Nagin Dance: Dinesh Karthik’s Funny Reply | India Vs Bangladesh T20 finals

There are lot of players playing well now. They always have the thought of playing for CSK at one point of time. How do you see it ? It has been my dream for a while to play for Chennai Super kings Life long I had been playing only for Tamil Nadu and not for any other state But I was not able to play for an amazing team like CSK But IPL and Auction is something that no one has powers to do anything about it There is a strategy. Also they cannot wait for to pick a particular player The price may vary for any player which will cause trouble in team combination So whatever comes in their at the moment while the auction is happening is how players are chose That is why the team keeps changing. Whoever played for DD is now playing for CSK or Mumbai Indians. That is the beauty of IPL. Team keeps changing and the player plays for different city. This IPL you will be playing for KKR. How do you feel about it? It is a huge responsibility and honour as well They as a franchise have done well for 10 years now and have been consistent as well I look forward to have a good experience with them And also I am sure that with my experience I can play some good cricket How do you see the opportunities in the Indian Cricket team for players from Tamil Nadu? There is a good opportunity if they play well. Now Washington and Vijay Shankar have played well So your opportunity depends only on how well you play here But there is not much space to show the talents for cricketers apart from domestic cricket competition say rather IPL or TNPL are the only opportunities ? Well there is an opportunity now. Both IPL and TNPL is there. So if one plays well here there is a high chance So what are the chances that they can make sure that they can play for India team? It is really important to play well in Ranjit Trophy because that is what the selectors are also looking at. In a recent Cricket Match we were able to witness three players from Tamil Nadu playing for the Indian Cricket team This tournament had three players including me but apart from that there is Ashwin, Murali and Abhinav. Six of us are there totally in the Indian cricket team And obviously senior most in that is Ashwin. He had played a lot of matches and has score more than 300 wickets. And that is not a joke So it is actually good that the national Cricket team has these many players from Tamil Nadu Also it is good that all six of us are playing at some point of time representing Tamil Nadu All players have their own choice whether to play for Test, ODI or T20. How have you thought of playing in Test Cricket ? I always have a wish to play for Test matches. But I grab the opportunity that comes. I believe how I have played well in T20 or ODI there will be a time for test matches as well What is the reason behind talking in Tamil in the cricket ground during the match ? I am used to talk in Tamil and it has become habitual. It is very natural as we always communicate in Tamil only Don’t know why it has to become an issue Have other players asked you why you both communicate in Tamil? No one has asked or said anything But Rohit Sharma was not able to understand what you both were talking that time. Did he say so ? No right. And also something that is been out is your Nagin dance especially after winning the Bangladesh match They were just excited about it and went deep. Already a lot of them spoke about it. There is nothing for me to say. How do you see the praises you have been getting ? And also which one do you think is the best? Firstly it was just about wining the match. Praises come later Whoever praises me it is good But most important thing was to win the final. We were able to win after the hardships and toil that was put in We played well. We won 3 out of 4 league matches. It would have been really hard if we had lost the match So Winning the match wast the best as Praises would come only later.

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