Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated movie | Motu Patlu 36 Ghantey Race Against Time | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated movie | Motu Patlu 36 Ghantey Race Against Time | Wow Kidz

Look there, see that car carefully, it is made out of pure gold and it is studded with diamonds, its cost is ten billion. Do you know what this is? Sir this is gold made of car sir, ten billion studded. Oh god not gold made of car, not gold made of car. Car is made of Gold. You don’t speak English. This car is the international race car trophy. People are staying here in Furfuri nagar for the international car race, The race will start from here; whoever comes first will get this golden car. If this car gets stolen then we will all lose our jobs so I have put laser beams all around this golden car. Ha ha ha it is impossible to get out of Chingam’s web, impossible. Now no thief in the world can rob this golden car? You are a cannon sir, our country’s hope, H P O E; Hope. Oh god, where did these cars come from? Some kid must be driving them by remote, search for the kid, search whoses toys are these. Oh god!!!! Oh god!!! Why have you made me a ladder? Get down get down, boohhhhh. Ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho he he he Motu Patlu!! where are you? Golden car has been stolen. Chingam sir!!!, we are coming!!!! Motu, see and drive Move away big brother, move your car aside, hey brother with the mask get your car aside. Chingam sir we are coming, we dashed against the car of a masked man, so we are late. Oh god the masked man is the thief, catch him. Patlu that masked man is the thief. Let’s go. Hey what are you doing? First turn the car straight. Patlu, handle the car’s steering. ha ha ha ho hoooooooooo aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aa Hey what is this? Below is the sea. If he can go then we too can go. We are not less than anyone. Patlu save, open the parachute open the parachute. Hey where do we have a parachute? Idea Chingam sir, the thief got away but his number plate is with us; we can search him with the help of this number plate. Oh god, where will we search with one number plate? Boohhh my job is gone, what will I do after I lose my job? Oh god, I cannot prepare idli, dosa properly, how will I sell those, boohhhhh? Chingam sir, the thief is an expert car driver, such an expert driver can only be a race driver. He must be one of the many participants who have come to Furfuri nagar for the car racing. Now he cannot get away, it is impossible to get away from Chingam’s web, impossible. I will search all the drivers’ rooms; I will not leave any of them. Come with me and see what I do. Chingam sir, if we don’t find the trophy, we will have to cancel the race. As soon as participants find this out they will not participate in the race. We will find the trophy, surely we will find it. It is impossible to get away of Chingam’s web, Impossible impossible Your constables have searched all the cars and the car drivers’ rooms but they did not find anything; now if the car number also does not match then how will you catch the thief? Yes yes got it, it is impossible to get away from Chingam’s web, impossible. Hera – Feri arrest the owner of this car and drag him to the police station. What problem is this? Sir sir, we cannot you arrest this car owner, cannot you arrest. EAORST arrest. Stop talking in English and handcuff him and drag him to the police station, it’s an order. Sorry sorry, last order cancel; leave me. Even though we haven’t found anything during the search, the thief is one of the car drivers, now there is ony one way. I and Motu participate in this car race; this race is of two days if we stay for two days with them then we will be able to catch the thief. Motu and Patlu you will have to catch them. If the race ends he will move away to another state and my jurisdiction won’t work there. It will be difficult to catch him. Motu do something or else I will lose my job; what will I do then? oh god, I cannot even fill air in a cycle boohhhhhh. Don’t’t worry Chingam sir; we will surely catch the thief. Big brother you give us such a car that can race in this competition. Hey Motu, my brother, my friend, don’t you worry, I have such a car. Oh god but how will you catch the thief, there is no clue at all. The thief laughs in a very peculiar way, the race is of 36 hours; in these 36 hours. He will laugh atleast for once and we will recognize him and catch him. But you need to have some training to participate in such a big race, where will you get that? I have heard about a good trainer called Mr. Macmohan. He was a world class racer and after an accident due to some reason he left participating in the races and now a days he is giving training. I have never met him but I will talk to him on the phone. He is the only one person who can impart training in such a small time period. Big brother, it’s not the time to play, please say about all these playing works later on. Hey Motu, this is just a proverb. Sorry Motu Patlu, I had called Mr. Macmohan but he refused. No problem, we will practice on our own. Are you inspector Chingam? Yes I am Chingam, inspector Chingam, who are you? I am Macmohan, after refusing you on the phone I thought a lot and I realized it was not good so I came here personally, tell me who I have to give training to. Nice meeting you Mr Macmohan, he is Motu and he is Patlu, they also want to participate in the car race. Namastey sir You both want to race with a day’s training, very good very good. What is the reason for you to take part in the race all of a