“NEW AVENGERS GAME” | Gameplay & Missions | 24 Unlockable Suits?!

“NEW AVENGERS GAME” | Gameplay & Missions | 24 Unlockable Suits?!

(Epic Music) What’s up folks? RBG here hitting you with more content on Marvel’s Avengers. Crystal Dynamics is currently showcasing the title at Paris Games Week or as I’m recording this commentary. And more details have been coming in pretty frequently. Some beg to differ but I think it’s been reasonable considering the fact that Marvel’s Avengers has another 6 months until it’s released. But nonetheless Crystal has offered up more details on the game’s features, including customizable abilities through skill trees, solo and co-op missions, unlockable gear and outfits. Now what’s interesting is that these details and footage were already seen at PAX West and NYCC, only now it’s available to the general public. So it was always a word of mouth thing where we heard about certain things but it wasn’t fully explained on how exactly things worked. But this new overview trailer gives us an in-depth explanation of everything. Firstly I wanna talk about the mission types. Because outside of the overused A-Day mission that’s essentially a linear tutorial, we haven’t seen how much freedom we’re gonna have with each character. We haven’t even seen how the co-op works. But basically after you completed the A-Day mission that sets up the plot, you can hop straight into multiplayer if you want to, but in doing so you might spoil some of the campaign’s narrative. And I like the idea of this because it adds more replay value like you can ride the coat tails of more experienced players and breeze through the story. Or you can take the route of slowly building up your Avengers members through level grinding. I’m not sure how difficult it’s gonna be in terms of actually grinding but I’m hoping it’s reasonable. Because we already have this questionable gear system that’s giving off heavy Destiny vibes. But anyways Crystal Dynamics says that the Hero missions are single-player only. And that they’re going to showcase a specific hero. This is basically how you’re advancing the campaign, but they’re also going to unlock additional war zone missions. So over the course of this original story, you’re going to constantly unlock and play as the core roster of the Avengers, and once they’ve rejoined you, you open more missions that give you dedicated time to explore their gameplay and their individual story. So essentially that co-op option I mentioned earlier could really impact the story. Say for example I have characters who’re specifically tailored to certain missions. But I can’t access other missions because they’re also tailored some of the other characters who aren’t yet playable. I could basically access those unplayable missions by playing online with people who’ve already unlocked said characters. It’s like having a skip button. You miss out on the minute details of how those characters rejoined with the Avengers. Not to mention that your character won’t be as skilled as the other online players. Because you gotta remember this game encourages you to build up your on hero to fit your preferred play style. think it’s probably best to play Marvel’s Avengers in single player. Like I feel like the missions where you unlock characters is gonna feel the most rewarding. Because all of your heroes progress is gonna be shared through the game. So a powerful characterful like the Hulk is gonna feel more gratifying to play with once you use your experience points on him. And you actually apply some of those points you unlocked with other characters. Crystal Dynamics goes on to say that these Hero missions also give us great opportunities to build out custom spaces designed specifically and tailored to showcase each hero’s unique traits and what makes them special. So you can imagine huge wide-open environments for Iron Man to rocket around and plenty of destructible environments for the Hulk to smash. Now I’m not sure what they mean by building out custom spaces. I feel like this was an error on the journalist’s part and they meant specs or another word but who knows. If it does actually feature custom spaces such as training grounds that would be dope. Because we do see in visual examples on Iron Man’s skill tree of all the different abilities like his lasers. So yeah that part is interesting. Speaking of customizable spaces I think it’s unique that they’re making the Helicarrior which is the HUB an actual character in and of itself. Apparently it’s gonna be an upgradable base of operations that I’m guessing will get more features as you upgrade. Like I can see certain areas of it being blocked off until you fix it. And maybe it’ll have training simulators for each Avengers member. But anyways let’s talk about the Warzone Missions because I think this is where most of the crazy stuff is gonna happen. This will make up the bulk of the multiplayer aspect of the game but it can be played solo. Crystal Dynamics says that the Warzone Missions will spread across the globe. And that the players will have expansive areas to explore. got gear and resources to earn, enemies to battle and plenty of secrets to find. And there’s a wide variety of objectives, game types, and most importantly, they unlock new narrative content. So the more you play it, both hero missions and warzone missions, the more hotspots are going to appear on your war table. Now what’s interesting to me is the fact these missions will also impact the story similar to the Hero missions. But I’m wondering if these unlockable segments will have a major impact over the story or if it’ll simply be a glorified side story/mission. If anything I feel like this is something they wanna use to encourage more players to play the missions. Because you can just tell that future DLC gonna be aimed more towards the multiplayer features. Not saying that it isn’t gonna be for the main story campaign but people are gonna be using their downloadable costumes more in Warzone missions. But moving on Crystal Dynamics reiterates a little of what I said earlier about how all of your heroes’ progress is shared across the entire game. They go on to say that this will allow the players to move back and forth seamlessly between the mission times. And that this blend of story-driven single-player and online co-op really gives you the best of both worlds. I guess the best of both worlds they speak up is the opting to either play the game by yourself to prevent from being spoiled or playing through co-op. Basically the element of player choice. Something I’m worried about is how much they’re gonna make us grind for gear. Because if we’re gonna be honest loot drops has always been a very iffy concept that can effect your experience in a positive or negative way. I like the idea of playing different missions to unlock specific gear. But the novelty is gonna wear thin if I’m repeating the same missions over & over for different pieces. I’d rather utilize my skills to unlock things. But anyways since we’re on the topic of gear I just wanna point out that the gear system isn’t gonna change the aesthetics for each character you play with. They’re only gonna effect certain stats. If you ask me I think this is a bit of a letdown because you wanna show off specific gear that others probably don’t have. It’s the same as Marvel’s Spider-Man because outside of the “suit crafting” element the costumes were purely cosmetic or there for show. You could equip the special abilities onto any suit. I was a little annoyed with that but eventually gave it a pass. Because Marvel’s Spider-Man is just a single player game. But Marvel’s Avengers has online multiplayer and a part of the fun in playing with other people is showing off things that others don’t have. I mean yeah you may have an Avengers member who’s up there in stats. But there’s nothing about their look that makes them look like a bad ass. I really think Crystal Dynamics should’ve went in a similar route that NetherRealm Studios went with their gear system in Injustice 2 where every upgrade is visible. But I guess beggars can’t be choosers. A lot of work is going into this game so certain things we really want might not make the cut. In regards to the costumes it looks like there’s gonna be up to 24 outfits for each character at least for the time being. And as you can see it says that they’re visual cosmetic appearance items that simply change the way the character looks. Most of these Iron Man suits we’ve already seen through trailers and character spotlight videos. Like the Sin and Starboost armor. I think all of these will play be featured in different cutscenes where we see Tony wearing something like this outfit which is obviously a Iron Man 1 reference where he was still creating his pulsar blasters. So that’s pretty dope. 1 thing that they need to completely get away from is the user interface. Because it looks like Destiny’s menu with a facelift. And I think they knew fans were gonna raise an eyebrow to this because they disclose that the UI design isn’t final. But they need to get rid of that cursor & try to separate themselves from Destiny as much as possible. People are very weary of this game being your typical looter shooter. And hopefully that turns out to not be the case. But we’ll just have to wait and see. Anyways what do you think about all of this? Lemme know down in the comments below. As always Like ask that you like or dislike the video. It doesn’t have to be a thumbs up, it can be a thumbs down. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve on my channel. But if you really enjoyed the video it would help me out tremendously if you shared it on different social media outlets with your friends & followers. Sharing really makes a difference. But this was your boy RBG signing out on another video. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out.

