New Features and Gameplay in The Sims 4 Discover University – Expansion News

New Features and Gameplay in The Sims 4 Discover University – Expansion News

Well, this was one leaky lead up but we finally
got official word on The Sims 4 Discover University. That did turn out to be the official title
of this much requested Expansion. Your Sims can attend University when it releases
November 15 for PC and Mac, with a later release of December 17 for Xbox and Playstation 4
consoles. When it’s over, let me know what you think
of all this. Bear in mind this is early info and further
clarifications will come, but for now let’s see what all we can learn from the news today! First, Sims will be able to enroll in either
the historical University of Britechester, or the more modern Foxbury Institute. These two schools are evidently rivals and
have their own mascots – I think Britechester is the dragon, and Foxbury the lobster. It’s very fitting. I think they just loved the lobster suit idea
and worked it in and good job. Sims can attend either school while living
in a dorm, or live off-campus. So yes, dorms are confirmed. Meaning we’ll be able to live right there
in the University town which is something plenty of people want. With a name like Discover University and it
being themed around finding your true self and your own style, you will definitely be
able to decorate the dorms to some degree. I’m guessing the layout and objects inside
are up to you, just with limited space and building restrictions. I’ll let you know when we hear more about
that and whether or not there are roommates. We do know there are mini-fridges you can
use to keep food fresh and have a quick snack while working on your paper. Very early in the trailer we see a bicycle,
which is clearly going to be popular for getting around the campus. I’ll be happy to see these around the world
and I think in some cases they’ll be useful for other play, especially in Outdoor Retreat
or Selvadorada – really anywhere with those big open spaces. Thankfully they don’t hop on and teleport. While pursing a degree, there will be classes
in biology, computer science, art history, and villainy. Sims will need to work to keep up their grades,
attending lectures and working on term papers and presentations. Whether you attend class or not will have
an impact on your final grade, but it may be strategic at times to skip. You’re free like most adults in college. If you saw my video about what University
might feature, I had really hoped that time management would be important in a pack like
this so I’m keeping hope alive. When not in class, Sims can partake in extra-curricular
activities, like the school robotics, art or debate clubs. We actually see a bit of robotics and debate
club in action, and I’m happy to say they are not just rabbit holes or something. Sims are clearly seen tinkering with robots
and there are a pair of podiums set up for a debate. And of course, Sims can have a little fun
with ping pong and juice pong, heck do a keg stand. Yeah we know what’s in that keg don’t we? They can also juggle soccer balls, mess with
the rival school’s mascot or maybe TP their statue. I guess pranks are definitely a thing. If your Sim has a bad day, they can go cry
their little eyes out in one of the new bathroom stalls. I assume they can also be used for other things. Like the shower, which evidently can be used
for woohoo finally. There is reportedly a secret society on campus,
think like.. skull and bones, or one of the many many school societies that exist at historical
universities in the US and Europe. I have to ask, what is this guy wearing? Is he augmented with robotics stuff or is
it just clothes? We did learn that the robots are not just
like babies, tied to the stand where you work on them. They can even join your household according
to SimGuruFrost. The main reason I wonder about this is, I’m
hoping there are some other cool rewards for participating in these extracurricular activities
so that maybe I’d want to revisit and replay all of them. Or, they could just be fun on their own without
real rewards. Sometimes the experience is in doing a thing. Either one. Something we really need is replay value in
some of these Expansions and I’m sure plenty of you agree with me. I don’t want to go one time and feel done
with it. Let me know where you stand on that. What this trailer and the news releases didn’t
talk about, was what’s AFTER University. Like what will you get a degree in. Thankfully, in the origin store page description,
it says there are engineering, education, and law careers we don’t yet know anything
about. Are they active careers like get to work,
or rabbit holes? I don’t have the answers for that one yet
and feel it’s strange this was omitted. But, bear in mind they do like to hold back
suprises, and we usually get a huge dump of information leading up to release. Now, hopefully having a degree translates
well to other existing careers in the game. I’m sure they will be mostly unmodified but
you should definitely earn a bit more pay or skip being a coffee boy and head straight
to middle management. So we don’t know a lot, we imagine you’ll
pick up skills and careers after college, and we don’t know what it’s like for teens
and if they need to apply for scholarships but it’s sort of hinted at with the acceptance
letters some bigger channels received. So running through it all, what are you most
looking forward to in this pack? there are new activities, multiple degrees
you can get from one of two schools. Dorms, mini fridges, bikes… ping pong, keg
stands and juice pong, along with shower woohoo at last. At least 3 major extracurricular activities
and a secret society. And hopefully the information about 3 career
tracks holds up. I think this is vital, just not talked about
yet very much. Quite a good bit of new decorative stuff,
objects Sims actually interact with and new clothing and hair. It doesn’t look like a pack that will do much
for the neglected children, but it’s at least going to add a bit of personality to high
school to pursue a college and the gameplay on campus for Young Adults looks interesting. I’ll be covering the livestream on November
8th and condensing it down for you that evening so stay on the lookout for that. Covering news is one of the things I greatly
enjoy so hit the bell if you want to know when I make new stuff. Sharing my work helps to support the channel
too. So, thanks to those of you who do that you’re
helping a lot. I’m really looking forward to covering this
one. University for Sims 3 was one of my favorites. If you’d like to support us on patreon, a
link is in the description. Thank you all for watching and have a great

