Never Doubt Yourself (Motivational Video) The Enemy Within

Never Doubt Yourself (Motivational Video) The Enemy Within

[Music] there’s an African proverb that reads when there is no enemy within the enemy outside can do you no harm when you refused to allow any doubts in your own mind then no doubts from others will ever cloud your judgment when you create a strong mind there can be no other that will defeat you with their words or with their judgments when you believe in you you need no other to believe in you because others really have no say in who you will become only you have that say only you can decide if others opinions become reality or you create your own fate the greatest challenge in the greatest obstacle any human will face is their own doubts their own fears and their own conditioned thoughts if you want to live your dream you will have to fight for it you will have to fight the greatest battles of your life you will have to battle the external enemy people who don’t believe in you people who do you wrong people who put you down you will have to battle the intimate enemy those close to you who might do you wrong or maybe you assume don’t believe in you those who want the best for you but their idea of support is to remind you of what can’t be done or should it be attempted but the worst of all is the internal enemy you will have to battle it seems like an army in your head an army of doubt fear of failure fear of judgment lack of belief the voices inside the head saying I am not good enough I’m not worthy I want to do this but I can I want to give to those I love but I can’t I’m not worthy of love I’ll never be able to do this I am hopeless I’ve tried everything the world is against me no one believes in me my life’s not worth living there is no greater pain that can be inflicted on you than your own internal enemy your own thoughts will cause you more pain than anyone or anything they can be likened to a terrorist living in your soul but when you learn to control and direct your mind you can direct that internal voice to work for you rather than against you you get it to work for you by creating a compelling future a future you will be proud to achieve proud to live through you do this by not just having goals but having meaningful goals goals that get you excited to wake up every morning you do this by understanding what your purpose in life really is what are you doing it up for when you know these things when you work on yourself daily you can quiet that voice in your head you can feel good enough because you are good enough but it does take a commitment a commitment of daily practice to work in yourself cut out something that you spend a lot of time on that does nothing good for your life and replace it with daily work on you empower yourself such a life up to win [Music] you

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  1. One of the best video ever seen , and the speaker has such an inspiring voice …thank u team fearless ☺

  2. Team fearless thank you so much your this video has created a passion for fight difficulties in me your this video is so great because this world is harder than ever

  3. I am good enough ,I am able ,I am the best …….I deserve better # self confidence heals …..# thoughts destroy one # We can do this….we are future leaders and we must start now listening to my heart is my remedy

  4. I can do it, I will work quietly today, but what I will achieve tomorrow will speak out every struggle that I've been through, going through or will go through,,, all this battle worth fighting for a better future that I deserve rightfully,, I spent entire nights on coding, without realizing that it has become a passion now, my first app is finally live, it won't be a success I know it and I accept it, but it's a great confidence booster,

    my mum doesn't want me . Do I want a other life ? What should I do . I try and WIN . Thank you team fearless

  6. I has been listen This in the Morning Daily in about 3 weeks My All the fears and doubts Are.. Decreasing day by day.. YOUR VOICE AND YOUR WORDS POWER makes my will power stronger 😎😊❣️💗 love the channel …from INDIA🇮🇳..!!!

  7. I have always to see fearless motivations videos for more better commitment my daily life. and day by day impoverishing my habits and i try to progress my life. when my mind was upset than i watching motivational videos.

  8. This honestly made me cry. 😭
    What was said resonated with me. I don't know what is within me that has clicked but I've come through some stuff and I am not giving up like I used to before. And I'm finally making moves again.
    This just hit home for me.

  9. My internal enemy is killing me….I have been trying to get rid of it…but…nothing changes….what can I do…???

  10. I am 19 years living my life everyday is like the monotonous "ordinary" that is perhaps I doubted the capabilities I do have. I lack in the part of trusting myself it is because I am afraid, the anxiety within me that all these people might make fun of me, the way I talk because of my voice and the fear that what if I don't have a message within that voice. Thanks to this video I realized a lot. And that One day I can be the person that I desire to be. I Will Never Doubt Myself

  11. im going to a huge soccer scout tournament in 3 months. im afraid i wont make. im willing to put in allll the work. i have been doubter many times. im a senior in high school & school is not really for me. its hard to focus when your around so much doubters

  12. I REALLY needed this After listening to video after video I found the video that relates and Now I got a starting point.THANK YOU

  13. I am facing this now.
    This bullshit.
    I worked hard for my exam.
    But this spoiled it.
    I want to destroy it.

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  15. We first fight with ourself. And at next fight with other problems. Where there is will there are way. Our will in right way.

  16. The ad starts and I can't skip it….."The biggest poison on us is regret…." It's Garry Vee's short motivational video, very inspiring ❤️

  17. Wow, that must be the best motivational video ever and I happen to watch this exactly when I needed it. I am the one who hurts me the most.

  18. " you never gonna defeat anyone until you defeat your desire." thanks for such humble and amazing channel that motivates for the good.😊

  19. Until the enemy within Is dealt with then and only then will we begin to see the amazing results we have been anticipating for all our lives.

  20. All my life i been training myself the wrong path of beating myself up and telling myself i am no good or i am wrothless. No more. I will strive to tell myself i am worth it and i am not going to let other people push me down. I will rise.

  21. Confidence is something what we need in every purpose of our life and the most precious and powerful quality of life.

  22. Sometimes you washed your memories so clean there's nothing to remember but a voice keeps calling to you, "let's go home" …
    BUT you don't remember where is home.

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