Native Americans Review “Indian” Sports Mascots

Native Americans Review “Indian” Sports Mascots

– You make this any other racial group, where you do a ridiculous
caricature like that, people get it right away,
“Oh, that’s racist.” But for some reason,
when they see this one, everyone’s like, “Well,
yeah, that’s our team.” (upbeat music) – I was a band geek in high school, so, I’m not really familiar. I know of it. – I’ve watched a fair amount
of ESPN SportsCenter in my day. – I don’t think it’s very
historically accurate. – Don’t understand why
we need to be a mascot. – Native American people
don’t look like this. – I don’t understand what the hair is. – He looks nice, yeah,
he looks really kind. – That looks like a child did it. – They don’t do this with anyone else but animals and Native Americans. – It bothers me that,
like, one of the symbols that people recognize about our people is a weapon. – This is this weird, outdated view of what it means to be native. – We only brought those out in defense of ourselves, our land, our people. – Like, you see the Atlanta games, and they’re doing the (vocalizing) (laughing) – Perpetuates one very specific
and very outdated image. – Oh, the Redskins. – This is a dictionary
defined racial slur. – Literally painted him red. – And they have eagle feathers on here, and those are very sacred
to a lot of tribes. – I can’t imagine any other race where that would be considered acceptable. – It’s having a team
named after a racial slur. – People say, “Yeah, but we
have such a strong history “with the Washington Redskins.” We kind of have a history,
too, it kinda predates that. – It makes me want to cry. – I don’t even know where to begin. – He looks like Mr. Burns, kind of. (laughter) – And he’s completely
red, are you kidding me? – That’s the color of a fire truck. – He looks like the Indian guy who’s about to sneak into
camp and steal your horses. – This is another one that
really depersonalizes our people. – The fact that a people
group is your mascot, like, that’s just not okay. – It’s just weird, because
then everybody shows up acting like a stereotypical
version of that race. They’re really not trying
to be mean in any way, it’s still contributing to the fact that people are supporting
this team looking like this. – When I look at those pictures, it just, it breaks my heart. – We don’t need to have, like, human beings represented as mascots. – And they’re like, “Nah, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” – Well, a lot of them say
they’re just honoring us. – I don’t feel honored. – I don’t think it’s
honoring us in the least. It’s very hurtful. – It’s not always just
about you and how you feel, it’s about the people who are involved, it’s about the people whose feelings are being affected by this.

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  1. so youre offended because of feathers while scandinavians arent offended because of a viking mascot, and dont forget vikings raped pillaged and burned entire villages to the ground.. but they were some badass people

  2. I am Native American- and a Braves fan. We're not using a tomahawk to generalize you. It's symbolic, not literal. I picture it as using the tomohawk to drive away the enemy team.

  3. You should not come to my grandma’s house, there is redskins regalia on literally every wall. You’d be offended no matter where you looked.

  4. actually the tomahawk was around waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy before whites got to america, they were a sign of peace and power as well as war, ssssssssssssoooooooooooooo it would make sense to have that symbol associated with natives


  6. They should do a video on how people feel about brown, black and white people listening to rap music that uses the “n” word on a consistent basis. Also why it’s been ignored and allowed for so long.

  7. No offense, but when you only ask Native Americans in Southern California it doesn't seem as accurate to me…don't get me wrong, this video was very illuminating but I just feel that, like any other research or poll, you have to get reviews from a variety of states and not just one.

  8. They don't do this with anyone except Native Americans. I beg to differ the Boston Celtics and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are both in your terms very racist to me because I'm Irish. Just a side note I'm not actually offended because it's just a stupid name and logo.

  9. I wonder what this video would have been like if you took Native American people from a state that was not liberal California. I imagine it would’ve different. Before all the comments roll in. I am Native American myself and very proud of my heritage.

  10. I agree with the video, although it is a bit funny how they don't like the name Indians yet
    buzzfeed "reached out" to the Southern California Indian Center

  11. 0:47 actually, while they were used as weapons, Native Americans mostly preferred archery over close range and used the tomahawk for chopping down wood

  12. It upsets me that they say that the Braves logo is racist. I understand why they complain about the other ones but come on they changed their logo a long time ago because they understood that the current one was offensive. Also they forgot to uncle the KC Chiefs probably because there's nothing bad to say about it and that would ruin the message they are trying to send.

