Multi-Camera Sports Broadcasting with SlingStudio

Multi-Camera Sports Broadcasting with SlingStudio

I first got into video production with
my kids videos. You buy the camera, you start to recording your kids, and then
you want to edit them and get just the best parts of it.
I see an idea and a need and I just jump at it.
My name is Adam Frick. I have a company here in town called Folsom TV, and I’ve
been doing live-streaming and post-production and video production.
Before SlingStudio, we really were limited to just one angle, and you just
had to find the right angle, or run around trying to get all the shots that
you could. We can take a camera. We could set it down someplace, capturing this
over here, and that over here, without having to move one single camera, and we don’t have to worry about wires. Because the setup is simple for SlingStudio, it
allows us a lot more time before the actual game starts to powwow, and you
have a game plan on how we’re gonna actually attack this game, and what we
could do better. Without SlingStudio we wouldn’t have started doing the football
games. This really was the catalyst to get us into live-streaming games. What’s really great about live streaming
football, it’s become a community online. So when a game is streaming, people are
logging in from all over the country. I love the fact that people are reuniting
and getting together on our game stream, and with a SlingStudio, this makes it so
affordable for anyone to get into this. The CameraLinks actually have quite a
bit of range that I wasn’t expecting. But anybody can shoot with one camera on top
of the press box. We now have cameras that are down on the
field and catching some of the live action up close and personal, and then we
can import that video later on using that video import tool, and really give
people a whole different experience. The graphic overlays have been key for us to
really monetize the games, and to make it possible for us to be out here with this
big crew. We have one of our cameras focused directly onto the scoreboard.
When time is critical, we can put that up there, and that picture and picture
feature really makes for an exciting play. Anybody who’s ever done
live streaming, and has dreamed about using multiple cameras, or had graphic
overlays, this product is really for that person. And I’m so glad we got it because
it has really transformed our ability to do live streaming.

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  1. Is instant replay possible? This product looks awesome for our school ….. possible student production of games on a budget!

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