100 Replies to “New Features and Gameplay in The Sims 4 Discover University – Expansion News”

  1. Well, I hope that the dorms don't work like the apartments in City Living, you live next to them, but LOADING SCREEN

  2. im actually really excited for once and i hope theres lots of gameplay so the world feels alive and fun! i hope we can do stuff like run for leadership stuff but thats a bit silly! im praying for the sims team to live up to our expectations!

  3. I want to be hopeful but this isn't a pack I necessarily asked for though, so I am definitely biased here. I wonder how beneficial a degree will be considering if you have base game + seasons and/or buy the connections trait, you will start your careers pretty high. All you need is A in school and complete Scouts, boom! automatic promotion to at least level 4. Unless you have to get a degree to do the 3 new careers, that would be way more realistic.

    What I really need to know is can I create Megamind in game so he can enroll in Foxbury, major in villainy, and then unleash a swarm of robots and drones on an unsuspecting Britechester? Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  4. Will be purchasing for my granddaughter while waiting for a sale to purchase mine. Would love to be able to purchase Cas items and buy/build items without the game play.

  5. My main concern is that by definition, university is NOT a perpetual experience — you go for a year or two in the Sim's life and then you're back to the core gameplay. Like Jungle Adventure or Outdoor Retreat it's only fun for a brief period of time and then you're done with it. Hopefully the new careers aren't rabbit holes and the new objects have gameplay systems that are useful outside the school itself or there won't be any long term gameplay. It's not like you need to go to school to, like, bump a few notches up in a generic rabbit hole career — that's not really much of a benefit.

  6. No one seems to have seem the girl playing with a DRONE! The guy in green on his bike plus up and there she is, the drone hovering away. Could be great for photography

  7. The lack of classes and interaction with teachers/professors is concerning. Will our sims be able to be teachers there? Will it be like get to work but with a school theme? That would be boring. And can we edit the university campus? Not being able to edit the magic realm was bad enough.

  8. I’m so excited for this pack! I do think that ppl should play through the different schools and majors themselves instead of watching every game changers’ lets plays. I love social media but I def think that’s why ppl get bored so fast. Literally DISCOVER it for yourself not just watch someone else do it then expect to have some incredibly different experience doing what you just watched someone else do.

  9. It looks very bare if I’m being honest and I don’t think it’s because they want to surprise us. Also, more active careers seems highly unlikely.

  10. It’s probably not going to happen but it would be fun if your sim could get a masters or PhD after finishing college that would advance their career even further or if your sim wants to be a doctor they would have to go to medical school.

  11. I think they took tooo long for this expansion. Don't get me wrong I am excited about it but I am stressed that they took forever. 🙄

  12. The careers have mods, I would only be interested if it's not a rabbit hole and you get something for having a degree

  13. Problem I see with Uni in this one over previous versions is whether or not it freezes time for the sims left behind in the household. I would prefer it did but I don't think that's a mechanic in sims 4.

