MOVING TO MEXICO: What I packed for six months

MOVING TO MEXICO: What I packed for six months

hey guys okay if you watch the Porto
video then you know that Jesse and I are planning a big move. We are taking
our three-year-old daughter and leaving the United States. We will be traveling
for six months to different places in order to shop around and find where we
want to live permanently. So the first three months we will be in Mexico; the
second three months of the six months of travel we will let you know when plans
are finalized. And we leave in a few days and aahhh! I am packed and I wanted to show you what I am taking. This is everything that I’m taking for myself and my
three-year-old kid. So these are the things that I’m taking on the plane. This
bag will be checked. And let’s get started! Okay this is the suitcase that I
am taking for Harper and for me. On this side you’ve got the clothes. Click here
to see why I have rolled the clothes rather than put them in packing cubes.
And how cute is this sun hat? I mean really. This side this is the
miscellaneous everything junk drawer of the suitcase. We’ve got medicine,
jewelry, makeup, all right and then we have a bunch of toiletries. I have not put the
toiletries in one container. I have spread them out over these small
containers and the reason is the toiletries bags tend to be bulky and
take up a lot of space in the suitcase and they are harder to spread things out
with, so all right, toiletries, toiletries toiletries, toiletries, okay I know I
realize it seems like a lot of toiletries, yeah what are you gonna do?
Socks and underwear, a heating pad because I have a bad neck and back. All
right how cute is this little mask with a filter for Harper with little pandas?
It’s so adorable. In case we are in a place where we need this. All right
shoes for Harper, hairbrush, umbrella, this is our carbon monoxide and explosive gas
detector some AirBnBs and apartments that you will stay in have these; most or
many do not. It plugs in but it also runs off of batteries. Okay
these are adapters for the car seat. If you are installing a car seat outside of
the United States, some of the seat belts will not have the auto lock
feature. You will need one of these to make sure that you install your car seat
correctly. Adapters and power converter, baby monitor, clothesline, a runner’s
wallet. Okay this little guy which is so cute is a knife sharpener. I love to cook,
love to cook, and the one thing in the kitchen that I find absolutely essential
is a good sharp knife. Instead of taking a knife with me I decided to go ahead
and bring my knife sharpener because as you know if you cook there is nothing
worse than cutting with a dull knife some reusable grocery bags, my
sketchbook and pencils, and here are some of Harper’s favorite books that we’re
bringing with us. She is a total bookworm so we’re gonna have to find a library or
something but this will be enough to get us started. A travel scale. And the
last things that we have are Harper’s toys. These are all of the toys that we
are taking with us except some things that are gonna go in her backpack for
the plane. So we’ve got some stuffies, we’ve got a card game, Winnie the Pooh,
it’s a number matching game, musical instruments and a tape measure. We like to measure things. A magnifying glass for investigating.
These are some of my Littlest Pet Shop toys from like the 90s that Harper has
recently fallen in love with, so I get to go down memory lane and she has a lot of fun playing with these little critters so they’re coming with us, and rocks
because my kid loves rocks… yeah a bag of rocks, I am packing a bag of rocks. All
right let me show you what I’m taking with me on the airplane. First things
first this is the Lillebaby and also neck pillows for me and for Harper, oh it’s so cute! If you
watched our Portugal videos you will know how much I rely on the Lillebaby
which is a carrier. The one that I have is the larger size for toddlers so it fits
my tall three-year-old just fine couldn’t do without that. Car seat. All right
this can be somewhat controversial and a fairly unpopular opinion but I do not
travel without a car seat, and yes I do travel on airplanes with a car seat. All
right it is legal to take children under two on your lap without being restrained;
however it is safer to have them in a car seat. Now here’s the thing, if you’re
like me your first thought was gonna be well yeah but if the airplane drops out
of the sky and lands in the ocean the car seat is not going to do anything and
you are actually correct. In that situation it’s–yeah I’m sorry that’s not
good and the car seat’s not gonna do anything;
however that kind of incident is extremely rare. The situations your car
seat will protect your child in are the ones that are by far the most common:
that is on the runway and unexpected turbulence. Accidents on the runway are
way more common than the airplane just falling out of the sky. Everything on an
airplane has to be secured except for kids under two… and another thing is
unexpected turbulence in midair. People have been thrown up into the overhead
bins, you know, thrown forward… having your child in a car seat is just always going
to be safer. Another benefit of having the car seat is that Harper sleeps
really well in the car seat so when she’s in a car seat she’ll be like oh
okay cool I’m going to take a nap now. When we were in Portugal, when we were traveling on long-distance buses I had her in the
car seat and she was happy as a clam but when we were on trains and she could
kind of move around a little bit more it was, it was very difficult… okay so enough
of that. Okay and the backpack! In here we’ve got laptop, iPad, toddler
essentials, a water bottle. I love this water bottle because it keeps your cold
liquids cold and your hot liquids hot it’s amazing. This is not sponsored.
One of these old muslin blankets from when Harper was a baby–we took this all
over Portugal and it’s not only as useful as a blanket, but it can also be rolled up and used as
a pillow, we used it as a picnic blanket we used it as a diaper changing pad, we
used it as a beach blanket, we just used this everywhere. There’s all of our
important papers, a notebook and oodles of stickers so that on the plane Harper
can play with stickers. We love stickers stickers are magic, whoever invented
stickers is just a hero. A Go Fish game from the dollar store, yay.
Checkbooks, wipes, you can never have too many wipes, and chargers. That’s it! All
right that’s what I’m taking for six months on the road
with my three-year-old. This is more than I normally like to pack when traveling
but this is a longer trip than we’ve taken before… I wanted to have a little
bit of extra stuff. All right the next time you see me we will be in
Mexico so don’t forget to subscribe and I can’t wait to take you along with us!

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  1. I like her choice of toys and very funny about the rocks 😀 Are you going to do a video about what clothes you're taking like your "12 pieces, 40 outfits, 1 packing cube video"? That's my favorite video of yours that I've watched many times!

  2. My husband and I are from the US and we are currently in Budapest. So far, we are loving this country. BTW, we have been traveling full-time for about 2 years and I love it here in Budapest.

  3. I'm pretty sure after all this time in SMA and Guanajuato, you probably realize you didn't need to bring all that. You can find here almost everything of what you packed. However I agree with you, traveling for long time makes us get worried like what if we get to need any of these things… I bet you are very happy with your first months in this lovely land.

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