  13. 0:28 leave my Blackhawks out of this. The Blackhawks were named after one tribe, not stereotyping a whole race. Having a major sports team named after on tribe should be an honor.

  14. These "Native americans" are legit 1 percent native american and 99 percent white or hispanic so touchy and stuff..I actually am apart of the Native american community (Apache community) and I'm proud of the redskin team i like the logo and i have nothing against the word redskin It's something i'm proud of..Legit Oklahoma (the 7th state with most native americans) Name means redskin..And i'm proud of that word..and Oklahoma..

  15. The Blackhawks logo is a LOGO. The mascot is Tommy Hawk. A hawk that wears the feathers. Also, it looks like a child drew it? What does that have to do with anything??

  16. I can totally understand this but some school districts and counties, etc. have used Indian mascots for decades on end, its not that their being racist, making fun of your customs, or trying to be offensive in any way, as my towns school board stated in a discussion from 1997, a man named Robert B. Whitehead, addressed the school board to get rid of the Indian mascot and name of the school as he stated, 
    "Indian logos and nicknames create, support and maintain stereotypes of a race of people," Robert B. Whitehead wrote to the School Board who use the name and Indian symbols – which Whitehead wants to change "this passive racism to an end." this school uses an Indian "logo" and a school-spirit tomahawk campaign.  He also said, "Ask your children what an Indian looks like… what they do in our society today and you'll probably have references to tomahawks, tipis, eagle feathers and the like."    —  Mark Steber, school board president, said "The Indian logo has been a tradition here since the district was formed in 1927*. I went through the schools and didn't see anything offensive about it."  And "There are a lot bigger issues in education. We're not doing it to insult, but to honor."

    for example in many states, we have kept and used the native americans words, and names that were used in those areas, for the towns, foods, cities, states, etc. if anything its to honor the natives that used to live their, regardless all the war that had happened in the past.

    we were educated about the lenni lenape in our area, and back in the day, the towns citizens used to call their year books Gachtin Bambil, which in the language of the Lenni Lenape Indians, the original inhabitants of Eastern Pennsylvania, means Year Book.

    just a perspective to think about that I myself hadnt thought about at the time.

    what happened in the past, has unfortunately happened, you can not change it, only move forward and try to spread the positivity and good vibes, the vast quantity of native americans cultures are beautiful, we do not belong to them but many do adore them.

    as long as we respect one another cultures, we should invite each other to see the aspects of them and learn new things, we shouldn't divide ourselves, we are all human, we are all american citizens to a country that is not what it used to be, we should remember the past but, we should learn from it, not repeat it.

  17. I am from Cherokee County, Tahlequah Oklahoma. It’s all native land, for Christ sakes it’s where The Cherokee Nation is. And I’m here to say that these are not Indians ? these are white people who have like 0.3% native blood ???

  18. Irish people don't complain about the Boston celtics logo their just sensitive their really tryna act like they know all about their culture and they were there during the native times knowing their like 5 percent native american and the reskins logo was litterally made by a native american

  19. USA murdered Indians by the millions. Black people sold their own people to white people. Black people have made leaps and bounds above Indians. Indians are weak and meek peoples. Black people have entered into everything and have taken a stand while indians have done what they usually do…. Nothing. I am Indian and I can not even get any support from tribes to sign anything. I hold 3 College degrees and have been in many Indian Major Movie events in Hollywood. If I said my name, Everyone would know me but from this point of view, it is sad.

  20. Indians can sit here and talk about it but listen to them laugh… They are not mad at all…. They are a passive people and will always allow the white man to run over them. The MAJOR POINT is that the Indians will never do anything about it. They are a lazy culture and people.

