Mountain running race up a ski jump – Red Bull 400 Kulm 2013

Mountain running race up a ski jump – Red Bull 400 Kulm 2013

One of the most exhausting things I’ve ever done! My legs exploded but it was awesome! Red Bull 400, the third edition to the “Storm the Kulm.” With over 630 participants we’ve been fully booked for months. I’m a bit nervous, I’ve never ran something this steep. At the beginning you have power but that disappears quickly. You have to fight for your goals! “You’re a cross country skier usually?” Yes, a cross country skier only actually, I just do this for fun here at the Kulm. So cool! It was so exhausting! I’m completely destroyed but it was worth it! Unbelievably hard! The last 100 meters you feel like you’re dying. It was cool, exhausting but cool! “5:04 sec you’d rank in the mens race around 5th place!” — It’s really a surprise, I did not expect this time at all!

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  1. this would be alot cooler if you could push ppl haha it just be a bunch of ppl rollin down the hill while the other ppl are tryin to dodge falling bodys… lol CARNAGE!!!!

  2. Seriously, for those that can't speak German, all you need to do is turn on the CC close captioning and its all in English. Simples

  3. New Olympic sport! Look at those guys, they're in top condition and they were reduced to jelly in 400 meters!

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  5. Даже просто пройти такую трассу очень круто, а тем более прийти первым

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