26 Replies to ““NEW AVENGERS GAME” | Gameplay & Missions | 24 Unlockable Suits?!”

  1. We go more in detail on the Hero & Warzone missions and how the online multiplayer will impact the story campaign. Lemme know what you guys thinks.

  2. Actually, i hope this game will contain a model of Mark 45 if theres unlockable suits, because, dammit when we will we get a Mark 45 model, thats goddamn boring.

  3. Cool you used the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 menu theme song.

    Anyway, I think that the Marvel Avengers game looks like it'll be decent.

    I just hope it doesn't end up being a surprise mechanics game with 'gatcha' elements.

  4. 00:37 so thats another cheap norse god whos gonna get killed by the hands of Kratos in the next game
    By the way Kratos would kill all these superheroic clowns single-handedly

  5. I just hope they do Hulk right. Like the Hulk in recent years. Has been getting nothing but the shitty treatment. Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. Actually made me fear for the future of the character outside of comics.

    Unless its immortal Hulk in the comics. Who is actually getting better feats and more recognition as a character.

  6. Gonna call it in the air. This game is gonna be trash. The first major release Avengers video game and yet it doesn't look like it innovates a single thing . Never a good sign for a licensed title. Also the combat looked pretty dope from that first trailer but the more I see, the less excited I get.

    And…no open world?

    Kills me to say it but unless they really get it together in the months to come, this one will most likely be a bargain bin sale for me…if even.

  7. I really wish they would change the hulks gameplay in this because they have him moving like the broken continuity Ape-Hulk from the first two Avengers films and they really need to fix his voice cuz you can barely understand this guy and you can clearly tell it doesn't sound natural

  8. I'm actually fond of the system which separates cosmetic appearance from specific gear. It can sometimes be frustrating when you like perks on specific gear but hate the look.

  9. Gear being random is what adds replayability to these kinds of games and the quality will have to do with difficulty, your character lvl, and mission probably.

  10. They did say the game will get constant updates and improvements after launch when it comes out so your worries might change.

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