My Daily Life in the SLUMS OF MUMBAI (Life-Changing 5 Days)

My Daily Life in the SLUMS OF MUMBAI (Life-Changing 5 Days)

subtitles Two and a half years ago during my very first visit in India I spent two days walking all around the slums of Mumbai and Even though I got to learn so much about the life And the slums I didn’t really have the chance to live Inside the slums and so I left with more questions than answers So now that I came back to India for the second time I decided to go back to Mumbai and actually spend five days Living inside the adi, which is one of the largest slums in the world This is how it looks? At the end of the 19th century that IV was a sparsely populated village inhabited by coldy fishermen Then the slums were established in 1882 During the British colonial era and grew exponentially fast due to the expulsion of various polluting industries from downtown Mumbai Throughout the years millions of people have reported to Mumbai from rural India in search of a better future And some of them settled in Dharavi this led to the local population being incredibly diverse in their religions cultures and languages These days that I’ve is one of the largest slums in the world housing up to a million people Since there’s very little government regulation it has become a hub for entrepreneurs and in place of incredibly cheap labor It is estimated that the annual turnover of Dharavi some around a billion u.s. dollars with most of their goods being exported overseas In the 21st century the Ravi has become a topic of interest in mystery for Millions of people due to the publicity to received from movies like Slumdog Millionaire and books like Shantaram as for me I’m not a scientist or a researcher of any kind I simply wanted to learn more about what life was like in the slums of Mumbai. I knew I would find this experience I open it. I just couldn’t have predicted how much It is 12 p.m.. In Mumbai a few kilometers away from the slums And I’m finally going there so my friend who lives in the slums. Who’s called Praveen is already waiting for me I’m gonna pack my stuff and take a back seat to meet him It’s been almost two years since I last saw Praveen and I was incredibly happy to finally meet him again Yeah brother Once we met we started exploring the slums right away and made our way to one of the biggest markets in all of that that Was completely packed with people there’s literally thousands of people buying and selling stuff There’s kids going home from school. There’s all the vegetables fruits clothing electronics and everything else you can imagine It didn’t seem like all the food stalls were properly sanitized But the locals told me the products were fresh so I dug in walk garden for 15 euro cents. That’s a good deal Then we kept on exploring other areas of that, I’ll be passing through dozens of tiny crowded lanes I’m gonna try playing cricket for the first time in my life right now right here After a couple of hours in the slums I asked permian if I could use the bathroom somewhere He said no problem, bro And we ended up here in those houses these houses these houses Or these house people don’t have any toilet So everyone just crosses this sheet and goes to the bubble toilets right there every single day over 2,000 people used this public toilet, and it cost only 5 Euro cents to get it they have toilets on both sides This side right here Every single door has a different toilet It turned out the day I arrived to Dharavi was a really important celebration across India called Guru, Poornima It is an Indian festival dedicated to spiritual and academic teachers during which the students pay their respects and express gratitude Praveen brought me to a tent where everyone was paying their respects to their spiritual teacher status fighting the atmosphere was really Festive and everyone got as much free food as they wanted. I couldn’t resist it, too Which is like well here it became smart a single Everyone was really excited that I came to the festival and they brought me on the stage which was quite a unique experience Eventually, we hit the streets and spend hours parading all across the slums the police have stopped the whole Traffic in this intersection so that we could pass a little in the middle of the street and now the chorus goes together this card And the procession will continue Late at night pravin took me to the place that would become my home for the next five days I finally go to the place where I will be saying for the next five days. It looks like a proper slum There’s many small houses a lot of moist dark lanes Sometimes there’s some lighting, but not always Yeah, yo Praveen I’ll wait I need to leave money wishes It is already 11 p.m.. At night, so I guess it’s the end of the first day of me being in the slums But so far has been awesome right now. Just go straight to bed I’ll try to wake up early next morning to once again explore as much as I can This morning I went downstairs and everyone was taking a bath And then my host said so where do you want to take a bath? I said I don’t know I’m too lazy to think about and then he said no no no no If you live in the slums you have to take a bath every single day no exceptions So I guess it’s time for my morning bath they Start with a pina Fresh feeling of freshness and For your head you guys use like a shampoo After the shower we had a quick breakfast and continued exploring that Island that day Praveen wanted to show me the only Non-urbanized place in the slums, so we walked at the edge of the lobby and hopped into his friends Pratt How do you like it Praveen? It’s good Good you want to swim you want to go swimming Well hater ha ha Some minutes later. We arrived to this really tiny fishermen’s village where we met up with a few more praveen’s friends We just came to some small island and look at the color of that water. It’s even more interesting hey We have a floating platform right here Then a bathtub right there. It didn’t take me long to understand Why this place was so incredibly important to Praveen and his friends? It was their only get away from the hustle and bustle of life in Dharavi now. We’re going to some sort of another swamp That’s much bigger than this one apparently and also Praveen told me that no foreigners have ever Visited this place only the local people who who live in these tiny houses or our huts Somewhere somewhere there, that’s that is garbage That’s that is Relatively clean water so they have this water drainage system where basically the fish from this side they cannot pass to that sides to the garbage and The water level increases on that side the water without the garbage can flow to that side Lucas’s house, yeah We have some images so that and for the yeah Yeah, so they also sleep here or just rescue Fish catching so they catch fish here Here, and then the rest here the place wasn’t the cleanest