Nepal: Little Buddha, the return – Documentary

Nepal: Little Buddha, the return – Documentary

Is a living legend in Nepal ? The fifteen-year-old adolescent was rumored to have spent a year motionless meditating under this tree without eating or drinking People came in there thousands from India or Nepal to bow to the one they believe is the reincarnation of Buddha He became known the world over Then suddenly in May 2006 he disappeared without trace until he recently reappeared just as mysteriously No, one knows. What happened A Miracle or a hoax. What is the true story behind the Little Buddha? He was born in a small village in Nepal One of nine children in a very poor family his mother Maya Devi Remembers when he was eight years old he already wanted to be a monk When he was a little boy he used to follow the monks he liked religious sites he liked temples When he was 13 he left for a monastery in India. His family had nothing more Until one day he was found meditating in the heart of this forest under a giant banyan tree And for the next 11 months he remained rooted in the lotus position Was he real ? Then something incredible happened In the middle of the night, some pilgrims saw the Little Buddha in the middle of a fire this extraordinary amateur footage Clearly shows his monks robes on fire and the young man apparently impervious to the flames And then another mystery he suddenly disappeared without trace The distraught believers left the site, which they said had developed a sinister atmosphere Maya devi , the little Buddha’s mother found herself alone stunned and deeply saddened Everyday she came to pray at the place where her son had been sitting Since my son disappeared, I’ve been feeling ill it’s as if a snake had wrapped itself around me and tried to suffocate me His disappearance was all the more worrying because Nepal is in turmoil A Civil war has been tearing the country apart for over 10 years the death toll is believed to top 13,000 and the population is on edge When our film crew arrived in Kathmandu the capital was paralyzed there appear to be demonstrations everywhere They are journalists ! , they’re looking for the Little Buddha Welcome !! the way is opened the very mention of the Little Buddha was enough to get through It’s a 10-hour drive to reach the forest And a rumor has begun to spread that the Little Buddha has returned Some people say he may be back nearby here somewhere. I’m not exactly sure where I haven’t been – same Here everyone says that the Little Buddha is back everyone wants to go and see him not for sure And the rumor becomes fact when a group of hunters find the Little Buddha in the middle of the forest On hearing the news villagers flocked to the site these pictures were taken by a Nepalese journalist They show little Buddha talking for the very first time Since you disappeared ten months ago people wondered about you some had doubts about you Thousands of people thousands of ideas Everyone is free to think to have their own mind let them talk and one day they will know the truth We want to protect you, but we’re only humans what can we do do as you like I don’t know It’s up to God to decide But you’ll be able to see me from sunrise to sunset News of his return spreads like wildfire and the pilgrims begin to return a Winding trail leads deep into the forest and police patrols are everywhere Stop here and you can’t go any further you’ll have to leave the car here There’s another ten kilometers to be covered on foot Most of the pilgrims walk or cycle sometimes from very far away to see the Little Buddha Hello yes we’re going to see the Little Buddha yes, that’s the first time we’re gonna see him then we’re bringing him offerings And the police escort our crew reaches the sacred enclosure and everyone has to take their shoes off quietly This man just saw the Little Buddha he appears illuminated He’s a great, man The first signs of devotion appear aside from the sound of footsteps, it’s eerily silent The pilgrims hoped to see the Little Buddha to touch him to talk to him, but they were in for a surprise Behind the roped-off enclosure that prevents anyone from getting too close the young man had changed his appearance The little Buddha’s face was hidden behind his hair Only a corner of his mouth was visible and for four straight days. He sat motionless The pilgrims were praying fascinated and almost frightened by his body without a face In the months since his sudden reappearance the seemingly miraculous has reoccurred The young man has neither eaten more drunk how could he still be alive? The only person who might have the answer is Prem a monk and childhood friend He’d taken care of him before he disappeared and claimed. They could converse telepathically Does he drink does heed Never know he never eats not even fruit never drinks any water either So is it a hoax we showed pictures of the little Buddha to been ad Westfeldt a nutritionist He says a person can only survive eight days without drinking 45 days without eating Well certainly Sitting in a that sort of position for so long without eating or drinking After a while he’d become paralyzed by the muscles would atrophy yeah, and he certainly wouldn’t be able to get up He’d die for sure In Kathmandu the Buddhist authorities also have their doubts we went to see one of the dalai lamas spokesman in his monastery He’s a scientist by training while impressed by the young man’s fasting and meditation remain skeptical The public them want someone there here well the power of meditation can them not certainly keep young people going to In three months without suffering too much They’ve been unverified reports of such things but to never move to never eat to never drink No, I think that’s impossible as I see admit I saw a particular Me family – no I said pussy Well perhaps Little Buddha has been eating and stretching his legs at nighttime It’s hard to know for sure After sunset monks guard him and prevent anyone from getting close Even the military are told to move off and would not dare to challenge the monks Authority People we’re not authorized to leave the soldiers on duty at nighttime. I don’t know what’s going on Anyway, I can’t understand how a man can stay like that without moving And then there’s the financial implication because the pilgrims always leave some offering The small amounts of money left as gifts add up to six hundred thousand rupees About twenty thousand dollars the money will continue to pour in with the return of the Little Buddha hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are expected The welcoming committee is planning to expand the rope to enclosure around the young man I Hope there’ll be enough rope The sacrosanct area around Little Buddha has doubled in size He said also himself and Now you know those tracks all over the Nepal, but if it is running Everything is hopping Then it will be very rush The money left by the pilgrims will be used to build a temple in honor of the Little Buddha But lately construction has ground to a standstill The government has confiscated the money until they have made sure that the Little Buddha story is not a charade The further however is far from being extinguished The young man promises to follow in the steps of Buddha his guiding light and to meditate for six years Which means he has another four years of immobility? ahead of him You

