Netherlands’ Oldest Extreme Sport – Red Bull Fierste Ljepper

Netherlands’ Oldest Extreme Sport – Red Bull Fierste Ljepper

I felt this jump was really special. I was so high up on the pole. It was more than a meter higher than normal. The time in the air was longer than ever. A very special feeling.

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  1. @dhrGerrit WTF? you startet 2 world wars and LOST BOTH. you guys have 2 much nationalism and still has, nationalism is something that belongs in te 1800century. and its STUPID! Go home and eat BRATWURST you god dam germans!!

  2. Hey Redbull you should do a video about hurling which is and irish sport so you could maybe spread it around cause its only really played here ireland…o btw its like 2000 years old 🙂

  3. @ZiiX845 you dont get the difference between the netherlands and germany? and if youre talking about nationalism you should talk about the VS.

  4. @smiley0970 no the landings dont hurt, the sandbed is pretty deep, and soft so it doesnt hurt at all:)
    i am doing this sport myself 2, and i love it:D

  5. @MrTweetyhack because when he jumps too slow in the stick, he will fall back, the people that are running behind him/her can catch them so they dont get badly injured:)

  6. that's gotta be "in bruges".. nerdy filmfreak knowledge: that tower in the end looks like the one in "in bruges".. but then on the other hand bruges is in belgiumm

  7. It's Amersfoort, the big brown building in the water during most of the clip is the Koppelpoort. Not sure what the tower is called; just a church tower.

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