sudden? Sir what to tell you! If the golden car would not have been robbed——— Golden car’s theft! Not theft, he means golden car’s story. If it wouldn’t have been for the story of the golden car then this adrenaline rush wouldn’t be there. Motu has heard that the first prize is the golden car so he wants to win this competition. Ha ha ha this is not a story, this is the truth. Golden car is infact the first prize and its value is ten billion. Ok as you have decided then let’s start the training, we will meet here exactly at 12 0’clock. Always catch hold of the steering at the angle of nine and three, imagine this steering to be a watch and in this nine is here and three is here on this side. Yes sir, we know all about a watch, twelve is here, then one, and then two is here, three, then four. We don’t have time for jokes, listen to whatever I say and do as I say. Now circle the ground and keep your eyes always open; the other participants can use any tricks to startle you, there are no rules and regulations in a race, whoever wins is the king, understood? Yes sir Now tell me how will be the position of your hand? Very good, keep your hands this way only. Now start and circle the ground three times. Motu what are you doing, come back. You have to circle the ground in the car, not on your feet. Oh sorry sorry. Sir, hands on an angle of nine and three, eyes always open; lose sight and you meet with an accident. Motu,lookkkk in front, what are you doing? I am looking in front only, it is difficult to keep the eyes open, I cannot see anything, and water is coming to my eyes. Don’t be a fate of destiny’s lines. If I say keep your eyes open then you won’t even blink your eye? If water comes into your eyes then you will meet with an accident. Now listen in these types of races turns are very important; wherever turn comes apply the brakes quickly, and then release the brakes slowly. Ok sir understood. Apply the brakes immediately and release it slowly. Oh lord!!! we will reach the hospital even before the race starts. Patlu, how do I release the brakes, the brakes are not with me. Don’t you people take things seriously? Why didn’t you put on the seat belts? I have to tell you that also. It’s the basic rule of driving that you have to wear a seat belt while driving. If you don’t be serious then you will meet with an accident. It was my dream that I win this race and take the golden car trophy home but I was not serious and my dream remained a dream only. Today I help people to realize their dreams; actually through them I am trying to fulfill my dream. Sir, if you can drive a car, why don’t you participate and fulfill your dream? Yes sir, Where have you to run on your feet, one who tries never fails. This race is not so simple, it is necessary to be physically fit. Be positive sir, we will take your training very seriously if you agree to take part in the race. You people have instigated my sleeping will, nobody has told me to take part in a race after my accident. Nobody encouraged me, I cannot understand whether I am the teacher here or you people? OK, come-on let’s practice but not in this rce car but Dr. Jhatka’s other car. Now I will also take part in the race. Very good, you people have picked up very fast. What fast pick up! They have made us jump in the pond and made us catch cold. Friends this race is of 36 hours, the cars will move out from Furfuri nagar, drive through the modern city and at night will halt outside the modern city. Then again tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock the race willstart and end in Dhoompur stadium. Remember one thing the entire course chart should be there in your mind, Ok all the best. All the best sir All the best Hey, both of you look new to me. Take my advice and don’t participate in this race, your lives will be in danger. Thanks but we will participate, we do are not afraid of any dangers. Motu Patlu, you have 36 hours to catch the thief, this race is of 36 hours. Just remember that once the thief crosses Dhoompur, I cannot arrest the thief, my jurisdiction is only till Dhoompur and the stadium is on the border. OK, all the best. Remember you have 36 hours. Tell me how much? Thirty six hours. Let’s go Dr. Jhatka; we will wait for them at the next point. Motu, increase the speed quickly, move the car ahead, the trucks are right behind us. There is no time to go forward. Motu quickly do something. Hey Patlu look such small small cars are also taking part in the race. Hey driver brother where are you? Helloo driver sirr. These are toy cars, these are not taking part in the competition, like these cars blasted and the thief robbed the Golden car. Speed up the car; blasts can happen any moment. Patlu, change the tyre quickly If we stop to change the tyre we will be left far behind. Who is telling you to stop, Come we will change the tyre. Long live!! Very good Patlu, you are great. You have done a wonderful job. Motu and Patlu, I know you have participated in the race to find me, you have 35 hours,onlly 35 hours this time you have survivied, next time you won’t survive ha ha ha ha he he hee hee aaaaaa a If you have the strength then come out in open, where are you, which car are you in? This call was from an unknown number. It’s sure now that the thief is one of the car drivers and we have to catch him in 35 hours. Patlu, handle the steering; I will go clean the eggs. Aah! Bonnet is very hot. Patlu, do you have any bread? See such nice omelettes are getting prepared. Hey stop eating omelettes, come inside, we have to catch the thief for that we have to race with him. Patlu apply the brakes. Madam, do