NET FLIPPERS AND BOUNCES!!! | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 16

NET FLIPPERS AND BOUNCES!!!  | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 16

Spike Volleyball Gameplay Career Mode Yes Guy Gaming Pro Volleyball PS4 Xbox One PC Steam Spike Volleyball okay let’s see how many aces I can
rattle off do you see the last episode hello and welcome back to Jess guy
gaming we’re back playing spike volleyball it’s been a little bit since
I played this game I got to apologize but we’re getting back into it
we’re playing the career mode I’d like to get to the end of this career mode
try to get some good players and see what it actually looks like to get the
full squad of sick players so that’s the goal we’ve got to work our way through
game at a time but we’ve been pretty dominant recently we’ll see if I can
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he’s a freaking announcer’s man they have not gotten any better the more I
have blades hey you guys need some announcing give me as common as teams in
the semi-final and they’re both wrong that’s my big guy well we got that coach
is the same guy every single team look at it’s the same dude he just won a
different shirt in different classes it’s the same guys time to get it’s like
one family as well I want just a fuchsia mr. King the refs all look the same too
but they have different names every time what the game centers all right here we
go I’ve been played in a while we’re playing this game straight up straight
up pummeling them pound it hard buddy hopefully the clip does not get my way
this time nice back outside we’re looking for the successful block come on
there’s a dig who’s there why did it give me the option to jump the guys in
the back row bounce it all day baby let’s go come on
guy skies didn’t even jump on that they jumped away late
a Sun heart wait is this on Hard difficulty we got to check careers on
Hard difficulty like it doesn’t get any harder I don’t think right here we go
found that down the line obviously we’re pounding it down the
line every time boom you got us they gotta set this guy in here I’m
gonna get a successful block oh oh what what what what nobody’s fat corner super
what’s going on you guys because in form of them they’re all just standing up
there I’ll let that easy shot back there also
I have no option to block or do anything what what I will take it let’s hit a
sharp spinner right on the sidelines am aiming right there hit that old netbook yeah I took some risk guys I took some
risk and I miss what my dad here we go pasa that was out I should have left it
run this middle guy he’s right there bounce it buddy that’s what no approach
just jumps and just patty-cakes it straight down nice he’s getting his
chest over the net holy dad okay let’s see how many aces I can rattle off do
you see the last episode I got a sign missin service all right come on stop
missing your frickin serve I might try to score on some back-row balls maybe
let’s see if that works yeah said this guy said this guy whoa
that’s a back roll ball see if you set a guy who passes it screws it up
completely I found that out Oh run the middle bounce this sharp Oh he dug it
out like I’m I’m only what what I got that I guess nice this is a close game
to start not good all right what kind of a barn
that this guy’s got no power weak serve block the right saw watch the pipe oh I
tried to dig that and I couldn’t it was so far out yapping tank every five
points we don’t need that these guys just miss serves than it out
of bounds oh shit I just pressed a serf button I was trying to hustle through
the timeout where’s it going back set lock that what you need to give me the
chance to make a dig key serving is so big in this game who knew it’s not about
yeah well you should know that yeah nice obviously running middle bounce that
buddy come on the middle bounds all right all
right let’s go six four who’s this I don’t I can’t read his name because I
picked the Thomas uniform ever gonna nice to you guys that ace alright let’s
try to get an ace another way I found four or five ways to get Isis let’s try
another way they’ve got to go to this guy
oh no there’s a day yeah set the pipe why I don’t know oh yes the pipe worked
that’s sick figured out oh how do I do that I don’t
know oh well trying to get an ace down the seam maybe I don’t know doesn’t
really seem to work who are they gonna set that guy oh the back bump quick set
just doesn’t work guys like what are you doing
pound it okay they got to go middle oh they’re setting C ball will go down
on that there’s it dig set the guide pipe see if you can score again oh I got
it how did I get that what it technical time inaudible team
anyway you what
I’m out size matters I wonder if these coaches ever talk about their
international matches at their family dinners and they all just compare notes
and brag about who’s the best coach because they’re all the same guy block
this successful block come on guys like how cool would it be if you
