My Olympic Tinder Date Surprised Me At The Office

My Olympic Tinder Date Surprised Me At The Office

– Heading back to Colorado to go skiing and I was able to figure a
way to put a layover in L.A. so I can stop and hangout
with Lizz for the day and hopefully surprise her
at her work at Buzzfeed. – I think I got an olympian
to go on a date with me. His name is Robbie. (upbeat music) – I decided to come down here to L.A. cause we had such a fun
time in South Korea. I thought why not keep playing with it, talking with her and
see how everything goes. So today’s goal is just to have fun, enjoy each other’s company and then hopefully at the end of the day, maybe get a kiss. Nah, just Robbie. – Oh, it’s just Robbie. – Okay. Okay, here we go. Hey, hey.
(laughs) Hey, I was wondering if it’d be possible to take Lizz out on our second date today. – Oh my gosh. – [Robbie] Please! – We’re just leaving? – [Boss] Yeah, I mean go, go, go, go. – (laughs) Okay. Oh my god. I’m just, like, I’m just like in shock. – Hello! – This is Robbie. I met him at the Olympics. (laughs) I know! – This is an amazing love story and I’m just so here for it. – Do you know where you’re going? – Yeah, we’re gonna go that way! I thought it’d be super
fun to go surfing today. – I went surfing once when I was little so I’m definitely not gonna be as good as the pro right here
but, you know, we’ll see. – They’re super down. They’re like, whatever, just have fun. Enjoy yourself. It’s my life They’re not like, “get married.” Saying, obviously I have
a lot of things I’m trying to do right now so it’s not… It’s more just right now, just have fun. Enjoy the moment. Don’t overthink it. Just, you know, live. – Robbie and I are headed to the beach. We’re chatting in the car
and everything’s going well. He’s really easy to talk to and is also very smooth. Not as smooth as me,
but you know. (scoffs) – [Robbie] Lizz, check this out. (laughs) – Ha, ha! I get to see it again! – No! – I’m so excited to go out
with Lizz on the waves. We’ll see how it goes. – He’s ready to get destroyed by me. Like, literally the wind blew my board off course when I was walking so I can only imagine how
this is gonna go in the water. (upbeat music) Surfing is (bleep) harder than it looks. The waves look super tame and super chill but actually, when you’re out there, they’re (bleep) intense. – Yeah! (laughs) I’m exhausted, super fun though. I’m pumped that Lizz is out here getting up on some of the waves. (grunts) The training. – Just got done surfing with Robbie. – While we’re out there, we were able to get a little bit of time together but not enough to squeeze a kiss in so that was kinda a bummer. I’m hoping for the next
section of this date that maybe I could find the
time to squeeze a kiss in. – So what’s next for you? Are you waiting to hear back
from places or something? – Yeah, either a company in Florida or a company in Washington D.C. Mom, I mean Lizz, chill
out on the job stuff, okay? I have tons of time to go live my life, get a job and grow up, okay? – Well, this was such an amazing date and I really hope that I
get to see again one day. – I hope so too. This is super fun and
let’s just stay in contact and see where it goes. – Okay.
– Yeah? – I’ll see you later. – [Lizz] Thank you so much – [Robbie] See you soon. – [Lizz] See you soon. You know I’m not totally
sure of Robbie’s intentions. It seems like he just wants
to have fun and live life where as I am very focused on my career and I live in L.A. and I’m
not going all over the place as much as he is and figuring out where I’m gonna be living. So, you know, we’re at these two very different stages of our life. I really like spending time with him. I just really don’t know
what’s going to happen next. (smooth music)

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  1. I watched the original episodes like three weeks ago and hated myself bc they weren’t a thing and I’d never get someone like that and here we are

  2. Soooo cuuuute ❤ Haha he sounds like he's at the same stage as me moving around a lot figuring it out lolol ?

  3. I'm just gonna say it bc no one is, what if this is just a big publicity stunt. Hes an Olympian. Attention is good for the brand

  4. this would be such cute and interesting story to tell their kids and grandkids if they had them in the future… Older Liz goes, "It all started because of an experiment: will an olympian date me? and it turns out… one of them married me. Guess who!"


  6. Robbie my guy, I don't know if your plan is to network from this or something, but you could do alot better. Good luck my friend.

  7. Love how as soon as Kelsey sees him she's like "are you the hot olympian?" and then turns into a big bro real quick

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