Multi-Camera Live Streaming Setup — Sling Studio Live Switcher, Recorder and Streaming Hub

Multi-Camera Live Streaming Setup — Sling Studio Live Switcher, Recorder and Streaming Hub

– So live streaming is
a huge trend right now. And there’s a lot of
cool companies bringing a ton of innovation to this space. Including Sling Studio with
this incredible box right here, that does a multi-camera,
multi-source workflow that isn’t just relevant
for big productions. But even solo creators. And we’re gonna talk
about it in this video. Comin’ up. (upbeat electronic music) Hey what’s up guys? Sean here with THiNK Media TV, helping you go further, faster, in media. And I’m here at NAB with Prateek, who’s the product manager of Sling Studio. How’s it goin’? – Going well, how about you? – I’m doing phenomenal! We’ve been talking a
lot about this product, I’m pumped about it. But it takes a second to kinda understand, so kinda break it down in a nutshell what exactly Sling Studio
is and what it does. – Yeah, so Sling Studio is a multi-camera media production platform, which is portable and wireless. It can allow you to connect
to any type of sources, whether it be high-end
cameras, camcorders, or your smartphones. It can allow you to do
switching, broadcasting, and recording all simultaneously within a single box. – That’s right. And so this box is
retail price of $999 US. And when you get the box, you can download the iPad app, which is incredible. You can start managing
multiple sources of video. Which we see over here, we can shoot some B-Roll
and you can see all of that. And then you can get a final output, and this box is gonna do the heavy lifting to send that broadcast
out to the internet. So where could you send it? Could you go to Facebook Live? Could you go to multiple places? – Yeah so there are
three different outputs that it could have. We can do Facebook or YouTube so you can broadcast it to either of them. There’s an HDMI output feed, so you can use that to
output a program feed, or a multi-view, quad-view monitor. And in addition, there’s recording available
locally on this box, either using an SD card or a USB drive. And all those recordings will include not only your isolated recordings, but your programmed live-cut videos. So all those recordings are going to be in a single location, so don’t need to worry
about storage wrangling from multiple, different sources. And all of those recordings
are also going to be timeline synced for you. So when you import it into
your post-productions tools, like Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro, all of them will be timeline synced. And so all of your edits and transitions that you did in your live production are going to be available on
the Premier and Final cut. – I love it! So practically, we’ve been talking about real world use. And so if you were like, a school and you were
shooting sporting events, you could do some pretty
incredible things. You could have a main camera
plugged into the HDMI, and that could be one of your sources. And then you could actually have a phone with an app that you install, and you don’t need another device. Or they’ve got wireless devices. What do you call them? – So those are called Camera Links. So that you can see on the backside, those really take any HDMI
output from your cameras. And wirelessly transmit
that feed into this box, allowing you to making
that source available for switching, recording,
and broadcasting. – So yeah you could
have different cameras, you could plug into a DSLR, a camcorder, you could plug it really into
any source that has HDMI. And then that could be
up to 300 feet away, and so you could do sports, you could do concerts. Really great for churches that maybe wanted to
show what they’re doing, use multiple sources. But even as a solo video
creator I was asking, you know, if I want to do
kinda like a Google Hangout, but I wanna go more pro. I wanna go 1080p and I wanna share like the source from my computer. I wanna share my slides, kinda do like a webinar, like a slide deck. I could plug my computer right
into the HDMI port right? – Yes. – I could plug it in, into the HDMI port. I could then use my phone with the app, and then you could see me on camera. I could share that, and then I could push
that out to Facebook Live. And this is going to do the heavy lifting of all the processing
power and things like that. And now it’s a one solution
that’s very simple. I could go into the app here, tap on sharing my screen. The source from my computer. Switch over to the phone. But it goes even deeper than that. I could type a title on there, and have different lower thirds, and things happening
inside of the app here. And so there’s a lot of functionality. We’ll do our best to
kinda show some B-Roll, and some slides. And of course as usual, we’ll link up in the description to everything that Sling Studio is doing. So you can check out some
of the product videos, because I think this is
a very great solution. Especially, right, for simple and effective
multi-camera work. But even other just live streaming work. You wanna start pushing
out content to YouTube, which is what I’m thinking about. Maybe do some creative stuff, even in my home office with
a few different sources. I am super pumped about Sling Studio. Any other thoughts or kinda best features that people should know about? – So in addition to that, we have multiple different
types of video composition, like a PiP, you can do quad views, so taking in all the different sources. – And let me stop you for a second. What’s cool, PiP, Picture in Picture. I can not only show my slides, but I also, some gaming YouTubers, they like to be able to have like, their picture up. And you can still see their face, and still see that interaction. So it very simply allows you
to do that, which is awesome. – Yes. And so we have different
types of video transitions, like card, dissolve,
wipe that are available. You can do lower thirds, you have a built-in audio mixer. So that will allow you to mix multiple different audio sources. Regardless of where it is coming from. It could be an embedded audio from one of the video source. Or you can plug in an external mixer board directly through a line-in
connection on this box. And that will allow you to
have additional audio source. It could be a second system audio, and be able to pull it
into your live feed. – Yep. And then one of the last things
I was really interested in was hey, could we upload our own graphics? Could we even play like
our own commercials? You’re doing a live stream, you wanna cut to a source, and so you were mentioning that that’ll be a software update and a firmware update coming later right? – Exactly. So that’s a feature we are working on. And it will be available
through a software update. The software is going to be available though the app store on the iPad, so you can just download
your new firmware update when it’s available from the app. And you get those additional new features. – Yeah, very cool! So then you can imagine, you’re on camera, and you’re talking, then you’re sharing some slides, and then maybe wanna take a break, so you created a commercial. You could just play that. But there’s other ways to do it too. Because you’ve got a source, you could just plug your
computer in the HDMI, and you could play that
content off of a computer, off of a laptop. And then use a mobile phone or a JVC, or any kind of camera. So there’s so many different combinations, and I really love this diagram right here. And just looking at kinda the work flow of what you could do
with different sources, and pull it all together
with the Sling Studio. Alright, so people are curious of course, when is this coming out? And where can you get it? And what are all the details? – Okay, so for more information, check out our website And the product is going to be available in May timeframe. It will be available
through B&H Photo Video, or you can go and get it
from – Thank you so much! I appreciate you coming
on to THiNK Media TV. And super pumped about the Sling Studio. – Appreciate it. – Question of the day! What are you doing lately
for live streaming? Have you been using Facebook Live? Instagram Live? YouTube Live? Let me know in the comment section. So thanks so much for
checking out this video! Click here to subscribe to THiNK Media TV for more coverage from NAB. If you wanna see all of our videos, the playlist is right here, and we’ll link it up in the description. Until next time, THiNK Media TV is helping you
go further, faster in media. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon.

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