  14. There is one thing I haven't seen people mention, and that is: applying for funds.
    This was a thing in the Sims 3 University, and I think it's fitting as, well, think about it, we don't earn money from going to university, if anything we spend. A LOT. But then we must also have a place where those money come from. In the time period where Sims go to university usually a sim would have a job and therefore earn money. So I'm interested in seeing how they will do that. Can you take a part time job next to your studies like the part time jobs we already have? Are there new part time jobs just for this? Because I also don't want it to take away from the experience of university; it's a university pack and so that is what I wanna use time on, not feeling stressed because I also have work. I'm interested to see how they will do this 🙂

  15. I actually can't wait for this. Mini fridge, toilet stalls, ping pong/ juice pong table. I am hoping for the best, but I'm already planning a Uni stream on launch day. Lucky I play other games too so I don't get AS bored with TS, I am glad the game is starting to feel fleshed out I just wish it had happened earlier.

    So what fan fav EP do we have left. I mean I know vacations are always a fav but we are getting those in-game pack versions which overall im fine with makes the vacation better when the team doesn't have to work on too many locations at once. So we have Pets, Uni, Seasons, vacation, apartments, magic, vamps, fame. I can't think of many more specific fan faves we have had in the past.

  16. Can't believe you didn't get a letter, yours is the main channel I go to for information on The Sims 4 🙂 Thanks for the video

  17. I want to study in education, then go back and work as a professor while exploring ruins in said other pack…yeah I'm that guy 😅

  18. The first time I'm not excited for university. The base game is just so lacking that the DLCs just don't add much.

  19. I'm ok with more rabbit hole careers- it's hard to play a large family if more than one person has an active career bc then one can't get ahead and you never get to do fun things with the other sims

  20. I wouldn’t necessarily get excited about the extra curriculars not being rabbit holes just yet. Sims trailers have always been really good at making the game LOOK more exciting and have more possibilities than what you actually get – they’ve been doing this since the first game, so I’m not saying the games are BAD by any stretch. Just that the trailers don’t necessarily represent actual gameplay.

  21. I've always loved all of the University expansions. They've always just inherently had the most replay value. I'm hoping this one doesn't disappoint.

  22. Acceptance letter? You have to write a letter to apply for university in the USA? 0.0 I just had to send my diploma and got accepted xD

  23. 1:22 Honestly the sim walking around wearing a lobster on its head is my spirit animal. I also hope it means we get to be mascots for the school!

  24. can't wait for game changers to be vaguely dissappointed but not really complaining much because they all get the packs for free :/

  25. I just hope it’s the same as sims 3 as in that going to University is sort of it’s own game. I wanna be able to focus on my university sim and not worry about my sims parents or siblings and then go back to normal game play and world with everyone when I graduate

  26. The LAW CAREER!!!!! My fiancé is a high-end litigation attorney, and I am in school to be a Paralegal( maybe lawyer?!) so the law degree… IF you can practice and actually be a lawyer to the criminals, or families. Like send them to work & join them. Have the Judge track- can you be bought by the evil mastermind? Or the family law/criminal attorney…. sooo many options!

  27. I just dont think this looks like an university. Many parts of the trailer feels like get together.

    Why cant we have backpacks? Who goes to the university without a backpack or a purse. That is something so simple that would improve so much this expansion in the aestetic way

    Where are the class corridors? The corridor in between classes? Will we get that? We dont need to see inside the classes, just walking to your class reminds me of university.

    Where are the sport areas? Is there a side path to walk in the forest?

    Where are the food places? (Where there is a bunch of students eating together, the official restaurant from the university)

  28. I am 99% sure the careers will be rabbit holes. Since the jobs arent the focus of the DLC, and it IS EA we're talking about.
    No pack holds that much in it, and after the "DLC for a DLC" animal stuff, it wouldn't surprise me if they make a proper career pack for the University pack later down the line 😛

    Still, great video as always! Looking forward to playing this, despite my obvious EA hate xD

  29. I doubt they've done so, but it would have been cool if each University had at least one major that the other one didn't offer.