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  1. Something smells…fishy here. The moment they said that only monks could be there at night, that's when I knew something was up

    Edit: okay, woah woah woah woah. I just looked up this kid, and he is NOT as innocent as he seems. Far from it actually. Countless accusations of rape, murder, assualt, etc. In fact, he's currently under investigation for his missing devotees. He held women captive and he, along with his devotees, had abused and raped them for three months. That's not even all of it. There is an extremely long list of horrific things he's been accused of, but blind devotion has prevented most of them from being pursued

  2. กระหม่อมนับถือพระองค์หน้าตาก้อเหมือนเทวรูปในรูปปั้นของไทยสาธุ

  3. That guy is already done with meditation, calls himsel Ram Bahadur Bomjon…and is a sadist, raping psychopath! I know this sounds crazy, I couldn't believe it either. Just research it, it's crazy!

  4. LMAO the Buddha boy turned out to be a sexual predator. Accused of molesting and killing his devotees. Why would anyone believe this fraudster in the first place is beyond me.

  5. What I’m buddha too
    Easy scamming people all rubbish……
    No human inks blood can be a God or souls to god …. Rubbish rubbish they lie to us since we kids brain wasting all our years …. for what Buddha human Buddha ……

  6. Today little buddha tomorrow little Jesus then what little ibrahem,,,,, fuck all you tinnier brain washed by power of humans…….

  7. ऐसे कृया से बुद्ध नहि बनते, यह ताे महातमसता हे, काेइ शारीरिक चमत्कार से बुद्ध बनते ताे इनसे चमत्कारि संसारमे गिना नहि जा सकता। बुद्धत्व अात्मिक बिषय हे काेइ शारीरिक नहि, वास्तव मे बाेधिसत्व काे प्राप्त किय विश्व प्रसिद्ध सिद्धार्थ गौतम भि मात्र बाेधकिए क्या बाेध हुवा स्पष्ट नहि हे ,सत्व या सत्य का बाेध हुए होते संसारकाे सताेन्मुख बनाते, नहि हुवा यहि कारण अाज भि सत्य का तलाश जितना पहले था अाज भि अौर सत्य का अनिकाल पडा हे, यह महाेदय काे सत्य क्या हे कुछ दे नहि सके हे। किन अर्थसे यह महाशय काे बुद्ध कहे खुव प्रचारप्रसार कर रहे हे, सत्यका पहिचान होना अत्यावश्यक हे बुद्ध बननेके लिए, इनकाे सत्य का जानकारी भि नहिदिखे हे। अाजतक जिनता अभिव्यत्ति अाया सभि तमसपुर्ण भक्ति कि कमाल हे। चिन्तन करें बुद्ध का वास्तविक अर्थसे रुवरु हाेने से अापे हि वन्चित हे, उनसे अाश सत्यका क्या रखें। कमेन्ट नहि चिन्तन करें। धन्यवाद !!!