but the guys didn’t seem to care all that much and made the best of their time in the nature The woman in the vote now has a helmet. Let’s race guys who’s gonna be first Would you like to live here This is a small island. They say it’s the small Thailand right here Coming here was like going into a time machine that took me hundreds of years back to the end of the 19th century when that IV was just a group of tiny fishermen’s villages housing only a few thousand families a few hundred meters later I was thinking back to the 21st century where I could see the mind-boggling Contrasts between the fisherman’s village the slums and the high-end office buildings that were so close to one another yet So completely distant at the same time. This is still the swamp side. That’s a super black river, and these are already the slums Someone’s building their house right now. We’re so close literally 3 meters away Though I don’t think you can cross this part so easy bye, bye bye Hey From then on I would wake up early every morning have myself a refreshing shower either inside or outside Yes Then I’d get something to eat and spend the whole day exploring throughout those few short days We went absolutely Everywhere from children’s playgrounds to workshops where praveen’s friends worked to busy intersections and tons of other interesting places a couple of times I borrowed my friend’s motorbike and drove to a few of the many other slums in the area some didn’t look that good But others surprised me with incredible views well, Jess. It’s one slum That’s just by the sea the sea is right here. The waves are really strong today So apparently everything is wet even the walls of these houses I didn’t expect this but some of the slums we visited were so clean. They didn’t feel like slums at all the slum We’re visiting right now is extremely clean and Every Hut is basically a house So definitely look like Islam, it looks like a normal cute area the houses are color for that’s a ping pong That’s a yellow one blue one the red one the orange one the other one Though it–one and the best part is there’s no smell it feels clean. It feels very beautiful very well preserved We also checked out a few areas in the slums that the government redeveloped into proper apartment buildings Just entered one of the houses apparently it’s not allowed, but we’re gonna transfer you stop. I don’t know Would you look at the view apparently this whole area used to be slams right now this part is to the Muslims But everything around it became a building so they would demolish the huts and these tiny buildings and build something like this and give everyone a flats and The same thing happened here where I’m standing right now This is a huge apartment building the UCB stands. No one can stop this love One of those days Praveen told me we could go rooftop At first it seemed a bit weird to randomly walk on people’s roofs in the middle of the day But Praveen told me no problem bro and off we went Everyone thinks Hong Kong is the place to go rooftop in but it turns out into that I? Look at this huge huge tree There’s room right out of the roof There’s a temple downstairs for hanging around on this roof Next to the tree. I don’t know how many roofs. We’ve been on, but it seems like 50 or more there’s hundreds and hundreds of huts all around this area and apparently can go on most of them as long as you don’t break the Roof because it’s someone’s house look at all of these houses Everywhere in every single one of them. There are some people so here someone is drying their clothes There someone’s cooking. I think cuz I can smell it and in every single house There’s at least a few people right now and apparently there’s someone down there. Also hello namaste namaste On my last day that I had a super fun morning dance battle with perviness Then we made our way to the local train station to check out how the millions of people of the slums commuted to other areas of Mumbai Every single day we’re approaching the train station to take a train that crosses all of the Navi It’s only two stops, but we can see literally the whole swamp. There’s the train. That’s the cabin pretty packed I would say how the chains beginning to move let her get these photos back. There’s so many people outside Today’s my last day in the slums of Mumbai and as any Sensible person would do I decided to get a clean professional shape for 30 US dollars chefs I know this might look a little different from your ideal barber shop, but this guy was a total pro He gave me proper clean shape in no time We forgot those in fact in for good measure Then everybody Then ever grow The five days that I lived in the slums of Mumbai opened my eyes in ways I couldn’t have imagined because they got to spend so much time with the local people who completely transformed my outlook on what their lives were like You see as most outsiders had a very distorted view of the people of Islamists We grew up hearing stories about them dying on the streets No one being able to read and write kids having to sleep, surrounded by flesh-eating brats And so on there are of course tons of problems that need to be addressed especially when it comes to sanitation for example sources say that in Dharavi There is an average of one toilet for a thousand people also Livestock general lives in the same quarters with people and that combined with the fact that the local water sources lack cleaning facilities sometimes causes the spread of contagious diseases I am obviously in no way knowledgeable enough to know of all the intricacies of life in the slums However people there are just like everywhere else They have their own dreams goals careers thoughts and emotions They are no way different from the rest of us it is said that the Rob is the most Entrepreneurial place in the world and I found that to be very much true Most people I met had something going for them some were running their own workshops Or small factories others had the restaurant shops or food stalls not only that a lot of the slum dwellers actually work those big office buildings for various technology or financial companies and Simply lived in the slums to save money on friends Which is incredibly expensive in Mumbai there were some astonishing success stories to take my good friend shale ash He was born and raised in Dharavi and started his online business at the age of 22 The business took off a few years later And now Sheila’s rents six figures online business employs 12 people full-time Goes on vacation every once in a while and supports his whole family. It doesn’t matter where we come from we are all equal Some of us are born with golden spoons at our mouths others are not but that doesn’t define us What defines us is our pursuit of happiness our compassion for others and our ability to adapt to whatever? Circumstances were in and make the best of them You