  30. There was an awful lack of studying in this university trailer. I hope there will be special interactions and duties between students and teachers. Would have been great to have a teacher career to go work in the university as well.

  31. Hey Carl! I sent you a message on your Facebook page for Carl’s Sims4 guide. It’s a lead for a tutorial you could do on hybrid sims (no cc), accompanied by 2 questions I hoped you could answer about gameplay minutiae. Thanks again!

  32. I'm going to be so peeved if they got rid of the communications major that allowed you to "post" to the in-world social media. That was so much fun!

  33. Completely agree, do not want a one time play through and nothing to change it up after that. Hoping this brings good game play back but hopes are not too high.

  34. Im looking forward to roommates again. I want my sim to live with someone but I don't want to care for the other person.

  35. Soooooo modders, can we pull a online version if its omitted? Part time job and writing papers or doing research?

  36. I really hope not that people like bella goth or summer holiday shows up in university, becuse in realm of magic pre-created sims shows up as spellcaster

  37. Happy about this. I just played Sims 3 and was shocked at how lacking the Sims 4 is in Sim personality and doing random actions on their own.

  38. Here’s hoping that the biology stuff will come with a normal sized useable microscope.
    And while we’re at it could we get a normal sized telescope as well? 😟

  39. Still missing drums, bass and pool tables what's up with that ? And how about body hair for man. I didn't see urinals for the men's room. Hopefully this isn't as disappointing as the rest of the expansions ☮

  40. So, like 4 new stuff, And reworks of the Sims 2 objects. There was a mod bike for the Sims 2.

    I watched all Sims 3 trailers last nigth And the lack of stuff on this S4 gamepacks slap me si hard

  41. Since traveling to any world is really easy in Sims 4 compared to others, replay value isn't an issue for me as I use almost everything depending on the game I am playing at the time. In other games like Sims 3 it just bloated the game files and had a long loading screen, etc…so I rarely used University in the past and will more likely use it more in Sims 4.

  42. Besides hoping (although at this point, I don’t have any) that the expansion will be good, I, at the very least, hope we get the Sims advertised in the trailers. The female Sim in the green school outfit is very cute and I’m a toilet. I don’t even find humans cute.

  43. The previous University bored me to tears, to be honest with you. I'm really hoping this will be better. The new careers and the robots sound great, so I'll try it just for those. I always appreciate it when you are as positive as possible about what you DO like about new releases, so thanks!

  44. I wonder if it includes the option to join a leftist terrorist organization that's so prominent in universities today…
    Promoting diversity of skin color, but never diversity of thought… just like the totalitarian left of the last century that led to the deaths of 120+ million people in just 100 years, with their ideology failing in 100 countries as well…
    Truly something to celebrate in this century just like it was celebrated in the last one…

  45. My unpopular opinions/random wishes of Sims 4:
    -WE DON'T NEED OPEN WORLD! Yeah, I get it, loading screens are annoying, but open world would make the game more buggy. I think semi-open world would be ideal (example: You want to travel to a building, that's in the same neighbourhood as your household without loading screens)
    -STOP THE HATE! I know, EA is super money hungry but hey… If y'all just keep whining, it won't make the game better. You guys should show some respect, even though this game is lacking a little bit.
    -MORE CONTENT TO TEENS! Teens are literally the same as young adults, the only difference is that they are slightly slimmer. I think they should do update dedicated to teens. Like maybe add puberty or something? Okay that idea sounds really radical, but realism in Sims 4 is really lacking, and I think teenagers should get various moodlets about their changes in body etc and that should change the gameplay!.. And you know that Toddlers & Kids have their own stuff pack? Teens should get one too!

  46. I have an idea. So what if the things your sims do in college give them traits. Like how doing aspirations give you bonus traits and how you can buy bonus traits. Like if your sim attends a lot of parties they can get the party animal trait, or if they study a lot and are always on time they get a responsible trait. Or it could be like how the character values for kids in parenthood work.

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