could just penetrate massively over the net instead of getting it off the chest
every time geez set the C ball let’s see if we can score oh we can’t surprise
surprise dude dig it it was my bad I just panicked we started hammering the
button here we go ten six we can’t fold up now guys like let’s go
I’m gonna keep the pressure on run that middle bounce that sharp shit the shitty net flipper I will take that
although I shouldn’t do that because it gives them more time to block it alright
pound this serve as hard as you can yeah that’s a good he’s like oh jeez yes
oh they suck down the hardest serve again just down the line at this guy
let’s play some defense nice watch the back set they got to go
bow why they going pipe I’m gonna take that up all day I’m gonna run a pipe in
my own cuz the guys laid plan D over there oh they dug it down on that for
sure yeah set the C ball where should I hit it maybe deep corner no libero dug
it the back road I scored on one pipe and I’m hungry for more
yeah set that guy the pipe it it’s short mmm that didn’t work either not really
sure what works well that’s a down ball who’s available set the middle guy he’ll
bounce it checked my fault yeah set this C ball let’s try to bounce the C ball
deaf Lipper though so I guess we can’t bounce the back row but we can get those
net flippers thanks all right here we go just pound it hard as fuck not that not
that hard that would be too hard okay definitely going outside Oh get that this guy never dug its hip before really
buddy although there was absolutely no block my bad yeah run the middle bounce
it sharp oh I was so close I want that sharp ball I guess I got it it’s more
straight down absolutely never question it more straight down yeah it’s more
straight down okay let’s straight down cuz I went off the tape I will take it
though I am like leading the league I’m number one in the world and our number
one weapon is net flippers successful block come on I’m all over that went
right down hit the guy in the crotch Yeah right bud yeah he’s fine he’s used
to it they all wear cups cuz they get their crotch over the net
every time here comes the bounce bounce it that was pretty soft bounce but I’ll
take it for the set yeah alright here we go start upset number two I’m gonna
change up my tactics maybe why I don’t know guys keep it interesting we were
basically fooling around that whole set and ended up winning I’m trying to get
the most out of this game why are they sitting who’s there geez set the middle
guy he’s absolutely not ready for it and he hit it in the net no surprise I also
like trying to bounce it straight down I don’t know I’m taking risk set the pipe
what’s open oh he shanked it got a shank go down on
that whoa right side guys gonna bounce a sharp Oh
that was interesting block that there’s a dig it’s at the right side guy and
it’s sharp angle like whoa that was sharp but he dug it down on that oh yeah
set the middle guy is he ready for it you can do it now oh he can’t wash
outside Oh yep good dig it’s at the left Spike Volleyball Gameplay Career Mode Yes Guy Gaming Pro Volleyball PS4 Xbox One PC Steam Spike Volleyball Spike Volleyball Gameplay Career Mode Yes Guy Gaming Pro Volleyball PS4 Xbox One PC Steam Spike Volleyball side guy absolutely bounce the straight
down buddy that’s slippery yeah good against or
without the net foot but we need that I can just see the coach of the national
team drawing up the strategy okay boys but I just swing low soft and short
looking for that net flipper get back oh yeah sack buddy like the block is
non-existent all right Murr oh it would be a good time for an ace buddy you’re
the top guy mmm you suck though you’re getting it too hard what there’s a dig
okay bounce this really fricking sharp are you kidding me guys yes did you see that I’m doing that
every time for now and you gotta go for the bounces come on come on sit back and
give me a free ball so I can go for a bounce again yeah there’s a free ball
bounce this straight down right there yeah it’s just power that through the
tape that was a net flipper absolutely just power it through the tape well done here we go yeah it’s going back for sure
I was wrong set the guy in the front and he’s gonna bounce it net flippers bird
the win jet timeout baby coach comes into the
time he goes okay guys playing really well but we need a few more net flippers
it low soft and short all right here we go Mauro let’s clean up this mess or a51
on net flippers let’s go get back it’s a back set for sure block this there’s it
dig it set the right side guy he’s ready oh okay I don’t know just don’t block it
just leave it yeah there’s a dig set the middle guy I want you to bounce it sharp
middle guy I mean yeah we scored but I was aiming way sharper down in that
middle guy like what are you doing hitting it so deep didn’t you listen to
coach meet those net flippers here we go number Oh deep and as hard as you can
that’s a perfect serve and obviously it’s an ace yes guy come on
7 1 let’s keep it rolling oh that’s a sick net flipper did you see that yes
