What’s up guys, it’s Max. Before I begin the
video, I just want to say really quickly I have a huge surprise at the end so make sure
to stick around. As you may know, it’s the NBA Finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers are facing
off against the Golden State Warriors in a rematch from last year. You can check out
my preview that I made on I will make sure to put the link in the description.
Here are a few things that I want to talk about. Well, finally, the Cavaliers have a
healthy starting 5. The Cavs may have lost last year, but this year is a brand new team.
You’ve got Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving. On top of all of that you have a new coach in
Tyronn Lue. I think this team is playing their best basketball and they should be able to
hang with the Warriors. Another point is that the Cavs really want to bring a championship
back to Cleveland. It’s been 52 years since a professional sports team has won a championship
for Cleveland. There will also be a major dual at the 3-point line. There have been
so many records set by the Cavs and Warriors this season. I think the 3-point line could
determine the entire series. Speaking of the 3-point line, you can’t leave out the splash
brothers. They may not have shown up in game 1, but I can guarantee you they are going
to be a huge factor in the outcome of the NBA finals. OK, so against the Oklahoma City
Thunder in the conference finals, the Warriors had 90 3-pointers. OK. Just to give you a
little perspective, Curry and Thompson combined for 62 of them.
Now, it’s only going to be a matter of who will wear the crown.Will it be the unanimous
MVP in Stephen Curry? or King James? So now let’s talk about game number 1 a little bit.
The Warriors won 104-89. Here are a few big takeaways from the win. Number 1: Bench Boost.
The Warriors outscored the Cavs 45-10 and on top of that, Shaun Livingston on the Warriors
had 20 points. In 2009, Shaun Livingston had a almost career-ending knee injury and he
has come back from it. Number 2, not a lot of Splash. The Cavs held the Splash Brothers,
Curry and Thompson, to only 20 points. Number 3, it was a very slow start for the Cavs.
23 points, 12 rebounds, and 9 assists was a great stat line for Lebron James, but wasn’t
enough for the Cavs. Coach Lue said he wants the Cavs to really pick up the pace going
forward. Kyrie needs to keep up what he’s doing. He finished game 1 with 26 points.
We’ve already talked about 2 of the big 3, why don’t we talk about Kevin Love? He had
17 points and 13 rebounds. The Cavs might need a little bit more of Channing Frye and
some more of his threes. So, overall I think will be a very exciting series and I hope
it goes to seven games. Before I give away my big surprise, I would like to do some shout
outs to my fans. In one of my previous videos, they heard a secret noise.
Well, it depends on what motivates you, so certainly winning is easier I’ve in and worked
for plenty of teams that where we won, I’ll say…
Shout out to Sneak Geek, Cam Kloza, Brayden Miles, ASB_302, and finally a teacher in Michigan,
Bonnie Wolf, I love you guys and your class, so thanks for watching. So now for the final
moment, you’ve all been waiting for, I’m going to do an interview with Stephen Curry, oh
wait, I think we’re out of time, oh, boooo, If we could just make this video a little
longer but we can’t. So, I’m sorry we will have to do it next video. OK? So an interview
with Stephen Curry next video. You got it? So that’s the big surprise, I’ll make sure
to do it. This is Max, and I’ll see you next time, with Curry. Subscribe for more NBA action.

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