice nice. Give yourself a little bit of extra HP nope Don’t fire any bullets ally don’t join Ewan towards me pick that up automatically yeah for a few things a little bit different some of the like the Buildings and the pieces you put down look a little bit different to have it doing contour shooters for optimization in terms of how everything Looks on your screen as well What else you’ve got a shoot button on that top left I sort of bend my finger over a little bit To tap that shoot button someone was playing like a core on my hand if that makes sense So it’s a little bit weird little bit unusual I’m getting used to it versus chest icon very nice And let me switch out to the pickaxe but some ammo for my SMG walk over to it BAM Locked and loaded baby a lot of you guys moves to ask questions Now I don’t really want a burst But if I’m gonna take your bust I’m gonna take a blue bus you know what I mean all of you guys can ask some questions about Cross play so mobile players can play with console plays if I want to draw up with someone on PC or ps4 right now I could But no one, but the console players and PC players can’t play on the mobile servers if that makes sense it’s basically hierarchy Mobile users can play with anyone above them console users can play with PC players, PC players are stuck on the PC server So that’s that’s basically how it works the server progression is almost a tiered system If that makes any sense I Sam not too much action Not too much action, but low-key this is kind of like my tactic if I run into someone run into someone But one of the things I’m still getting used to is getting around the map like Obviously, I’m used to I wanted to see if I could switch materials by tapping It don’t know if that’s actually a thing or not, but I accidentally clicked until right I’m on an iPhone tend to screen a little bit more stretched. Those guys are wondering. It’s like a 19 I Don’t even know that a 21 by 9 screen. I think is a little bit wider great for this game It means I get a lots more peripheral vision I can see people a bit on either side a bit better, so I like it. I like it But yeah building isn’t quite whole look the emotions do work Easy tapping it’s not right. I thought this in a little trailer We saw I broke down everything was on the screen, and I thought that little icon will lead to emoticons And it does all of them transferred straight across from IPS 4 over on the right there no qualms. No quarrys is absolutely perfect But for the moment things a little bit quiet we need to try and find people where you out people What are you doing? Someone’s built here tomorrow town seems a little bit empty? I mean not many people enter Martin anyway, so – B – D people here on mobile Let’s see no no one left it all right until tomorrow to town shipping containers Also seems to be a little bit dead and good like I mean getting around shipping containers and looting in there effectively um Even on console ain’t easy So I don’t think I’m gonna try on mobile to be honest with you guys the next ring is gonna fall Some buildings going on here. The next ring is pushing us through retail and Beyond a little bit I mean we’re guaranteed some I see some action here if anything I want to kill people just to try and get some more. I had no materials or something, but I do have a strategy I Have a strategy For mobile so there’s all those auto-aim obviously a lot of order to aim when the all terrain so I aim assist I will Also, he makes it sound like I’m using a bot or something a lot of aim assist so shotguns and SMGs I love anyway smg’s you know I love in fortnight SMG should be even better Because it should just keep me nice and tightly locked on someone as I shoot with them. Don’t force anyone in retail right now. Oh My god someone’s name First enemy. Oh my god hold on Oh Double headshot, baby the eyes he saw there like it will target you dead-on to the person’s head so that was just like two taps of my two dads of my phone not control a command sort out and His head was just meld to clear off. I would go first kill if I literally got killed top 20 It’s my first kill of the game I would never upload it in a million years playing on fortnight on mobile anything to lead to a victory I am happy with someone has been over here lots of ramps and Not resetting your build I found to be quite useful So I’ve got ramps always on so I can just build my way up basically nice this a trap thought. Maybe more minis gutted Oh Hold on. Yeah jump over here and We tilt doesn’t it pretty quiet yeah It is in the next ring, but I feel that people to be like sitting in buildings or something I mean not doing too much. Thank goodness. You didn’t lose any shield from that gunfight I honestly feel like in this game and on mobile You want to be going into the final plays with as much shield as you can and if you’re not Everyone else will because I feel like everyone’s being defensive. Let’s do some building Or not Notice, this is ten out of ten building here guys. Okay. We’re getting there were getting never getting