NEW Ark Genesis Screenshots!

NEW Ark Genesis Screenshots!

what’s up everybody welcome back to my
channel we are about 90 minutes away from the release of Ark Genesis so I
thought I would put together a little video just to build up some hype for
this game and keep you guys busy until Ark Genesis releases I’m pretty sure
it’s gonna be like a 50 gig download once the game goes live also so that’s
gonna suck but at least you guys can take a look at this video and keep
yourselves busy kind of so basically all day a few of the devs from arc
have been posting little teaser screenshots from arc Genesis on Twitter
some of them have actually been really cool but not everyone is aware that
these screenshots are actually going live on Twitter so I thought I would
throw them into a video to show you guys I’m not gonna comment on these
screenshots in this video I just want to put them out there for you guys to see
but I would really like to hear what you guys think about these screenshots in
the comments section below so take a look at these screenshots and let me
know what you guys think I think there’s a chance that they might also upload a
trailer for Ark Genesis here pretty soon if they do that I will upload the
trailer to this channel so if you want to see some park content or the trailer
consider subscribing to this channel once Ark Genesis goes live and I
finished downloading it I will be streaming it on Twitch or at least I’m
gonna try to I don’t always have the best luck with live streaming I tend to
run into some issues but I’m gonna give it a shot today if you would like to
come hang out with me and watch me stream Ark Genesis on Twitch I will drop
my twitch link in the pin comment below I will also put a link to my Instagram
and if any more screenshots are posted on Twitter I will upload them to my
Instagram for you guys to see I will also make a post on my Instagram the
second that I go live on Twitch tonight just to keep you guys updated and let
you know when I start streaming but anyways let’s get into these screenshots
I would love to hear what you guys think about them I hope you enjoyed this video
and thank you for watching you you

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  1. What do you guys think about these screen shots?

    Ark Genesis releases in 30 mins!!


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