and we’ll take that what oh yeah let’s do it again
Moreau’s got the power I wonder if I can bounce more aggressively with better
players oh yeah let that guy bounce it sharp over there buddy yeah okay so when you maybe if I hit it
softer but still aim sharp they won’t hit it out of bounds
let’s try that set this guy and only hit it that hard how close was that
that was very close I got it even hit it hit it even softer let’s try it again we
got the lead boys to try to even softer oh let’s try it again just hit it right
there buddy yes the finesse play although I did get
the net flipper although coach will like that this guy’s
got a shit sir compared to Murrow he’s out watch the back set what are you
guys doing go maybe I need to respect the middle a little bit more I’ve just
been leaving it completely also what am i doing I got my outside guys coming
okay yeah hit it right over there buddy I hit
it Soper shuts off oh what a dig there’s a dig yeah over there oh he dug it the
net flipper watch it there’s a dig run middle on that bounce it’s sharp oh all right quit fooling around
time for the mega bounce what as if he dug that sea ball there’s a dig set this
guy all right we need a score geez I’ve let these guys back in the game there’s
a day what it dig by that guy bounce it just come on
you’ll reliable pound level harder than shortly nice
shut up announcers here we go this is their worst rotation by far Center and
for they hate it and it’s so much so just gonna leave service for the ACE all
right here we go it’s still only 11 five after the entire Oh triple triple on the
middle what am i doing my guys are lost there’s a dig sent middle because gonna
bounce it right there at all see I almost bough somebody was way too far
off for that sea ball we’re going down there’s an easy gig so this guy bounced
it here please jeez although ya see that guys the less good middle or is that the
good middle I can’t remember I wonder if he could bounce it’s more straight down
I don’t know okay hit that serve over there buddy the Cutty serve over there oh my god I will take it let’s try that
again that was sick that was less cutty whoa Oh Rudo all right here we gonna pass up
there’s a pass dump it stupid
so dumb the dump it does not work they rarely jump said it okay jump said it dude
why doesn’t you jump says a perfect pass there you go
oh now he jump sets it yeah an old reliable metal guy yeah blows off the
shore to get us out of it all right an ace for the win would be great Taylor
it’s short over there why we’re trying new things okay yeah new things not
always good things leave it boys big win yes there’s so light even though we were
sneaking around the entire time one new holy shit I just got a middle blocker
who’s got strong points in attack smash dig and awareness whoa again I got an
out an opposite hitter with power and black hiked yes my two favorite skills
although attack height is is good too okay so those two big recruits
immediately made their way into the starting lineup
we got Matthew Taylor and as well his brother out of Taylor who’s the
shittiest guy on my starting lineup now Matthew Taylor is the new opposite and
he yeah he’s an improvement although my right side was killing it before so if
this guy’s any better who we’re gonna get some bounces and in the middle
already in yeah loud hopefully he’s gonna be pretty good he he’s not quite
as tall as the other guy but he’s better overall he’s got a higher block height I
don’t know we’ll see how that works out anyway guys that’s gonna do for this
episode of spike volleyball I gotta thank you guys so much for watching
thank you for sticking all the way through the end of video
love to see the guy your guys comments and the support you’ve shown to this
series this channel every thing if you haven’t already hit that
subscribe button maybe leave a like comment with what you like your favorite
series what you like about this maybe some things you want to see me try I’m
happy to hear that stuff cuz I love trying new shit in this game especially
because you never know what’s gonna happen anyways thank you guys again so
much for watching I hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming Spike Volleyball Gameplay Career Mode Yes Guy Gaming Pro Volleyball PS4 Xbox One PC Steam Spike Volleyball

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  1. Have you seen this? The patch is available! Tell us what is different now…

    Greetings everyone,

    Since the release of Spike Volleyball we’ve worked hard with Black Sheep Studio on an update which fixes some of the issues players have encountered so far.

    We’re pleased to announce that this update is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

  2. bro join this subreddit so you`ll be informed for the next patch in the near future, also keep making this videos we love it!

  3. bro join this subreddit so you`ll be informed for the next patch in the near future, also keep making this videos we love it!

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