you have any bread? If you have, please give it to me quickly. Thank you madam Now if your stomach is full then come inside. So you survived again Motu – Patlu but you people will not survive the next time, you only have 30 hours ha ha ha hee hee hee aa If you have the strength then come out into the open. I will surely come out but after the race ends ha ha ha ha ha. The cars are entering into the modern city and speeding on a network of bridges, everyone wants to outrun other and move ahead. Butterfly car is moving ahead of Motu Patlu’s car. It is not allowing motu Patlu to cross it. Now the butterfly car has stopped their way and then again the butterfly car moves ahead. All the cars are following each other trying to out run others and move ahead. We have to see which car will be going ahead and which car will be left behind. joker’s car is ahead, See this the joker’s car is leading in front, Sea way, Musical car is taking over others speeding through the roads and the desert area the cars have now reached the maintainence checkpoint. Oh god Motu, you people are very behind. Who is it? Who has spread this smoke, who is it? (crying) What is this is this a new fashion? Nose ring in the nose and earrings in the ears! Ohh this is not fashion, remove the fish. What was the need to go bathing now? Don’t make me angry, sit on the side, I will drive. Yeaahhh,Oh damn, Oh god… Motu’s car is last, motu is trying to move ahead, if he wants to lead he will have to cross all the cars. Every car is having a competation that who will go ahead. Motu Patlu has overtaken one car, he has overtaken another one also and now he has overtaken the third car; motu is moving ahead in full speed. Now this is the city where the cars will take a night halt people and waiting on the other side of the road All the cars have arrived from here final round will start. Today there is a night halt here. Look on the leader board at this stage the black car is first followed by the green car and then heavy metal car. There is excitement among people, they are happy All the cars lined up one after another. And now there is night halt here. Patlu, till now we haven’t found out about the thief, my brain does not work on an empty stomach, you quickly think of something. Idea, we have got only one clue with us and that is how he laughs. Let’s go and show such comedy stunts that he starts laughing and we will recognize him. Hey Motu, my brother, my friend first let us know how he laughs so that we also can recognize him. This is his call only, now everybody listens to his peculiar laugh. Ha ha ha ha ha hee hee hee hee hee aaaa aaaaaa aaa Only 24 hours are left, only 24 hours. If you have the strength then you come out into the open. Let’s show such type of stunt that the thief starts laughing. And Jhatka, Ghasitaram, Chingam can see him and recognize him. . Yeaaaaaa, Patlu take me also alongg with you. Dr. Jhatka Did you find anything? Chingam sir, did you find out anything? Hey you two.. Why are you both putting your life in danger, you have surived so many times in the race, I am watching everything; still there is time, leave the race and go back. We are here not to go back, thank you. I have a doubt on this tall man, why is he telling us to go back? Ha ha ha ha ha he hee hee hee hee aaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa In this corridor in some room, he is laughing. Let’s look quickly. Hello Oh! You are peeking inside peoples rooms quietly You naughty fellows, thieves, Tommy shoooo shoo Come back Sorry sir, very sorry we did not see you. Is some race going on? First one man dashed into me and as I stood up you people dashed into me, what is happening? Who was he, what did he look like? I couldn’t see his face; he was wearing a weird mask and ran away without saying anything. What is happening, who is he, why are you people chasing him? There is no time now, we will tell you later. Motu let’s go. Ha ha ha ha he he heee hee hee aaaa aaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaaa This is the echo of his laughter; listen carefully where the sound is coming from? He is in this room only, Motu break the door or else he might run away from the window. Chingam sir do not leave us. Thankyou friends you saved me. Oh god thank you ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he How many times should I tell you that room is not booked on anyone’s name, somebody must have opened the lock and used it. Motu Patlu, what is happening, who were you running after? No one sir just like that only. Don’t lie to me, something is there that you are hiding, Patlu you tell me. Madam Madam will I get a job here, I am a graduate and I can do any type of work. Let’s go sir The trophy is not in my destiny. When I could win I met with an accident and I am taking part in the race after so many years then the Golden car has been stolen. Very good god what fun are you making of me? Don’t you worry sir, before the race gets over we will catch the thief, one who tries never fails, be positive. Now only ten hours are left, we have to find the thief anyhow. Ha ha ah hee hee hee aaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaa a aaaa he is that thief Stop searching me my Motu Patlu Where are you? where are you ? If you have the strength you come out into the open. Ha ha ha ha ha ho ho Search for me, only ten hours are left, only ten hours. Listen a dog is barking in the background, aunty has a dog. It means aunty is the thief, Chingam sir you keep him busy on the phone we will go and catch him. Hey thief, I am inspector Chingam, it is impossible to get out of