  8. Just because a person, irrespective of age, can sit motionless meditating for long periods of time without eating, drinking or apparently not sleeping, does not make them a god or superior to any other person. A snake bit the young lad while in the tree hollow.
    Later, when he returned to his village and was meditating outside his hut, two young ruffians tried to distract him and generally made a nuisance of themselves close to him. Suddenly the young lad hit them both. The ruffians then went to the police to complain, which prompted the cops visiting him for an explanation.

  9. His hair hides the tube that goes into his mouth so that he can drink and his shroud covers whatever else he is hiding. Notice how he says he is there from sunrise till sunset – he's not there all the time.
    Also, notice how his hair and nails are long but he has no facial hair?

    He and his cronies have exploited all those poor, gullible people who probably gave all they had to him.

    And his mum? A single mother of NINE? She's poorer than she could be because she had NINE children!

  10. How a Frenchman claim to be a bhuddist monk while laughing and talking down to the little buddahs quiet ass self. Fuck that lame ass buddahist

  11. חקי חיון , כל הדתות והאמונות שאינן מאמינות באלוקי ישראל טוענות שהן לא יודעות אם ישנו באמת אלוקי ישראל ולכן הן אינן עובדות את אלוקי ישראל אולם כל הדתות והאמונות הללו אינן יכולות לשקר את אלוקי ישראל היות שאלוהים בוחן לב וכליות ואלוהים יודע כי דתות ואמונות אלה אינן עובדות אותו למרות שהן כן יודעות וכן מבינות כי קיים אלוקי ישראל. אלוהים ברא את העולם שלנו עבור עצמו ואלוהים אינו מוכן לקבל שבני האדם אותם הוא ברא לא יעבדו אותו , אלוהים הוא אל קנא שונא נוטר ונוקם ואלוהים יהרוג וירצח וישרוף וישמיד את כל מיליארדי בני האדם העובדים עבודה זרה. כדאי שכל מיליארדי עובדי העבודה הזרה בעולם לא יתפלאו מהאסונות שאלוהים מביא עליהם , אלוהים קרע את ים סוף ואלוהים פתח את פי האדמה ורצח את קורח ובני עדתו ואלוהים הוריד אש מהשמיים ורצח את אנשי סדום ועמורה ואלוהים היכה במגפת הדבר את 185000 חיילי מלך אשור שצרו על ירושלים ואלוהים היכה בתשע מכות את מצרים ולכן לאלוהים אין בעייה לגרום לצונאמי ברחבי כל העולם ולהטביע מיליארדי עובדי עבודה זרה או לחולל שריפות אדירות ברחבי כל העולם ועוד וכדומה… גם לגבי המוסלמים כדאי שהם יזהרו מאוד היות שכבר מהעתיד הנראה לעין באם המוסלמים לא יחדלו להתפלל לקוראן וןמוחמד ולא יחדלו לבקר במסגדים וגם לא יפרקו בידיים שלהם את מסגד אל אקצה ואת כיפת הסלע היכן שהר הבית שאותו אלוהים קידש לאברהם ויצחק וליעקב ולדוד ולשלמה ולעם ישראל אזי אלוהים יחשיב את הדבר לעבודה זרה ואלוהים ישמיד את כל מיליארדי המוסלמים ואת כל הערבים מעל פני האדמה. אני גם מציע לכל הנוצרים להיזהר מעיסוק בברית החדשה , אין ברית ישנה ואין קוראן ואין ברית חדשה , יש אך ורק את אלוהים ותו לא. אני גם מציע למוסלמים לא לגזול את ירדן ולהשיב לידי ירדן את הזהב של כיפת הסלע , חלק מירושלים שייך לירדנים המקומות הקדושים בירושלים שייכים לירדנים הר הבית שייך לירדנים ומה שעל הר הבית שייך לירדנים פשוט עם ישראל החוצפן גזל לעצמו את כל הדברים הללו ששייכים לעם הירדני כל הדברים הללו לא שייכים למוסלמים ולא שייכים לערבים ולא שייכים לפלסטינים ולא שייכים ליהודים ולא שייכים לישראלים ולא שייכים לציונים המסריחים אלא כל הדברים הללו שייכים לעם הירדני והם במלחמת ששת הימים נגזלו על ידי היהודים המסריחים מהעם הירדני בדיוק כפי שהעם היהודי האידיוטי והגזלן גנב את חצי האי סיני מהען המצרי. גילוי נאות אני יותר ערבי מיהודי ואני אזרח מצרי אך כל זה לא משנה את העובדה שהיהודים והציונים הם זבל חרא רמאים גנבים גזלנים מכוערים מגעילים ונאצים. לירדן ישנה זיקה מוצדקת ומוסרית וריבונית והיסטורית בירושלים ובכל המקומות הקדושים בירושלים.

