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  1. Theres a point where you learn your program and another where you love your program. nancy knew her moves well but she did what she was suppose to, it lacks the heart of someone who wanted it more. Like she said, very rigid and sharp.

    Further proof. 1994 Both Nancy and Tonya retired. Oksana is still preforming to this day, because its not just her program or her moves, it's her passion.

  2. And your a perfect a-hole, which makes you a perfect fit for that drama queen, alcoholic "skater" Oxanus Bile…>:-)

  3. Sure hope you live a perfect life to toss around those titles. All drinkers I know are 1 night away from a repeat. What's in your cup?

  4. How can you say something so insensitive? And just for her seeming "boring" to you? Maybe you have no idea what it's like to be assaulted…

  5. Who cares if Nancy Kerrigan's boring? If Nancy Kerrigan was that boring, then, none of her 'fans' would even bother to watch her. Sharon, Newman. you are such a joke. I'd rather watch Nancy Kerrigan skate her heart out than to watch Tonya Harding's childish tirade.

  6. lodengreeneyes why don't you watch Tonya Harding crying like a selfish brat with an attitude? Oh, yeah, you reminded me more of that terrible Tonya Harding, herself.

  7. How would you know if I'm on every channel? Obviously you're posting your bigoted, xenophobic drivel in every Baiul channel. I'm not a person who is going to deride excellence as inferiority because the person isn't American. Nobody can bully me into defending bigotry. I'm an admirer of Baiul's skating excellence & her story. She personified excellence under fire. I refuse allow bigoted rot like you have the last word. You are evil & full of lies. I don't play dirty politics.

  8. Cohen's skating leaves me cold. She was an artistic flop at the skating box office as well. Oksana drew far more audiences & had tons more fans than Cohen could ever hope for so she wasn't more artistic. Millions of people can't be wrong. Cohen has far more opportunities than Baiul.

  9. The bile is Kerrigan a homewrecking whore—a monster who drove her a wedge through her family that lead to murder. A woman who destroys all that she touches. I would rip her apart with some raw truth. She ruined kwan's Olympic bid because she had strings pulled. She slept with her sponsors. Even was hot for Harding's husband. Drama queen "Why me! & pumping it for all the publicity & sympathy she could get. Loser.

  10. Amen Sister! I'm with you! That sorry bitch is a monster and a dirty whore who takes pleasure in every ones misery. If I were one of her rivals I would've beaten her til her teeth fell out. She would've been bald. She was a gold digger who slutted around with every one of her sponsor reps.

  11. I guess when your publicity is filled with phony stories you will be dull. The truth about Kerrigan is far more sordid but more interesting.

  12. Micheal Garceau You are not man enough to make me shut up. I'm not supporting a dirt bag skater & her rotten behavior just because she's American. I have a God to answer to and a conscious. I know right from wrong good from evil. I have a basic decency & fairness you don't.

  13. Racist trash Kwan earned her right to Norway being the rightful U.S silver medalist. Kerrigan had to skate. She had no right to a bye since she wasn't in the world's top 5 the prior year. She had to get out there & fight. Her sponsors bribed her way on the team forcing out Kwan & she lost.

  14. I'm quoting the judges the ISU transcripts and the many interviews available on the internet that can be translated. You are ignorant fool calling names and yelling. Truth hurts get out of here if you can't bear it. I won't quit telling it like it is.

  15. I will continue to keep telling the truth & unlike Oksana I won't be bullied or intimidated. I'm not a kid and I'm not alone. If I met you in person you would certainly pay some heavy consequences. You wouldn't be shooting off the garbage you spew punk.

  16. Most people don't know that Kerrigan and her skating federation along with her many sponsors tried to have Baiul's Olympic gold medal stripped & the matter was taken before the IOC and it was investigated ruled had no claim no case. They found nothing substantiaed. Jan Hoffman & other judges were UNFAIRLY put on trial by the US but they didn't crack holding their integrity. They couldn't be bribed or bullied.

  17. Your opinion is irrelevant. You don't know anything. How would you really know if Nancy bested Oksana? Oh are we supposed to believe you over a panel of experts? Why? Because you're American and you're not biased? Yeah sure, but every trained & certified judge is dishonest. Idiot reasoning.

  18. This contest was over 19 years ago! Kerrigan wasn't robbed its called getting beaten. Kerrigan was clean w/o mistakes? What a freaking myth! Losers are holding onto myths, insults & lies. Its my job to separate truth from fiction. Bitch lost. Bringing your insane asses back to reality.

