Netherlands vs Chemours football match

Netherlands vs Chemours football match

And Chemours is making an opening Are there any laws against illegal waste water? not that it seems… So just…. do it then! And….. Yes…… Yes, here they do it Tons of waste water…. just droppped All the chemicals and all the toxics still in there Let’s see it from a different angle! What a dump, omg, what a dump this is….. And while they are dumping, the Dutch government looks if there is anything they can do… Not a lot of research available, so just let them do it I think… O yes.. more and more toxics, let’s kill all the animals, great, fantastic That’s one for the economy guys! This player loos like he just drank too much of that water! He must feel really bad in his stommach I want to see it again, doesn’t it just looks fantastic guys? to waste nature? OMG, fantastic dumping! Karsdorp wants the ball on the right side He wants to earn a transfer to England for better drinking water But so far, not so good Let’s see if we can do anything! Is there anything we can do, to prevent them from dumping? But it seems we all just pass the ball back and forward. What a wasted shot that is again And the tapwater they just gave him is clearly not falling so well… So there is a subtitution here Wesley Hoedt is coming in And he currently plays in Italy, so he usually drinks…. Bottled water… And as the second half is underway We will see if the Dutch government does…. …anything, against the illegal dumping

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  1. hoop dat je nog meer van dit soort clips maakt over chemours/dupont ze zijn geweldig en helpen enorm om het schandaal heel duidelijk te maken , ga alsjeblieft door hiermee!

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