MVP (Sisi Rondina’s Life Story) | Maalaala Mo Kaya Recap (With Eng Subs)

MVP (Sisi Rondina’s Life Story) | Maalaala Mo Kaya Recap (With Eng Subs)

Dear Charo… We had a simple life
in Cebu. Aside from sisi, we’re used to having just
salted rice on the table. We didn’t have
a beautiful house. Despite that, I have
a hardworking father, nice siblings and
a very loving mother. Back then, I thought that
what we had was enough. – Let’s eat!
– Wow, sisi ! Do you like sisi that much? Let her be, Karen.
She really loves eating that. That’s why we call her Sisi! She looks like one. Mama, look!
They’re teasing me! Pa, you know that I’m
scheduled to leave tomorrow. I just think that Brunei
is too far, Ma. And you’ll be away from us
for four years. But we’ve already
talked about this. Tell me, how can I explain
this to our children when they wake up
tomorrow? I don’t think I can leave if I say goodbye to them. Ate, why are you crying? Sisi, it’s Mama…
She’s gone. What?! Papa said she’ll work abroad. That’s not true, Ate. Mama won’t leave us. Why did you let Mama leave? Four years is too long, Pa. Dear, your mother
decided to leave so she can support
your studies. If you don’t study hard, how
will you be able to graduate? How can your mother go home
and be with us again So if I will study hard,
Mama will come home sooner? Yes. I soon became part of
our school’s volleyball team. I spent my time playing while still focusing
on my studies. It may somehow ease
the pain of not having Mama with me, but I’d still pray
for her to come home. Sisi! As years passed by, so many things have
changed in our family. But even though Mama and Papa
continued to work hard, we still struggled
to make ends meet. Ate’s so great, Mama. They always win their games. I think it’s because of
the shoes you gave her. It’s like her lucky charm. Like magical shoes! Don’t worry.
Once I earn extra money here, I’ll buy you new pairs
of shoes. Alright, Ma. Ma, just come back home. That’s all we want. Just be more patient, dear. You’re always saying that… Ma? Hello? Hello? We have a gift for you. Really? You shouldn’t have bothered.
What’s this? – It’s something amazing!
– Wow! – You deserve it.
– A phone? We worked hard to buy that. – Thank you, Papa.
– Sisi? – Sisi Rondina?
– Yes? I’m Paul John Doloiras. I’m the coach of the
UST Beach Volleyball Team. We’re based in Manila. I’m Arnold, Sisi’s father. Good evening. I saw you play in
the National Games. You really amazed me. But we didn’t win, sir. You have great potential. I want to recruit you in the
UST Women’s Volleyball Team. – Really?
– We’ll shoulder… …all your expenses. Why don’t you visit
the campus first? Get a feel for it
before deciding. Call me when you’ve
made up your mind. Sisi, take care! Although I didn’t want
to leave my family, I accepted Coach Dolo’s
offer for them. I felt something special
when I first stepped into UST. I felt like the world got bigger and there are lots of
opportunities around me. – Here’s your key.
– Thank you! Guys, listen up! This is Sisi Rondina,
your new teammate. She’s from Cebu. Sisi, this is Coach Kung Fu. Welcome to our team, Sisi. Thank you, Coach. I didn’t know you were here! I never thought we would
meet again in UST. – When did you arrive?
– You know each other? Yes, Coach. We were
teammates in high school. Coach, why don’t we start? Sure. Girls! Good luck, Sisi. Cool down. That’s your lunch? You should go on a proper diet,
or else you won’t last. I’m not on a diet, Coach. I’m just saving my allowance, so my parents don’t
have to worry about me. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry. Here’s what we’ll do.
From now on, your recovery meal
is on me. your recovery meal
is on me. I’ll be fine. I insist. It’s on me. I’ll just have lunch.
Coach, let’s eat. Alona, you should eat more. Here, eat this. Thank you, Cora. Cora, can I pay you
next payday? I need to pay for my
eldest daughter’s tuition. Sure, Alona.
I don’t need it yet. You miss them, don’t you? Everyday. Sisi, you shouldn’t
hit the ball too hard, or else it’ll go
out of bounds. Learn to control your pulse, so you can control the
direction of the ball. Don’t just hit the ball.
Think about it first. This season’s
most valuable player, UST’s Cherry Ann “Sisi” Rondina! Are you thinking of how you’ll
take the UST Golden Tigresses to the UAAP indoor volleyball
championship? I know it’s been a long time
since we entered the finals. Is there a problem? I want to go back
to Cebu, Coach. You want to take a break? I want to quit volleyball. Why? I thought I can endure
being away from my family. My dad’s sick, and I can’t
even take care of him. I just miss my family so much. Fine, take a break
for the meantime. But think long and hard over your decision
to quit volleyball. I’m really sorry. Let’s resume! Can I now have
the money for my project? It’s been a week since