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  1. Thanks for tuning in! Living in the slums for 5 days opened my eyes in ways I couldn’t have imagined, because I got to spend so much time with the local people, who completely transformed my outlook on what their lives were like. And that's why I'm incredibly happy to finally share this video with you, after two full months of work! Thanks for your time and I hope you'll enjoy it 🙂

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    After all this time, I still wonder at it…

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  16. Fear God, The Lord Thy God, God Of The Living, God Of Isreal, The Creator Of Heaven and Earth and His Son Yeshua Christ Of Nazareth and Holy Spirit and Obey His 10 Commandments and Judgments in Exodus 20: Chapter and He will protect you. Luke 10: 19, Isaiah @, and Hebrews @ and Exodus @–26.
    The Word of God=Jesus Christ of Nazareth= The Holy Bible as in Revelations @-13 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. 12His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. 13And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.

    slums are a curse from The Lord Thy God, The Creator Of Heaven and Earth and these countries with slums have other god's. Their god's did not create the World and the Universe. Yet you pray to these things? You get slums in Countries that pray to deities and animals… As you can see and that is truth if you go to every country that prays and worship other god's will guarantee to have slums and high crime rates and homelessness.
    All should make Jesus Christ of Nazareth your Lord and Saviour and repent from your sins, Things will change..

    All Glory To The Lord Thy God, God of The Living, God Of Isreal, Creator of Heaven and Earth and His Son Yeshua Christ of Nazareth and Holy Spirit Forever and Ever.
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