Yo, guys, i am Kerry Katona. And I’m Arnold Schwarznigger. And today, we are collabing with this guy. (Laughing noises?) It’s good to be in Birmingham. You guys talk like this. Every thing’s a question~ Today, we are going to be doing nettle, olympics. sick AHHH, MY FUCKING BACK (screaming) AH, SOMEONE HELP! screaming) You ready? -No I can’t believe I’m wearing KSI’s shorts Oh, fuck off Bro, oh my god- oh my god, oh my god Rock, paper, scissors Ok; you always have to Come on man, we can’t do it three way rock paper sci- It don’t work Yes… – That means your out first -Wait what just happened? -Yea, but… -Yea, but I destroyed your fucking… -And I covered his rock -Yeah that means we all have sex, now I don’t want to do this. 3, 2, 1, GO! (Intense screaming) Romell’s in a bush That was nasty. My feet are killing me. Feels like a placenta That ain’t nice man. Aww, my big toe is throbbing guys… (illuminati music) Oi, I’ma fucking do this in style. -What? -It’s not good. -Aw, thanks mate. 3, 2, 1, (Intense screaming) (Laughing starts) Fuck off, fuck off… No x6 (More intense screaming) I got my, my blue shorts on~ Cuz, I’ma profesional diver. YO Go on, pussy. – I’ll do it. – Fuck off. Fuck… -CUNT! (Intense little girl screaming) (Running man song starts) (laughing) AH, MY TOE!!! MY TOE! MY FUCKING TOE! -It was at the end when he- -BRO. BRO!!! Bro, hes did the running man thing! (More laughing) That’s horrible pain. That is horrible. Casted for Bridget Jones’s Diary. (Laughing) – ARE YOU A MUMA’S BOY, OR WHAT? – COME ON BITCH! – ARE YOU A MUMA’S BOY?! – FUCK IT UP! (goat like screams) Go, go! (more goat screams) COME ON MATE! (A collection of painful screams) OH, MY GOD! I CAN’T MOVE! DON”T DO THIS. DON’T DO THIS. DON’T FUCKING DO THIS. BRO, I CAN’T MOVE. BRO, DON’T DO THIS. (screams of pain, followed by laughter) AHHH, OH MY GOD X2 IS THIS JUST MAD? NO, NO, NO! FUCK THAT! – Yo, yo! – Peace out bitches (first scream) (second scream) (third scream) (fourth scream) (fifth scream) (and finally, the sixth scream) (just screenshot this…) JJ, don’t do it. It ain’t worth it! GO HOME! This is fucking stupid. I might just- Fuck… (laughter?) Fuck it. (gorilla like screams) OH, YOU FAT CUNT! (laughter/screams) AH, FUCK OFF! AH, YOU FUCK! AHHHHH- (psychotic screams) AH, IT’S EVERYWHERE!!!! NAW BRUV, I CAN’T- AHHHH NO, THAT’S SO SHIT. (more intense screams) FUCKING SHIT! IT’S JUST SHIT! – Bro I’m… so bad. – Oh, my god. It’s just like a Hershey’s bar. – Fuck my life, man. – Dude, that looks fucking brutal. – You like Barbra, hehe. – Are we recording? Yep. Ok. Yo guys, this was TGF and. Yo, ya boy, KSI… What’s going- Give this video, this video was shit. If we can get 96,000 dislikes… that would be amazing. Please don’t listen to him. Please guys, 90,000 likes would be much appreciated. And make sure you go to my boy’s video, on his channel. Obviously you gonna go to it anyway~ – But anyway yea, – Yo, they probably watched his video before ours. No they DEFIANTLY watched- they DEFIANTLY watched his video before ours. – Why am I still down here? – I don’t fucking know! Get away from his gooch man! It’s been amazing, having this guy on our channel. It’s been a fucking sick weekend, man. Bring it, bring it in lads. Bring it- (dry humping begins…) Subscribe guys!

100 Replies to “NETTLE OLYMPICS ft. KSI”

  1. Me:First thing romell kicks jay down the nettles makes me laugh
    My mom:waht is it
    Me:*shows her*
    My mom:i wish it

  2. i would love to see you top a jumper on and fill it with nettles only a jump no tshirt or anything just the jumper but you guys are pussy boys so we alrdy know you dont have it in you like if you Agre and would like to see this done1 ??

  3. I’m giving $3,000 to each of my next 30 subs! I am going to make an awesome video and I will fly you out to meet me as well as make a really cool video with you!

  4. 2:01
    Read subtitles
    There are more funny subtitles but i can’t type them all because 99% of the subtitles are funny and 1% are normal subtitles

  5. me and my bro were in cornwall and we climbed a cliff in just swimming shorts and we had to climb through relentless nettle and thorn bushes whilst trying not to fall

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