its deadline. Here, Silda.
Take this. – Will this be enough?
– Yes, Ate. Thank you. I’ll go inside now. I really wanted to see you,
to be with you, but I couldn’t do anything. So, just hang in there. We’re all here to support you. I’m sorry, Papa. I’m sorry. Sisi? Coach! A professional volleyball team
is looking for players. Why don’t you give it a try?
You’ll be perfect for the job. If you get accepted, you’ll
receive a monthly allowance. Will UST be okay with it if I play for a
professional team? As long as you can promise
you won’t neglect our team. Sure thing, Coach. I’ll try it. – Good.
– Thanks, Coach! You heard that? I’m glad I got accepted into
a professional volleyball team. It would be a great help
to my family. – Hello, Dim?
– Sisi, where are you? You’re late for practice.
Coach Dolo’s looking for you. Darn it! Okay, okay. Sorry, Coach. If you’re not late,
you’re often absent! Coach, I’ve been training with my professional team
every day lately. Which do you prefer?
Your professional team or UST? I can still do it, Coach. We won the championships in beach volleyball
last season, right? Also, I’ve been
the two-time MVP. You only won one
championship but you think so
highly of yourself! Yet UST is still at the bottom
ranks in indoor volleyball! I’m really sorry, Coach. I was just having a hard time
adjusting right now. But please don’t make
me choose. Why? Because you earn money
with your professional team?! I know you need
to support your family. But is that what volleyball
is to you now?! I hope you haven’t forgotten why you’re here in the
university in the first place! – Sisi.
– Coach. I’m sorry for what
I’ve said to you earlier. I was just thinking
what’s best for our team. And for you too. Belated happy birthday. You okay, Sisi? I know what to do now. I need to make up
to Coach Dolo. Dim. We’ll bring back
the Golden Tigresses to UAAP’s Final Four. Game? – Of course!
– Okay. I tried to take a break
from my professional team so I could focus
on UAAP. I was lucky they
understood my situation. They didn’t even cut off
my monthly allowance. We’ve seen how much you’ve
improved through the years. That’s why we decided
to make you the team captain. We believe in you. – Thank you, Coach.
– Practice harder, okay? Did you know I’ll come home
for Karen’s graduation? What? For real? Yeah, my boss allowed me
to take a one-week vacation. Sisi, thank you for
supporting your siblings. Don’t mention it, Mama. Just keep your
promise, okay? I will. We were so happy when Mama
returned to the Philippines, so much that we didn’t
want her to leave. Unfortunately, we couldn’t
change her mind. That’s why I did something
to stop her from leaving. Sisi? What are you doing? – Give it back!
– Mama! Please stay here! I’m begging you. Admit it. You’re struggling. Just look at yourself. Your health is being
compromised by your work. So you better
stay here, Mama. Ate Denden will graduate soon. So is Ate Karen. Mama, I’ll finish college
in a year. Besides, I’m earning
some money now. There’s no need for you
to work your butt off abroad. Please stay here! We’ve spent half of
our lives without you. I’m sure 10 years of hard work
and sacrifice is enough. Please stay, Mama. You don’t have
to work abroad. The truth is our longing
for your mother… …is way more
painful for her. I’m sorry, Papa. I’m sorry. Sisi. Can you come with me later? I’ll look for a job. I’ll stay here. We’ll be together again. I was so happy with
Mama’s decision. Soon after, I joined
the training for the next season
of the UAAP. This time, I was
more determined to win. Sisi Rondina is making
a name in volleyball. She’s now one of
the most entertaining and intense flyers we’ve seen
in Philippine volleyball. I have one more season. We’ll bounce back. I promise, Ma. Let’s fight until
the end, okay? We will reach the finals! Alright! It’s our time! – UST!
– It’s our time! UST gets back at their
first-round tormentor. They do it in a sweep! Sisi Rondina is a player
to watch out for. …gets UST to the finals! In emphatic, explosive and
dramatic fashion! UST Golden Tigresses! For the first time
since Season 73, UST will be back
at the biggest stage in UAAP Women’s Volleyball. This season’s most
valuable player coming from the team
whose motto has been “It’s our time!” This year’s MVP
can only be Cherry Ann “Sisi” Rondina! And to present the award, here’s Fr. Jannel Abogado. MVP! MVP! MVP! May we call on the family
of Sisi Rondina to the center court
to receive the award. First of all, I thank God for giving me
this talent. I dedicate this award
to all of you, especially to my family. Thank you very much! We didn’t win the finals. But the truth is, I felt like I was
more than a winner because through volleyball, I was able to make
Mama come home and our family finally
became complete. Until then, Sisi.

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