MTB speed record down a volcano – 102mph! – Markus Stöckl

MTB speed record down a volcano – 102mph! – Markus Stöckl

Nicaragua is known as a poor country but I’m really surprised by how upbeat and nice these people are. We will try to set a new world record with a normal bike. You can buy this one at any shop. It has hydraulic brakes just like a motorbike only a little bit lighter and smaller. We use these special profile tires so the brakes work well. Before the start you have to calmly check that everything works. And then you put on your helmet, focus on the line and… let go.

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  1. I remember what happened to the last guy that tried this, and hes doing it on an evil? at least hes dressed like dare devil.

  2. Never wear a tucked in Metallica shirt with those spandex c'mon. Maybe the way this video was shot but I wasn't really impressed. Seemed pretty weak. Glad he accomplished his goals.

  3. red bull gives you wings by making you do stupid things to make money for them and if you die heres the wings, the shit taste like death to start with

  4. Fun fact the last guy to try this was the guy at the end hugging him wearing a metallica T-shirt his bike slit in two and he nearly killed himself…

  5. The last guy that tried this(AKA the guy hugging him at the end with the metallica t-shirt) crashed and was on the TV show world's most amazing videos, and almost died.

  6. so he literly just pickwd ofd a bike from the factory no special bike needed what kind of bike is that btw

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