Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter on the top rope: SummerSlam 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

>>[APPLAUSE]>>I don’t know if anything about tonight is gonna be easy. But, Natalya,
resourceful as anybody, looking for a sharpshooter up on the top turn buckle.>>[NOISE]
>>Becky screaming in pain.>>My God.
>>Natalya with it locked in. The official’s right there to
see if Becky’s going to tap out. Is Becky gonna tap to Natalya?>>Natty isn’t able to wrap her arms
fully around Becky Lynch’s feet to maximize the damage because
it’s agonizing for the champ.>>And
Natty is an absolute savage tonight.>>Becky trying to do everything she
can to try to somehow break this hold. Hanging onto the ringpost,
trying to drag herself down to the floor. Natalya with the sharpshooter locked in.>>This is a side of Natalya that
could be the career changing moment.>>Natty needed to come in
tonight with a killer instinct. And we have seen no shortage of
that from the Queen of Hearts.>>Becky said that Natalya needs her for
her career.>>And Natalya, extremely angry since
[CROSSTALK] And Natalya bounce right off our announce table as Becky Lynch
looks to change the momentum here.

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