  12. Indians and Nepals are the 2 laziest people; this so called- sit still and meditate is the result of their lazy culture. not only that ,they hate telling truth and fact… nepals and Indians and lying go hand in hand …..some one should approach this lazy boy and should say to him- get up you lazy idiot boy and then give spank, and tell him go to school now

  13. funny how this kind of stuff only occurs in places like third world countries, and other locations where people don't carry cameras around in their pockets all the time. Motherfucker did not meditate for a fucking year without eating, I can PROMISE you that. In fact, I'd go as far to say he's never even spent an entire 24 hour period there.

  14. Please leave him alone and let him complete his goal.
    This is the art known to Hindus from unknown length of years. So many truth beyond science and naturaly known facts.

  15. his face is covered be easy to place a dummy in front of the door while he does jumping jacks inside and eat some of the offerings.

  16. that money is not the governments, if people want to use it to build a holy place , budda or not they should have it.. It belongs to the monk and he would like people to be spiritual

  17. Incarnation thing the way you think is for hinduism. Because buddha denided atman(soul). There is no soul. Which means that you cannot rebirth. There is no I no mine no myself. Everything changes.

  18. that's exactly what the Christians are doing by worshipping jesus as a God and jesus peace be upon him never asked any person to worship him ,he was a man and prophet or a massanger not a God ????.


  20. Everyone is coming out of wood work these days and everyone is addressing themselves as a enlightened one and calling themselves Buddha.Well my friend,it takes a lot than you think to be Buddha and to be Arahat.As long as you have klesh in your mind,you can never achieve Nibana or higher level of consciousness.What Buddha taught was dhamma.Dhamma is not to gain anything like merit or becoming rich but instead dhamma is to lose klesh.
    How can he be enlightened one when he was claiming himself as a Metriya Buddha?There are many Vikhus, Mahayogis,gurus,Rinpoches who have been practicing dhamma all their lives and never claimed to be Metriya Buddha.

  21. To the little buddist,
    The reason why Lord Buddha spent 6 years meditating is because he went too far in reaching his goal. He starved himself, thinking that he can reach enlightenment that way. However, it turned out that the middle way is the best way. So, he had to try again from scratch to reach enlightment. Pls I know that you want follow Lord Buddha's foot step, but that doesn't mean you should copy the same mistake he did. Try at least to eat once per day. I think that will help you better in reaching your goal than starving yourself to death.
    Yours Sincerely, Kaung Si Thu
    ( A buddist from Myanmar)

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