NES CLASSIC Unboxing and gameplay! | iJustine

NES CLASSIC Unboxing and gameplay! | iJustine

What’s up, guys? Today, we’re checking out the NES Classic Edition! This comes out November 11th, so huge thank you, Nintendo, for sending me this early to check out. I’m super excited! Even just yesterday, my sister was asking if I had a Super Nintendo or anything here to play some classic games, and the irony; this shows up today! So, I kinda can’t believe it… I do have a Super Nintendo and a 64, but neither of them are set up. Let’s open it up! This is my childhood! You can use two controllers. Another controller is sold separately. It’s this little, sweet, NES— Oh my gosh! Matthew! I’m having flashbacks to my childhood! Your childhood is only a year ago, you’re still a child. Not interested. I’m defiinitely gonna have to get a second controller. We’ve got a power adapter here. Oh, smells great. HDMI cable. Power cord. Oh my god, this is tiny. This is like the size of an NES game. Like, this is the size of what the cartridges used to be like. Can you believe this? Oh, wow… Holy moly. Let’s set this thing up! I can fit all of these items in the palm of my hand. This is incredible. Here’s the problem! This cord’s really short! Put that right there… I think this might be a much better setup upstairs in my offiice, but I wanna play it on this huge TV. Alright, let’s power it on! Definitely something I should play at my desk. Oh my gosh! This is huge! So there’s thirty total games on this little tiny guy… We’re playing Mario. Oh no! I wanted to get the mushroom! Gimme that! Shoot! I’m in trouble… Let’s play something else. Oh my god! If you hit reset, it gets you back to the— I’m having, like, flashbacks to my childhood when, like, you couldn’t save games. So, I would tell my mom, like, “You can’t touch this! You have to leave it on.” And at the time, like, my parents, like, they always, still to this day, shut everything off before they go to sleep, they turn lights off, like, unplug everything! So, for them, leaving this on, I know for my dad, it drove him absolutely nuts! Hi, honey! Not right now, I’m playing a videogame. So, this is pretty cool. The display settings; to have a CRT filter, to make it look like some of those old school TVs with the scan lines, the 4:3 ratio, or Pixel Perfect. Got Super Mario Bros. 2! Oh— Dreamboat! Look at the scan lines! It looks like— Can you guys see it? You might just have to trust me that they’re there! Yes, I will save you! I WILL SAVE YOU! PRINCESS, YOU PIG! NO! Aw, geez… So, there’s thirty total games! I will put all of those games listed right there. Let me know what you guys are most looking forward to. And, I’m gonna go and edit this video now. So, see you guys later! Bye! “Guess what I found. My iPhone 7 dongle! It’s been missing for quite some time. This also just came in today. This is a USB Type-C Hub. It has many different slots for pretty much everything that you’re gonna need. If you guys got one of the MacBook Pros, or if you have one of the MacBook Airs… You can power it with USB-C. You got two different SD card slots, and two USB—”

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  1. it's great that Walmart and gamestop are stocking these again.may get one for Christmas.if they still have any.

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  3. i just bought this one for $80 on ebay and it has 750+ games on it most of the NES titles i now have the snes and the nes mini complete I'm one happy dude no more having to buy the cartridges seperate and blowing inside them like i use to megaman mario donkey kong tetris metroid zelda castlevania real classics

  4. Will definitely be buying one of these. But would be even better if you could buy cartridge style games that had more games on.
    Making it possible to have every Nintendo game from the NES generation days.

  5. I didn’t grow up around the time but I love nostalgia games and here it what I have spent so long looking for thanks ijustine.

  6. 2003 i played original Nintendo as a kid and i still play original nintendo i got one now the one i had as a kid got broke

  7. hi just wondering i know there is 3 display settings on this with pixel perfect but is there any way to play games on tv in full screen at all ?

  8. is there any way to do cheats on nes mini at all like you can in nestopia like game genuie codes is this possible also on nes mini?

  9. Imma be honest I'm only ten. (Obiously not born in the 90's or 80's) But the games on there are addicting! I'll be sure to remember this as my childhood when i get older.

  10. Still my favorite system. It was a dream come true when Nintendo announced the mini and an absolute nightmare to get because of scalper scumbags.

    Starting with SMB huh? Ahh tradition. 🙂

    Yeah I got in trouble for leaving the system on constantly and shooting the electricity bill through the roof.

  11. Whahhaahha laughing my ass off with this review!!! The best part was the shouting part 4:33 HAHA I remember those energy explosions myself back in the days! Gonna buy this for sure!

  12. I got one given to e, but for some ond reason the instructions and stuff is mostly in Chinese and even the games are in Chinese. Not sure if there is a way to get it in English or not.

  13. Just got mine today my hubby got it for me for Christmas. I played mine so much when I was kid I burnt mine up and it would not work anymore. Childhood flash backs love it.

  14. Justine, How far did you get with Zelda 2 The Adventure of link. When that game came out in 1986-87 I became addicted to the Zelda series.

  15. If you care enough to get one now, the extra controllers for this console are back on amazon for about $25. You can also buy some really cheap extension cables for both controllers for less than $10

  16. i have this console but the EU version and i thing is better than the american.I just thing this,i don't talking evryone like the eu more.I thing this.

  17. I have the same game system that you have if you come over to my place and play it over here I got a 50 inch screen TV you can try it out on and 5.1 surround sound you’re so good at this

  18. This video made by … I think they advertizing the retro konzol with your video… with out your knowledge…

  19. Hopefully, NINTENDO will get the idea of how well these products are selling. It would really help increase business if they precede their new system (an improved version of their SWITCH?) with a NINTENDO 64 flashback, then the next one with a Gamecube flashback, and so on. Salute their old customers before their new system comes out. And then their older customers will buy the new systems for their children. Are you listening NINTENDO? Sounds like a good idea, right? BECAUSE IT IS! Or do you simply not want to make more money?

  20. I really like your shirt. It reminds of the hand protectors warriors and Samurai would wear to protect the backside of their hands. I like how the long sleeves have integrated it with a modern touch. Now, if only I could find a man version.

  21. Hello

    Miss, I would like to know where we can buy it

    on the internet as an example AMAZON. thank you my country closest to me is Canada cincerly yours ..

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