  21. Yahoo is it cool logo but what really makes me want to cry is that they just say that it's racist and it ain't I mean it's really cool it shows respect and it shows how they was great people I mean I'm Cherokee and I don't see nothing wrong with it and it's just a cool logo to me the logo so they just it just is logo deal with it

  22. Wahoo is really cool logo and I just like it I mean I'm Cherokee I don't think it's racist and it's shows respect it shows how what's a username and all this stuff and I'll see how Chief Wahoo the Cleveland Indians law already said that but I will see how the racist I mean what's the point it's cool logos and I don't care if it looks like a freaking fire truck but I mean I could go on it's a bomb. It's an Indian logo get used to it

  23. I see how they are Native American but where are the Afro native Americans because some it looks like all of the natives they use in these videos have fair and light skin and European descent.

  24. As a non native I often find myself in a position to seriously internally question the root "source code" structures that lead to a dark refection of race stereotyping angles like the structures running under the creation of native sports mascots and discovered a circle of key people within our history that "seeded" in perspectives with the intension to create (even attempting to pass it off as a false science fact) for example "Madison Grant" and his book (the passing of the great race) that seeded the creation of Hitler through its shared perceptions .. He also created "Human Zoos" exhibitions.. the issues behind the circle that created the "Social Darwinism movement as well as the Eugenics movement.. and  going well back into Europe the root structures leadership,, of the walled city's and constant wars between peoples , and let us not forget wars fought in the name of God and , living in deep "fear" of the church inquisitor… The roots of key named figures within The Virginia Company Etc , that introduced tactics play upon the use the dark energy's of Human Tribalism. The source historical roots of the word "Indian" or there some of bonding angles of the word Native "American" as to how they attempt to colonize ones "cultural identity" these "perceptions"  impact upon ones roots of ones internal "cultural essence identify"  the phrase "we will confuse there  inner "language" is of great concern. The life's lessons and examples of how "first nations peoples" "internally" resolved on "there own" epic inter-tribal conflicts before Europeans even arrived on these shore are an example of wisdom and primal understanding on a level far above anything our people and leadership have ever been  able to comprehend. We had better sit down and listen..

  25. I would be offended is there was a team called"Black skins" with a black girl for a mascot with a big bottem and big lips and following all the stereotypes for a black person…this is disgustang

  26. Turns out everyone on here is misinformed (as usual). Turns out Natives whom this was named after Called themselves elves Redskins and they named the team this as a sign if honor of said Tribe. So…

  27. Sports teams only allow animals and Native Americans as their mascots. There are mainly animals as mascots, but there are also Natives. You know what that could be implying? It's basically saying that us Native Americans are animals, so we can be chosen as a mascot for their team. That is definitely not honoring us.

  28. Yes I agree some should be changed. The braves and blackhawks are fine. Pretty cool names actually, but the redskins and Indians are pretty offensive. Especially redskins. It’s just like having a team called the Blacks, whites or browns. It’s not cool and could be racist. So if they could be changed I definitely vote some should be changed

  29. To be fair many pure or close to pure blooded Amerindians did have red tinted skin as did many Eskimos.

  30. No Chiefs? Here's the rub: just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right. Just because your feelings are hurt doesn't give you the right to dictate what other people say and do. That's the way the world works and that's how it should work. You are so much more than your race and heritage and are an individual with preferences, opinions, and inalienable rights so start acting like it.

    Point two: Every culture and race faces ignorance and stereotypes because that's how people's brains work. They want to put you in a box the same way they do anything else because, although it's incredibly unfair and lazy, it simplifies the world around us and makes it easier to make decisions. It was incredibly handy in survival situations for our ancestors but I agree we have a duty to fight against that instinct in this case.

  31. you forgot the Florida State Seminoles… oh yeah that one is off limits. Why? Because in exchange for millions of bucks and free tuition, the Seminole tribes of Florida claim "it's an honor." This continues to cause much confused on the topic. Is it offensive or not? Or does offensiveness have a price?

  32. The fact they’re trying to make the braves racist just shows they’re really pulling from the bottom of the barrel here

  33. The real Indigenous people have always been the so called black people. And those sports symbols looks like us. Thats why the natives find them offensive.

  34. Redskins isn't a racist term. I don't care about the name. People will use this whole what if a team is called black skin. Red skins is a description of people who have red in their skin. I'm sick of this whole PC crap. I'm not a Redskins and If the skins changed the team because of some people in hunts, I would be laughing.

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