“My FUT” | Achraf Hakimi names his FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

“My FUT” | Achraf Hakimi names his FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

My name is Achraf Hakimi,
and this is my FIFA Ultimate Team. Thibaut Courtois is in there, because he has
great reflexes and a good overall average. I’ve picked Marcelo, because he’s my hero
and I’ve always wanted to have him in my team. Sergio Ramos is in because he’s a defensive
leader and you have to have a captain. I have Umtiti in the team because he’s a very good
left-sided centre-back and I like him a lot. Achraf Hakimi – because it’s me
and I want to be in my own team! I’ve chosen Koke because of the way
he plays and his FIFA average. Luka Modric… there’s nothing to say, he’s the
best centre midfielder around, and he’s a genius. Leo Messi is very good at dribbling
and he’s one of the best in FIFA. I’ve picked Griezmann because he’s a lethal
striker and I want to have him in my team. Dembélé is a great option
to have on the wing, and I’ve got Luis Suárez because he’s deadly
and everything he touches turns to goals! I don’t think you could get
much better than that team.

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  1. Uuuuuuuu!!! Is noob team ter stegen,van dijk,marcelo,ramos,de brueny,kante,pogba,mbappe,ronaldo,mmessi,neymar.

  2. Hmmmmmm wonder which team he wishes he was in 😂😂😂😂😂 atleast name 1 player from Dortmund reus or someone

  3. Wie unehrenhaft los ich bin eigentlich Bayer Fan aber das der kein bvb Spieler rein macht Respekt ich hätte Angst bitte kein hate

  4. Ziemlich nice, dass er als Real Spieler so viele Barça Spieler nominiert hat Hahahahah auch real Spieler wissen genau wer die besseren Spieler hat
    💪 💪 💪

  5. Where is cristiano Ronaldo?😱😱😤😤😤😤😤😈👿👿👿👿👿🌚🙀🙀🙀💘💘👹👹👹👺👺👎👎👎

  6. Hakimi:So that‘s my LaLiga Team

    Someone who works for Dortmund:You had to choose players from all of the world

    Hakimi:Let me think…Yeah that‘s still good im choosing that team

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