Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005) – Final Rival Challenge – Razor (#1) & Credits

Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005) – Final Rival Challenge – Razor (#1) & Credits

It’s good to see you…been a while. Just keep running like you have and this race is yours. Look who came crawling back! I’m glad you’re here, sugar plum. You brought me luck last time. Make sure you smoke him and get that ride back. I’ll take care of the rest. You ready to donate another car to the Razor fund, baby? It’s GO time! You’ll never hold on to the #1 spot…not with me on your tail. And if you want these, you’re gonna’ have to take them. It’s over, Razor. It ain’t over until I say it’s over. Go! You and me could have had a real good thing. Where’s the other guy? He got away. You mean to tell me the most wanted street racer happened to get away… What about the Blacklist? Forget the Blacklist. They’re through. I want every single unit after the guy. Everyone? EVERYONE! Cross (cellphone): Hey, hotshot! Hey, thanks for helping us out! We’ve been able to pick up every Blacklist racer thanks to you. Cross (cellphone): Now I’ll take that into consideration if you give yourself up. So what’s it gonna’ be? Mia (cellphone): It’s Mia. Look, don’t hang up. You can’t go back to any of the safe houses, Cross knows about them. Head over to the old bridge. Mia (cellphone): The location is on your map. Your car is fast enough to make the jump. It’s the only way. Later.

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  1. If you bring any car Razor will say don't get another car to race in. And if you bring BMW then also he will say don't get another car to race in baby .

  2. I think this is one of the best endings to a game. You beat Razor, you get your BMW M3 back but Mia is an undercover cop and the whole game where you've been getting to Razor has been one big play by Cross to get the Black List arrested including you but Mia lets you escape in your BMW M3 as you have become the Most Wanted racer so much so that a new Heat Level of 6 is introduced to try and take you down.
    Cross and Undercover Federal Corvettes are doing their best to take you down, and Cross now knows all of your Safehouse Locations so you can't hide in Rockport anymore so you're forced to flee Rockport. It also sets up Need for Speed Carbon to why the player ends back up in Palmot City in Darius' territory in the BMW M3.
    All in All, I just love the setup and twist they put. Like the cops before have been mucking around with you before but they get serious with you now and the whole game is one big play by Cross to take the Black List and you down.

  3. I will use a Porsche Carrera GT to defeat Razor. It does the trick of taking him down a peg or 2 with its quick acceleration.

  4. I defeated Razor with a evo 8. It was a best moment . & it was one one the bestest racing game on ps2. .
    I still have it though .

  5. Still remember that loneliness after full game completion . No calls any more from mia , rog etc. No more races.

  6. The race was over before it began, cause there is no way in hell a BMW is beating an AUTI A4. But my question is who the hell was #1 before Razor

  7. I to love this game.I am about to finish the game in one and a half month. I began it in middle of May and finished it till the end of June.?

  8. Idk why but my game glitch out and I end up escaping in my current car a Lexus IS300 instead of the BMW M3 GTR. Has anyone experienced this?

  9. Seijuro and Sakura makes their way back to the Liberty Mall with Kyle, Luke and the others before Matou Sakura chases after them with Chase Linh. Lt. Keller is on their side to take her down to rush back to Rayford, because the remaining Sekirei High School zombies are goes frenzy in the overrun for affect Olympic, Bayview, Rockport, Palmont, Tri-City Bay, Fairhaven, Seacrest and Redview and the other city and fictional locations in the other video gaming series and franchises, due to Raki Kiseki's command to her army of ones.

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