  19. You hate Oksana I simply treat Nancy the way you treat Oksana. So now you realize you are a hater. I will continue to do so until your hatred stops. I'm not a communist it doesn't honor Christ. I'm an independent Christian. My faith comes before any political tag. Dummy. No I'm not a perfect Christian. But I'm not a lost monster like you. I care about people beyond national boundaries & political tags. I'm not a hater like you I don't feed on cruelty. I simply tell the truth.

  20. Drugs are for those who seek to escape reality. Whose the one who can't accept the results of a skating contest that happened 19 years ago? You're the druggie who can't handle the truth of real life.

  21. Oksana Baiul = fair play & good Nancy Kerrigan = corruption & evil Good won over evil! You fools need a reality check. Truth hurts but its good for you in the end.

  22. That murder has a bearing on Kerrigan's character. In court Kerrigan's ex-sister in law testified that her brother Mark resented how everything in the family was built around Kerrigan. He grew to resent it til his became hate that boiled over. She isn't close with any of her siblings. She's a monster.

  23. Stop asking in US skating circles. In Norway Kerrigan skating ability is not taken seriously. Her skills were derided as only able to hold up a leg. She is famous for winning the silver medal from the sympathy vote. I've worked abroad and traveled extensively you need to get out. Oops I forgot you're caged due to insanity.

  24. Britta Lindgren was the 'referee" the one who doesn't vote. Her job is to point out all the details that the judges missed. The ref. is impartial her role is to keep the judges as honest as possible. She saw errors in Kerrigan's work and pointed these out to the U.S media that demanded an explanation. So the "flawless" skating by Kerrigan is a myth she had mistakes too. Why would Lindgren & every judge have it out for her? You folks are just wrong.

  25. Jan, seek professional help, hon. You are mentally unstable and so full of hate that you actually scare me. STFU now..as far as I'm concerned this issue is over…now, here is a phone number for you to get the mental help you so seriously need..508-765-9167…you can also get good medication to dull your F-d up senses…bye bye, Poppet..

  26. Myth #2. We know that Bonaly & Witt skated after Baiul if they skated well each of them could have taken at some votes away from Oksana. But these votes wouldn't have come from the "western bloc" judges. But Witt & Bonaly both failed making big mistakes in their programs. Witt still had the artistry to do some damage & Bonaly was a medal contender. Neither would've have won but they could've hurt Baiul's chances. Kerrigan wasn't robbed—she was beaten. Baiul won fair & square.

  27. Baiul was NOT the last to skate. She was followed by Bonaly a medal contender & Witt. The French had put in a major protest over Bonaly's placement after the short. Katarina Witt had a 5 minute standing ovation & the media attacked the judges. All of this put immense pressure on the judges. Witt was given the honor of skating last and Bonaly would've been given a big score had she completed her program relatively clean. Nobody got robbed. It was the most fairly judged competition ever.

  28. Silver meant Oksana would've disappeared from skating. She was badly injured at the games & wasn't allowed to properly heal. Her federation was bankrupt. She didn't have a proper team. She had no real support system. She was pushed to tour & compete while injured w/o medical care. She was surrounded by exploiters & needed a new team. Reinstatement would've given her a chance to do this & improve her technique to reach her full potential. The sport denied her reinstatement.

  29. Racist? I was waiting for that desperate move to defend Kwan…if all else fails play the race card. You have it all backwards you poor deluded person…Kwan hadn't the right to petition. Nancy Kerrigan most assuredly did and in fact that's why the process is there to begin with.

  30. Back at ya' Kerrigan made mistakes too. She wasn't perfect the 5 judges saw her mistakes. Keep on repeating a bunch of media drivel. Truth is the protest placed on her behalf by her federation to get her the gold was rejected. Protest worked for the Canadians in 2002 Salt Lake games because their was a basis. Not so in Kerrigan's case.

  31. History has revealed you as a liar. Nothing you say has any basis in truth. The strongest skater won.

  32. Cohen is far from the best with her paid off results.. Yu Na Kim is really the best she's something very special.

  33. lodengreeneyes YOU have been buzzing a whole lot. why don't you just reduce your annoying tirade to a minimum?

  34. lodengreeneyes,You don't amuse me with your childish commentary. You have been oozing a bit too long in Nancy Kerrigan's forum so why not take a break from all of these clueless choke a thon?