there There we go we made up okay nice so whenever I click that build button Automatically goes to the ramp click back will go back to my weapon and I could jump crouch do anything when we see that guy See that guy Second ever person seen in this game If I keep getting to stand still I’ll fire a few bursts, but I’ve been in a few assault rifle gunfights And it’s pretty much people just standing still hoping that their shots of better vanilla pod Supply Drop There’s the Supply Drop. This could be my first ever fought night mobile Supply Drop He’s hiding in a hut, and if you see me Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Oh God. Hope he didn’t hear that. That’s some crispy building Not too bad if you stand still what’s he doing? Did you seen me? Oh he’s falling down I? Don’t want to I don’t wanna go for that smooth with you I’m not confident that genuinely don’t know I feel he’s on Oh God. He’s shooting so maybe in retail Okay, let me check around see what’s going on. Supply drops there. Don’t know why he’s not gone for that I don’t if he’s such a big newbie doesn’t know what a Supply Drop is or not copyright You need to be invited to this you have to play ball tonight Always a chest over there, okay? Potentially dying or chest I’m going for the chest guys Let’s see what he gets a shoot gets up to 100 hundred be beautiful won’t be surprised with someone chilling in Prison right now. It’s worse with you Well, I am nervous most verbs that be before Agis father relocates the chef’s for here Tomi another piece of wood I know could go wrong all right oh That blue ER blue water. Oh, please sculpt. Oh, you know what so I was thinking about this I’m gonna give it a go right. I don’t know But I’ll shield as well your necks go what a little chest, so this is the other part of fear? I’ve been thinking over the last few games Otto here ours are hard to aim The bloom and the random shootings is just not ideal especially on mobile, and it means you’re inaccurate But the scoped assault rifle is godly. I mean if you see my C for gameplay early today. I was Motocross map and tilted but I’m on on mobile if this thing is auto aim unless they’ve removed it which is fair enough But if it says auto aim it’s an auto aim let’s see this is crispy. This is crispy I remember every shot goes dead on target This could be the best gun on 49 mobile this could be the new meta Can’t see that guy up there No Think he’s looted that I don’t know why he’s not gone flat. Supply job. It’s eating me out a little bit it’s worrying me is he going to it cuz it’s a c4 Jeff on it, or is he not going to it because Because he’s keeping eyes on it No that buildings loaded them properly. I’m going to screw it. This is my first fortnight mobile supply drop as does even work Okay, okay. Okay more minis another med kit oh My god do I pick that up that shotgun with dog Swain was insane? No I? Didn’t if I want to shotgun You know what if I was on console? I would drop the shotgun in a heartbeat. I’m gonna place if I’m on console Let’s go well for grenade okay, my tactic is if we run into some of the big base At least you can note it And I don’t feel like we’re gonna be able to ramp that easily on mobile at least I can just melt the bottom of it with this grenade launcher give me and I’m so easy Whoever’s poured this epic games you guys are crazy Totally thought would be someone in prison, but you’re honest with you just not seeing anyone right now just not seeing anyone Hmm Everyone’s chill maybe someones Chilean salty still I got I’m so sorry. They’ve only got one killed top 11 It’s my best performance so far though and obvious. I’m gonna have to get some action at the end here I want things to go well so bear with me bear with me. Oh Shots shots shots shots that is he is trying to use an unspoken I per is he crazy This guy’s ludicrous Oh Someone’s died day see that. Oh. Oh look at this Lucas This thing is crazy Shots not hit he’s one shot, I swear to go he’s one shot No he’s I think he’s like 40 50 house, maybe okay, the storms gonna push him in goodness knows what lose down there I’m just gonna wait for the storm to push him and hopefully no one comes up behind me oh god I think he fired a shot backs, and he’s definitely there. He’s definitely there come on Teddy out you come What The stonk, that’s my kill. That’s my kill what I literally melted him. I love too much hammer though cheese. That’s my kill I’m taking that that’s to kill. What’s your name? Oh? Yo, Oh someone else someone else in us This is this is this is the gun you’re 100 Chill chill chill chill I think these guys are fighting each other Yeah, they’ve engaged Dave engage leave my life. You guys are fun right you guys have fun You can remember the only people are playing right now do I complete Lee was lying anybody saying people don’t want to do because everyone here has to have had an early invite or Direct access via Epic Games letting you want to the app a service, which what I think it did for me So these guys know how to play fortnight, it’s just how good they are mobile