Necessary Roughness (9/10) Movie CLIP – Samurai Football (1991) HD

Necessary Roughness (9/10) Movie CLIP – Samurai Football (1991) HD

Break! This is you, baby,
this is you! Let’s go! You must show us
some respect.It’s a seesaw battle.
Neither offense can move.Colts driving now
with the ball.Armadillos better stop them.How could the ref
call that?It was a clean kick
to the face mask.That guy’s
going ape shit. Boo! Come on! Attababy! Illegal contact. Number 51. Zenkutsu elbow thrust
to the halfback. Oi-wamatsu roundhouse
lunge kick To the quarterback. Tekatami hand sword block
to the– Shit, never mind. 15 yards. 1st down.

33 Replies to “Necessary Roughness (9/10) Movie CLIP – Samurai Football (1991) HD”

  1. If they played the 2014 Maryland Terps Big Ten Football team, the Armadillos would be two touchdown favorites.

  2. Eric "Samurai" Hansen #51 influenced Antonio Brown when he kicked that Browns punter right in his chest haha. He straight folded that QB up like a envelope tho LMAO!

  3. It was amazing the ref knew all the names of the moves he did. I remember I used to rewind my vcr for that scene alot

  4. Lol..almost forgot about this movie. Imagine samurai and Jon favreaus character from the Replacements on same defense ever!!lol

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