  35. Go and find your twin sister getrealandchoke lodengreeneyes before you make a complete ass of yourself in Kerrigan's forum. And don't bother making another retarded commentary because you know that you have NO class.

  36. And I know how GORGEOUS Nancy has been with her skating. It never comes to my mind how beautiful she was when she was at the prime of her life. And even if she had children, later in her life, her personality continues to change along with her mentality. And the same thing also applies to Michelle Kwan and her superb skating. I have doubts that Michelle will ever stop skating because, her heart is in her future. And that is figure skating amongst other endeavors.

  37. Whatever Nancy's personality is off the ice, we don't really know her, that said, this girl has classic lines in her skating and got robbed not winning the gold. She was flawless.

  38. Now before you act out, THINK how many insulting posts you continue to make and that will make you more liable to be reported against.. IF you choose to mock Nancy Kerrigan for your own folly, I will view that as a threat against Nancy Kerrigan and it will NOT be tolerated. And also can it with the comic attitude if YOU want to be treated like a human being.

  39. Anne is the stalker of youtube, anyone who posts something she doesn't like she will stalk and harass you, thinking somehow you'll stop posting. She has some serious issues which require meds and shock treatments, obviously!

  40. This music suites Nancy's style of skating. The costume a Vera Wang…gorgeous. This is a lovely program. Nancy has beautiful body line and posture, wonderful knee bend and stroking. Young skater of today pay attention to the basics.

  41. twiligert, you are merely a mentally disturbed choker who loves to stalk people, no matter who happen to be a self obsessed paranoid lying lunatic around. Go and choke on Tonya Harding's forum if you want to be treated like one. Every time, i pop in here, YOU are always in my face, so go away, twiligert. FAR away/

  42. LOL @ all these comments from these haters in here.  As if Nancy asked to be hit the knee and almost put out of these games.   This girl went through hell 6 weeks prior to the event.  She had to rehab like crazy just to give herself a chance to get on the ice and all some of you want to talk about is how she could have been more gracious in defeat.  Lets see how you feel if you work your whole life for something and almost have it taken away once by a thug with a baton and the other time actually have it taken away by an anti American German Judge..   

  43. Wow, when I see this again now, her routines & Oksana Baiul's routines, I really don't think I could say who was better. At the time I was just a kid,& naturally I was rooting for the person from my country,so I was angry about the scores. But seeing it again now,I can totally see how close it really was.I don't think I could have picked-they're both such different skaters with different styles.Though it seemed like back then,the short program didn't count practically for anything.I know even now the long program always counts for more,but back then it seemed like it was everything. Like when they explained how it was that Oksana won,I'm still confused because it almost seems as though they didn't even factor in the short program. But of course Nancy looked so amazing in her Vera Wang,she really changed how women dressed in skating-her outfits where light years ahead of their time,& by today's standards don't look dated at all.

  44. Diva on Ice!  Utter perfection.   Not like these lazy Janes' of this olympics; multiple falls. The Nancys and Scotts of  yester-year would never think of coming out
    on the ice for the Olympics with any chance of skidding, tripping or falling. They were READY and not giving us their PRACTICE routines. 

  45. Kerrigan the real villain here was this spoilt stuck up bratty bitch. Her head was so huge there was no room on the ice for any other skater. She pranced around in designer outfits and hogged all endorsements no one else could get a look in. This nasty cold hearted talentless fake couldnt even do a decent double axel let alone a triple. She was crap compared Tonya Harding who was stronger, more athletic was superior in every way and yes Tonya was the victim let down by that snob  ISU. TONYA IS THE WINNER and anyone with a brain can see through all the bullshit. Tonya performed triple axels something than Nancy pants could only dream of.
    Tonya was set up  !!! They didnt want  Tonya to win because in their eyes she didnt live up to their ridiculous barbie doll skating princess shit standards. Nancy is scheming and very very conceited, very unforgiving and smug.
    The whole story is sickening.

  46. I think this was the best Nancy ever skated.  That lutz combo–wow.  And the spirals timed exactly to the music. Powerful footwork, too.  She should have had all 5.9s in the first mark.

  47. Does anyone know the names of the songs she's skating to? I did a google search but am probably not writing the question well. Any help would be appreciated. Her music is always so lovely and spot on.

  48. Nancy you were wonderful – history should have two books…who won the gold and who should have won the gold. You deserved to win the Gold.