Chingam’s web, impossible impossible. Aunty, you are caught, you are the thief, where is the Golden car, hand it over quickly or else police will be here. What! You called me a thief, tommy shoo. Hey, without tommy can’t you talk to us? Motu be careful. Hey brother please help, save me from that dog her owner is a thief. Aunty Sorry sorry please call tommy back. Tommy, come back Thank you mask brother, if you would not have been there then Tommy would have bit us. Mask brother? Motu he is the thief, see he is wearing a mask. You will remove the mask with your own hands or shall I remove it? Only ten hours are left ha ha ha ha hee hee ehe aaaaaaaaa aaaaa Let them both fight and as soon as we get a chance we will pass through them. Heyyy nooooooo Patlu my brain does not work on an empty stomach, think of something quickly. Idea, see the railway track, rest of the ten kilometers of the route we will cover driving on the railway track and then we will reach the maintainence point and meet Jhatka and the others there. Let’s drive the car on the track. Take this, eat the Samosas and start. Long live!!!! Very good, now we will be the first to reach the railway crossing point. Hey best of luck my friend. Motu Patlu, are you both OK? Yes sir, you were right, the time we lose sight on the road accident happens. Look there, the laughing sound is coming from that car; let’s go Patlu, we have found our thief. Now he is caught, I had doubt on him from first only that is why he was telling us there is danger and return back. Motu, now he should not escape. What happened, why did you stop? This is not the time to help anyone. Sir we had told you that the thief will be caught, one who tries never fails, here is the thief, and there is this mask in his bonnet. We will hand him over to Chingam Sir; you go and finish the race, other cars are coming quickly. No Motu, I want you to race with me, if you win the race then also I will be very happy. No sir, we are not here to win the race but to catch the thief and save the name and reputation of Furfuri nagar intact and our work is done, you had a dream to win the race, you go and complete your dream Sir. What are you doing, let me go or I will lose the race. Thief sir, first you tell us where have you hidden the Golden car? What! The Golden car has been robbed and you think I am the thief! I don’t even know that the Golden car has been stolen. What proof you have that I am the thief? Come we will show you the proof. Proof this is the proof; you have troubled us a lot wearing these masks. What is this joke, who has put all this in my car? Are these all yours? No not at all. Because of you people now I will not be able to win this race, I have taken part after so many years. There was a time when people used to say If macmohan is participating no one can win this race, then I met with an accident and then I left racing for years. One minute, what are you saying? You mean, your name is Macmohan! Yes I am macmohan and I know you both are Motu and Patlu, some inspector Chingam called me to give training to you people but I refused. That is why I was telling you people to go back. If you are Macmohan then who is the person who talked to us and left? He participates every year and does not win, his name is Jai Kishan, nick name Jacky. Why, what happened? Now we understood he is the thief and till now he was misleading us. He came to know that Chingam sir had contacted Macmohan to give training to us and macmohan has refused. That is why he disguised himself as Macmohan and came to us so that we will never doubt him. He has played with our emotions. Let’s go Patlu, we will catch him and take him to prison. You cannot cath him, he is way ahead now. You don’t know real Macmohan sir; Motu and Patlu can do anything. You rejoin the race, sorry we stopped you. We are leaving to catch him; bye bye all the best. Ha ha ha ha hee hee hee he aaaaa aaaaa aaaa a two hours are left, only two hours. Oh! So you know the truth, no problem still two hours is there, come and catch me. Motu open the parachute, Motu open the parachute. Not now, he has still not opened his parachute, till the time he does not open his parachute I will also not open my parachute. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha only half an left Motu Patlu come on. Chingam Sir, he is the real thief and fake Macmohan. Oh god such a big fraud, don’t let him reach the finish line. Ha ha ha h ee hee hee aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa Motu Patlu 36 hours are going to be over and the race too. Another ten minutes and I will be out of reach of you. Ten minutes are enough to catch a thief like you. Motu, the finishing line is in sight. Quickly do something. Thief brother you have robbed the Golden car, it is a crime but the bigger crime is that you have played with our emotions,we wont leave you. Now your game is over and the money is also over, let’s go Motu. Let’s see whose game gets over and whose game starts. Real macmohan sir, go and win the race, fulfill your dream, the thief is caught and the trophy has been recovered. Thank you Motu Patlu The name is Chingam, inspector Chingam, it is impossible to get out of Chingam’s web,impossible. Friends i want to tell you Golden car was stolen from Furfuri nagar. Motu and Patlu said that they would catch the thief in 36 hours and they did what they told, three cheers for Motu Patlu. Hip Hip Hurray, Hip Hip Hurray, Hip Hip Hurray. Mr. Macmohan is the winner of this race and now I request Motu and Patlu to hand over the trophy to Mr. Macmohan.

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