Munchkin: Quacked Quest – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Munchkin: Quacked Quest – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

If you’re watching this video then
our evil marketing team is earning their pay. So stay put and mark November 19th
on your calendar so you don’t forget to buy… Munchkin: Quacked Quest. But what is Munchkin: Quacked Quest? Is it a card game? No. Is is a video game? Yes! Okay. But what is it exactly? Well, I’m glad you asked, Kevin. Do you like to play games
where you go down into dungeons, fight monsters and loot treasures? This game has some of that. Do you enjoy sitting on the couch
with your friends while you trash talk them and laugh triumphantly in their faces? And a sarcastic narrator,
randomly generated dungeons, loads of epic loot,
and so many ducks. Now you have a rough idea of what
Munchkin: Quacked Quest actually is. Lesson One: Set Your Game Munchkin: Quacked Quest is better when shared
with friends or acquaintances in local multiplayer because, well, you know,
you can make fun of them in person. So throw a party, order pizzas, and get ready to dive into the mayhem. You’d rather keep the pizza to yourself? No judgment here. We have AI characters that can replace
any warm-blooded companion. First, you’ll need to choose a race… human, elf, orc, or dwarf depending on how fast you
want to run away from the trolls. And if you’re really into customization, we have three… Yes, three… …different hats. Now, set the timer. Just because you can play for 59 minutes,
doesn’t mean you should, Kevin. All right. Ready for fun? Let’s go. Lesson Two: Master Dungeons To win the game,
you’ll need to reach the highest level through a succession of rooms
that are randomly generated depending on magical cards. In those rooms there are skulls to crush, gold to collect, and objectives complete. Most of these objectives are silly, But the most important task is to grab the duck! During your exploration you’ll find weapons, from a smelly rat on a stick to a deadly chainsaw But you will also find other
devastating items and classes. Or just sell all this junk for gold Prove that you are worthy of having
plutonium dragon for breakfast and some sweet chicken for dinner. Lesson Three: Look After —
Betray Your Friends In Munchkin there can only be one winner and there’s no room for friendships. So if you have always wanted to crush
your roommate, partner, or best friend, here are a few tricks to [QUACK] them
and let them know who the [QUACK] you are. One, shove a friend into a pit
to ghost him properly then grab the duck! But be careful. Another friend might be
waiting right behind you. Mmm. I’ve got my eye on you, Kevin. Two, twist the class abilities to your advantage. Protect your expensive loot with the Wizard Bubble. Heal those skeletons
thanks to the Cleric Area-Of-Effect. Hide under the Rogue Box
and let your friends deal with monsters. Or use the Warrior Stun against your
game partners for easier betrayals. Then… Grab the duck! Three, use the right item at the right
time to turn the tide of the game. Invert the other players controls or knock them back into holes with an explosive spell. Then…yep. Say it with me… Grab the duck! Long story short, be the smartest, be the fastest, be the deadliest,
be the greediest, be the Munchkininess and win everything! Get ready for Munchkin Quacked Quest,
coming on November 19th!

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  1. This is no Fat Princess (Come on Playstation- we need a bigger + better NEW Fat Princess game!), but looks decent enough.

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