  49. even tho i know that nancy's performance was gold medal i'm just happy she didn't win the gold, what a poor sportsmanship and cry baby!

  50. The five communist judges gave it to Oksana Baiul. The four western judges had Nancy winning by a bigger score and were split between Oksana Baiul of Ukraine and Liu Chin of China between silver and bronze. Oksana made several mistakes that the communist bloc judges did not deduct from her score but should have. She did a two step in one place while they looked the other way and a couple of others they deliberately ignored. That is joked about today, but I am still angry about it. Oksana was in tears thinking she had it won.after skating off the ice. Oksana had shortened a couple of things from a triple to a double like she was supposed to. She skated good but not fantastic like Nancy Kerrigan. Nancy was more artistic too. The hell with the Tonya Harding thing. Since I was driving I was listening to it on the radio and the announcers were in shock when the final scores were posted. I watched it on tape that night when ABC played it and couldn't believe it myself. I never saw her to be stuck up or bratty. I saw her being disappointed the next day, but I knew why. It was not sour grapes, but an honest feeling of being wronged. The people still congratulate her for winning the gold and rightfully so. For the moment this must have hurt more inside than that clubbing to her knee on the outside. They might not have been officially Communist at that time, but in those judges minds they were every bit as much. They weren't about to let the American girl beat the Ukrainian girl. They are still a disgrace to ice skating and to the Olympics. The German judge even skated for the East German team when they were East and West Germany. I grew up during the cold war and I know how they cheat. They definitely cheated Nancy Kerrigan out of that gold medal and maybe Oksana won the bronze and Liu Chin of China won the silver. Nancy won the bronze in 1992.I don't even watch it anymore. Another Western  judge and she wins 5-4.

  51. I think half the folks here aren't necessarily Kerrigan die-hards, they just wanted the fairytale Gold-medal ending. That is how it supposed to end, right? So when everybody didn't get their fairytale ending, they took it out on Tonya and Oksana. Kerrigan's troubles weren't over when yrs later tragedy struck the family again when her brother shot their dad to death in an argument. The biggest creepy moment came a yr later when Kerrigan and Harding sat down for a face-to-face interview designed to spike TV ratings. That was creepy!

  52. Nancy was a very inconsistent skater up to this point. For her to rise to the occasion like this with all the pressure, media attention and recovering both mentally and physically from the attack is truly amazing. She could've easily crumbled and mostly everyone would've understood. My hats off to her. She deserved to win the gold in my opinion.

  53. I miss when skating was just as much about the artistry as well as the athleticism. This was gorgeous to watch. Nowadays it is just a series of technical skills that happen to be set to music.

  54. Nancy wasn't as in control with her skating as Tonya was. Tonya shouldn't have been banned from doing what she loved and was ridiculously good at.

  55. Still to this day, she had the classiest, most beautiful costumes ever. So different from the over the top tacky, gaudy skating outfits so common in the sport.

  56. Kerrigan's endings were always better tight. Technically, if it wasn't for the bogus GBR judge, she would have beat Oksana.

  57. Although oksana is my favorite and I'm a bigger fan of her style of skating, I do like Nancy's own style of skating. She's that modern American clean sophisticated skater just like the Vera wang outfits she wears. She's made her own style of skating and is a great contributor to her sport.

  58. The performance of her life, but Tonyas performance in 1991 where she landed the triple axel is better than any of this girl performances

  59. Nancy definitely skated faster, more graceful, and looked better than Tonya but I think Tonya’s choreography and moves was better

  60. I think it is simply amazing that someone can recuperate emotionaly, psychologically and physically that quickly and still provide with an olympic performance. Not many people can do that, that is her real win.

  61. I was impacted by the footage of Nancy's attitude, but she really had a beautiful quality. She peaked at these Olympics in spectacular fashion. Too many good things to list, she does everything right for this Tech program. So prepared and beautifully executed. I never liked how they portrayed her as a consistentt skater though, when based on my recollection, she fell alot throughout her competitive career. But these Olympics were WOW! Even if there were no attack sensationalism drama to her story, this is truly a beautiful unforgettable performance. She had two of the best U.S. ladies performances ever at an Olympics, imo. Exemplary. I think Oksana Bauil's natural rythym was extremely astonishing. But after reevaluating their performances after many years, my pick for Gold would be Nancy, based on superior quality and refinement, imo.

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