There’s not too many people on I mean it’s literally live like 20 minutes Or do you see that base guys dodge that is Dodge? I? Don’t like look at that I’m gonna try and go over this bridge, and maybe maybe even unto the breach No, no no screw down Let’s go over let’s go over Okay Okay, guys. We’re getting top five with two kills ignore one. We’ve got two okay. The storm stole. It should have been ours But if a storm takes anyone, I think you should get it to be honest with you He’s throwing up there. Would you act cannot? Don’t thickness anyone up there to be honest with you? I’m gonna keep my some GL my ideas have got a semi-automatic in the form of Let’s go baby in the form of the comfy scope Taylor I’ve got the auto in the form of the SMG an explosive in the form of Yeah, a granate launcher No, no more ammo here in fortunately No one around. Oh, yeah guys. Oh, what the oh? God he’s looking at me Okay, he does not know what he’s doing. He’s just as clues as me I’m trying to shoot him Come on Thanos leaves you my last bullet, okay, let’s tell it your third kill guys We’re gonna make our third killer’s Gentry’s next week and get me to build I want to try and say I think building end games could be so important to her what done what? No way mate no way mate Let’s go he was pushed camping. Thank God a Dewar’s out That was literally the perfect defensive build by accident, but my god – that worker worked perfectly God He in a shock, and I could’ve been the end of me could have been the end of me back up to a hundred hundred Fuck you ALIA nice I Don’t think I want that auto blue. I like fuzz I’m consoling em you wanna pick that up in an instant, but this some or This scoped is way too good He’s in that base over there surely, I’m top three with four kills if know what it says four kills It’s got one more Nice this is point a slow speed you’ve ever seen for me oh There’s a sniper sniper battle going on here supply trip over there and unopened Can’t see anyone there You see anyone guys I Can’t I definitely come oh there he’s there. He’s areas he’s by the tree. She’s have rendered distances decent ma’am So I got such an itchy nose right now if I’m pulling obscure faces, that’s why Okay this guy I may meet this guy on the bridge He’s running away. He’s running away one one build Let’s try and get little bit quicker with this nice alright ready for this Look at that go. It’s pretty Rapide. It’s not my mom trying to move She fell them on was pretty good hose. I think I was worse my mom to us would be someone underneath does He’s no idea how to get up Where is he what the heck wave where’d you come he’s running away. What are you doing? Thank you for name take it Renee, Oh oh my god They just got noted that guy’s good with a sniper them Oh Doctor I’ve only got three register skills will say useful say gets bored. Oh, I oh I don’t need smooth I have absolutely no reason to move I’m in the next ring. It could not be more sensual on the next ring oh Is this gonna be my first ever victory well on mobile and I’m making this happen Am I making this happen right now? He went off in that direction I think he’s gonna be going behind that tree Maybe for the Supply Drop, I don’t know I think he’s gonna hide it somewhere. It’s gotta be pushed him somewhere. Where is he? Are you boy? There’s? Yo, and she’s white pick this up. This is why I picked this up Come on. Oh, yes. Oh my god. She’s lost Olivia shoot. He’s unshielded But see what’s not easy what the heck how he’s gonna be seen Barney’s dream. Oh No, oh my god, oh my god, you must boo my head off oh This is so awkward. This is tomato Genting ever. Where are you boy? he’s built random stairs I Don’t know if he’s there. It made screw this he’s got no shield He may put a mini or two on I don’t even know But I’ve melted his he’s definitely 100 100 unless he’s sitting there some somewhere shielding Yeah, he’s not here. I’m confident of SMG Now I’m actually Pooping my pants right now. I think I’ve seen I think it’s behind there I think it’s behind the AIDS behind the wooden bits right here He’s hiding in this what the heck. Where is he oh? There is there is come on My third game on one loop. Did you have get me up. Oh my god is a boat sniper. That’s for Twitter, baby Oh my gosh First ever victory Alamo bomb I’m saying that’s 5q still horrific lilo I apologize for aiming and shoe and this thing is it easiest thing the world I just want to try and get win as quickly as I could for you guys to show it off guys Let me know down below. Do you want to see more mobile? Would you want see me stick on console B to switch it up every now? And then this is all up to you guys remember if you’re gonna get yourself your own Code to enter makes you subscribe in front of him Twitter give this video a big fat thumbs up Today’s been a great today. We still got llamas to cover tomorrow so much more some videos so stay tuned Thank you for watching us. It’s evolved another brand new fortnight video. That was my first beauty route on mobile

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